Top 7 Most Beefy FS22 Truck Mods of All Time


Farming Simulator 22 is an incredibly immersive game with a real-world feel. It has a huge selection of real-world vehicles belonging to the brands that you hear of every day in your life. You will also come across various trucks built for multiple purposes in Farming Simulator 22. In this article, we will share the best FS22 truck mods so you can expand your truck collection for your virtual farm. 

Here are the top Farming Simulator 22 truck mods of all time. 

1. MAN TGS Tank Pack

FS22 Truck Mods
Credits: LooneyFarmGuy

This mod adds a MAN TGS 26480 and an MKS8 transport barren to Farming Simulator 22. You can load water, milk, diesel, liquid fertilizer, crop protection, liquid manure, and digestate in the truck and the barrel that have a volume of 8,000 litres. You can even customize the colors of its cabin, rims, rank, and interior. 

Download the MAN TGS Tank Pack now for FS22.

2. Mack Spray Tender

This mod adds the Mack Spray Tender to Farming Simulator 22 which has a capacity of over 10,000 litres of herbicides or liquid fertilizers. The Super-Liner 6×4 tanker has a maximum speed of 80 and costs $50,000.

Download the Mack Spray Tender mod now for FS22.


This mod adds a LIZARD W50 multi-purpose truck to Farming Simulator 22. The truck was manufactured during 1965-1990 by the Vehicle Manufacturing Association. This truck comes as LA/Z all-wheel drive with a speed of 60kph or as an LA all-wheel drive with a speed of 80kph and an SHA or DSK body. The package also includes an LA/S tractor. How cool, right?

Download the LIZARD W50 mod now for FS22.

4. KAMAZ 45143 

Farming Simulator 22 truck mods

This mod adds a KAMAZ 45143 truck to Farming Simulator 22, which comes with two engines. The first engine has a horsepower of 210 whereas the second engine has a horsepower of 305. The speed of this truck is 90km/h and comes with a fuel tank capacity of 210 liters. You also have the option to choose the interior color, wheels, mirrors, steering wheel, visor, cabin finishes, and several engine options.

Download the KAMAZ 45143 mod now for Farming Simulator 22. 

5. Roadrunner+

The Roadrunner+ mod adds a lot of upgrades and improvements to the popular Roadrunner truck. It is a perfect semi truck with a lot of grunt and made with complete attention to detail. The mod comes with a lot of animations, including an all new animated stick. The Roadrunner now reaches a top speed of 120 kph. The brakes have also been upgraded to allow higher speed and power. Moreover, there are more customization options and upgrades made to transform the Roadrunner into a more powerful truck.

Download the Roadrunner+ mod for Farming Simulator 22 now.

6. TLX Phoenix Winter Wolf

FS22 truck mods
Credits: DjGoHam Gaming

This mod is a Winter Wolf pack for the Phoenix, preparing it for the cold winters in Farming Simulator mod. It adds new and unique options for the Phoenix, including a custom built set of rims, custom body work with a theme of Alaskan heavy-duty trucks, an all-new set of custom colors, functional mirrors, animated dashboard, and more. 

Download the TLX Phoenix Winter Wolf mod now for Farming Simulator 22. 

7. Peterbilt 379 WWE Converted 

FS22 truck mods
Credits: ssmol games

This FS22 truck mod adds a Peterbilt 379 WWE converted truck to the game that is capable of pulling heavy trailers. Get your hands on this supercool converted truck that can do more than you can imagine

Download the Peterbilt 379 WWE Converted mod now for Farming Simulator 22.

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How to Install FS22 Truck Mods?

FS22 truck mods are pretty easy to install on PC. Just download the zip file for the mod and follow these steps:

  • Find the downloaded zip file in the Downloads folder on your PC and copy it.
  • Next, paste it in the mods folder, which is usually located in C:\Users\[YourUsername]\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022\mods

Mod files usually come in three types:

  1. The EXE files can simply be installed by double-clicking on them.
  2. The ZIP files just require you to copy the mod file into the FS22 mod folder.
  3. The RAR files are compressed files that have more than one file inside. Extract the RAR file and you will find EXE or ZIP files inside.

Lastly, before starting a game, don’t forget to select the checkboxes next to the mods that you want to enable in game.