Skyrim SE Belt Fastened Quivers Mod


When you first hear about a mod like the Skyrim SE Belt Fastened Quivers, you might get several questions about what this mod is all about, how it works, or why the Skyrim SE Belt Fastened Quivers might not work for you, and more!

This mod is one of the most popular mods for Skyrim, so it’s definitely worth learning more about it!

Whether you already own this mod but still have questions, or you’re a newbie to Skyrim, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Skyrim SE Belt Fastened Quivers mod.

What is Skyrim SE Belt Fastened Quivers Mod

As a mod that has been downloaded nearly 1 million times, this mod has certainly sparked some discussion.

But what does this mod even do?

Have you ever thought that some aspects of the game are just too unrealistic? Or that they just look a bit uncomfortable? That’s why mod developers come up with different ways to solve problems in famous games.

This mod can solve the problem related to crossbows in the game. It means repositioning them to look more like they do in real life. This way, you won’t have a crossbow hanging awkwardly for no reason anymore.

Belt changes in the mod. Credits: SlenderDan

Compatibility with other mods

If you’re wondering why Skyrim SE Belt Fastened Quivers doesn’t work for you, there are a few solutions.

It would be beneficial if you check the official mod page to see if it is compatible with the mods you already have for your game. The mod creator says it should be fine with most mods, but check online just in case!

Other than that, this mod should work just fine! There are no special requirements, so even a beginner could manage to download and install this mod.

Features of Skyrim SE Belt Mounted Quiver

Let’s get to the real question. Why would players use a mod like this?

Well, it makes all the crossbow bolts you have look much more comfortable and backpack-friendly. Plus, it works for all races and genders, so any player can have fun with this mod

That being said, this is actually the main feature of the mod. It solves a problem, but hey, it solves it well!

Alternative mods you should know about

When it comes to different Skyrim belt mods, there’s a whole lot of good content to choose from! For example, the Bandolier Bags and Pouches Classic mod. It has been downloaded more than 1 million times and the reviews are positive. Besides, there are not only new belts. There are also new bags, book holders, satchels and much more! So this mod brings more than you might think at first glance!

You can also check out the Cero’s Belts mod! This mod gives you 18 belts to choose from, so you can change your belts pretty much every day! Keep in mind, though, that this mod only applies to female characters, so it does have its limitations.

Final considerations

Whether you pick up the Skyrim SE Belt Fastened Quivers mod or any other belt mod, don’t forget to enjoy all the content that the creators of our community have created over the years! There’s so much to choose from that your game could be filled with all kinds of mods!

Don’t forget to thank the mod creators for everything they do! Speaking of decorative mods, there are many more mods to discover:

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