Minecraft Dragon Ball Mod: Here’s All The Info


What is the Minecraft Dragon Ball mod? What is this all about? How does this mod even work and what can it do for you? These questions and more will be discussed in our guide below. This way, you can be sure that you know everything there is to know about this particular mod!

It’s no surprise that Dragon Ball is loved by millions of people all around the world, so, of course, modders had to take things into their hands. Modders have created a great version of this great mod to make sure that everyone could enjoy it.

Take a look at our guide below to learn more about this fascinating mod:

History of the Minecraft Dragon Ball Mod

If you are thinking that you’ve heard somewhere about this, then you would be right. Sadly, we are not talking about the original Dragon Ball mod, and here’s what you need to know about it.

The original Minecraft Dragon Ball mod was created by a very great modder and programmer called JinRyuu who made the mod known as Dragon Block C. He created an amazing community and went on to update the fantastic mod over the years, however the last possible version was 1.7.10 of Minecraft.There were a lot of issues along the way, so it wasn’t updated to other versions.

The creator of the new version contacted the modder to work on this together, and it seemed that things were going in the right direction. Yet, things took a dark turn. Unfortunately an accident occurred in late 2018 and the original Minecraft Dragon Ball mod creator sadly lost his life. This loss had major impact for the Minecraft modding community.

The creator’s family and friends couldn’t continue the work, so a new version was created.

The New Mod Features

This Minecraft Dragon Ball mod has seven playable “races”

  • Human/half saiyan
  • Saiyan
  • Namekian
  • Majin
  • Arcosian/Frieza Race
  • Bio-Android

Whether you already have an idea of which one you would want to be, you can try out many things. Of course, you can always see which version is fitting your game needs the most.

There are some fantastic skills that come with the mod:

  • Skill Tree
  • Transformations

Should you try this Mod?

Of course! If you have ever watched the show, you will be absolutely in love with this mod. It has plenty of playable races of saiyans. This way, you can remember your childhood through Minecraft and enjoy the game.

However, do keep in mind that’s still in very early stages. What does this mean for the players? No actually big problems, of course. Yet, if you’d like to contact the mod creator about it, try to stay patient. A lot of features are constantly updated. This means that you will continue getting more and more up to date stuff.

Whether you’ve been a fan of the previous mod by the original creator or you’re just a fan of Dragon Ball, give this mod a chance and have fun! If you’re looking for more supernatural things, take a look at the best magic mods or the fantasy mods!

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