Minecraft Ice and Fire Mod


Are you interested in the Minecraft Ice and Fire Mod? Then stick around to hear more about the ways you can add some magic, excitement, and dragons (yes, you’ve read that right) to the beloved game.

Take a look below at our guide for this mod and learn why exactly this could be a perfect addition to your favourite game!

Learn more about the Ice and Fire Mod

How did this mod even get created? Who should we be thanking? Well, if you’re asking questions like these, the Minecraft Ice and Fire is a mod created by modders Raptorfarian and Alexthe666 with the hopes to add dragons in a proper way. “Proper way”? I think we’ve all seen some games where the dragon aspects just wasn’t ideal, so this time it had to be done right.

These two modders are responsible for creating some of the most exciting content we have seen in Minecraft in a while. Dragons, what could be better?

What is the Ice and Fire Mod all about?

According to the creators, for what seemed like hundreds of years, these mythical creatures have roamed the lands of the Known World. However, don’t be fooled by this. They are not just some pests and menaces. They can actually be named the main cause of the loss of many lives.

To quote, only a brave few can slay a dragon. Even less can tame one. Sounds amazing so far, right? Well, if you’re interested, you’re not the only one because this mod has been doing a great job in getting plenty of attention from the players! Of course, who wouldn’t want to have something so amazing in Minecraft?

What can you expect from this Mod?

Let’s get into the details.

There are two types of dragons in this mod: Ice and Fire. If you’re more of a fire dragon type of gamer, these beasts can breathe actual fire and you can find them anywhere in the habitable places. However, if you choose ice dragons, seek them out in the coldest places where they are attempting to literally freeze their prey.

Of course, no mod comes without surprises as there is a new discovery: lightning dragons that are powerful nocturnal creatures. Are you interested in seeing bolts? Then that’s exactly what you will get.

Ice and fire Mod Features

Time to look at the most important aspects of this dragon mod. Well, what can you get with this? Take a look below:

  • Dragon skeletons – be brave and find them in various desert biomes. They can be used to collect a few bones
  • Dragon roosts and caverns – this is the place where you can fight dragons and find amazing treasures
  • Dragon eggs – take a look at some dragon caves to find these
  • Try Dragon taming and riding -tame your dragons and prepare to rule
  • Dragon equipment – feel free to craft all kinds of tools and weapons from the collected dragon bones
  • Bestiary – this is for learning additional information about anything that is related to dragons

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