Top 5 Best FTL Mods to Revive Your Gameplay


Top 5 FTL mods to revive your gameplay and enjoy an all-new immersive experience!

By Yamna

Faster Than Light is a great rogue game that lets you maneuver your crew and ship through a randomly generated gallery in every game. But since the game came out in 2012, the visuals may not feel so immersive to you. But don’t worry. You can install FTL mods to improve your gameplay.

In this article, we have gathered a list of the best FTL mods on the internet. So without further ado, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Best FTL Mods in 2021

1. Build Your Own Ship

Wanna go  against the rules and build your own ship? If yes, then this is the perfect mod for you. The Build Your Own Ship mod allows you to do just what it says! It strips down all ships to only have oxygen, doors, piloting, engines, and a single crew member. 

The mod gives you 953 scrap during the beginning to build your ship. It also adds an interface with the Space Station to use any crew or item from the vanilla starting ships for your custom ship. Get all of this and more to build your own ship in Faster Than Light!

2. FTL Multiverse

best faster than light mods
Credits: Witherbottom

The FTL Multiverse mod is an expansive mod for FTL that adds a whopping 500 new enemies, 100 new weapons, and 100 new drones! Enjoy this supercool new stuff with the best expansive mod in the history of expansive mods. 

Apart from items, the mod also adds more to the lore of the game with new factions, races, and sectors to make the story more immersive and fun for you! Get this mod now to get your hands on all new items and delve into a truly immersive experience. 

3. Stop Rebel Fleet Pursuit

Stop Rebel Fleet Pursuit is a mod that does just as it says. It slows down the rebel fleet’s pursuit by 100,000 turns. In order to install this mod, you will need the Slipstream mod manager. Follow this link to find the latest version of the mod manager.

4. Star Trek – The end of the 24th Century

Star Trek – The end of the 24th Century is the mod of your dreams if you are a Star Trek fan! This mod replaces the FTL Federation ships with the vessels of Starfleet from the iconic Star Trek universe. The mod also adds many new weapons and sounds from Star Trek. So enjoy the best of both worlds with this mod that is a perfect crossover of Star Trek and Faster Than Light!

5. Better Planets and Backgrounds

ftl mods
Credits: VanguardOfValor

Better Planets and Backgrounds is an FTL mod that transforms the planets and backgrounds in FTL with a lot of new ones. The mod adds over 21 backgrounds and 14 new planets. It also adds all new 62 HUBBLE backgrounds with great color improvements. How cool, right! 

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Wrapping Up

So that’s all, folks! Go ahead and download these ftl mods to make the most of the game. Don’t forget to share in the comments your favorite pick from among these. Enjoy your ride into space!