Here’s Why You Need The Minecraft Rustic Mod


If you thought that only bigger mods can make a big difference, the Minecraft rustic mod is here to prove that wrong! It’s time to change that mindset because smaller mods are changing the game left and right! They bring features that players have been waiting for a long time, so don’t overlook them!

Take a look below at our guide for this tiny yet great mod and see what it has to offer for every Minecraft fan!

what is minecraft Rustic mod all about?

It’s no surprise that every mod comes with great new aspects, but what is this one all about?

Well, this is a rather small mod that mostly adds medieval-themed aspects to the game. The main focus is still on agriculture and decoration. Of course, these are only the current things, so it’s hard to say what the modders and the creator will make out of this one!

Minecraft rustic mod features

Before we get too much carried away about how great this mod is, let’s take a look at what it actually brings to the table!

Once you get your hands on this mod, here are just of the things that you can expect to be added to the game:

  • Bees (yes, we know, we are also in love with that)
  • An new alchemy system
  • A few additional crops
  • A brewing system for making alcoholic beverages with unique and actually useful effects
  • Some new trees added to the game
  • More decorative blocks
  • An in-game guidebook to explain everything the mod has to offer (1.12+ only)

Other decoration mods

While the Rustic mod focuses on decoration, it’s truly not the only good decoration mod out there.


For example, you can give The MagicalDecorations mod a chance! Its main purpose is to help you learn more about how to work with custom blocks. This also allows you to have two versions of lantern blocks: Greatwood and Silverwood!

Ender Portal Decoration

It’s time for some abstract voids and portals in Minecraft! The Ender Portal Decoration mod introduces three blocks to the game, so there’s already plenty interesting things coming your way.

What you’ll find are Ender Portal surface, Ender Portal gateway and jet black blocks. All of these blocks can emit light by right clicking on them. 

Are you ready to start living our your rustic dreams or simply add great decorations to the game? Use this simple yet effective mod to improve the general atmosphere, add some medieval aspects, and keep making everything more and more interesting!

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