6 Best Rain World Mods for New Adventures


The Top 6 Rain World Mods That We Cannot Help But Love!

By Yamna

Rain World is an amazing survival game based on a metroidvania theme where you get to live the life of a slugcat. What’s a slugcat, you ask? Well, a slugcat is a little gelatinous creature that looks like a rabbit who’s on a survival mission in an incredibly hostile world. Sounds pretty interesting, right?

Developed by Videocult in 2017 and published by Adult Swim Games, the game was launched for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. 

The modding community of Rain World is insanely good. From new characters and regions to gameplay adjustments, they have developed some pretty interesting Rain World mods that we will be talking about in this post.

So if you are wondering how to get Rain World mods, here’s a list of the best Rain World mods of all time:

Our Favorite Rain World Mods of All Time

Before we get into the Rain World mods, you need to know that most of these mods require Partiality to install. It is an application that you can download from here.

1. The Martyr

Rain World mods
Credits: Turtle Toad

The Martyr is a Rain World mod that introduces a new character into the game called The Martyr. This character is basically a new slugcat that replaces Hunter and brings a new active ability, 10 cycles, and its own unique playstyle. 

You get to play a whole new player with a whole new set of abilities, mechanics, and a story with less cycles. The mod has been developed to finish the objectives more effectively without moving around at one place with no goal.

2. Rain World Drought

Rain World Drought
Credits: Turtle Toad

Rain World Drought is an expansion to the game that adds 4 all new regions as well as a new campaign that follows The Wanderer, a new curious and calm slugcat that has a passionate desire to explore the ancient mysteries surrounding it. It is a very popular mod with an exciting gameplay that will keep you immersed into the game throughout!

3. Mood Mod

Mood Mod adds a new palette to each region upon hibernation. This palette is picked from a random set of palettes and is meant to reflect different times of the day. So you can watch each region in a new light and also get to live through a challenging day as it gets dark and even pitch black as the cycle takes effect. All of the regions can enjoy this day/night cycle effect in the game. 

4. The Root

The Root - Rain World
Credits: Turtle Toad

The Root mod in Rain World is an area addition mod that adds new regions in the game for you to explore. There’s a new region that expands the Subterranean as well as another region called The Exterior with new rooms. Both the regions are pretty large so you get to explore more of the Rain World.

5. The Mast

The Mast
Credits: Lime Cultivist

The Mast is yet another area addition mod that adds a new region in the western area with a large transmission spire. The mod brings almost 250 new screens, several interesting creatures spawns in all game modes, unlocks the arena, and adds super cool and surprising stuff for you to discover. Shh… it’s a secret!

6. Arid Barrens

Rain World - Arid Barrens
Credits: Lime Cultivist

Arid Barrens is another area addition mod that adds an expansive wasteland that connects the Farm Arrays with Shoreline. The mod has been developed by the Rain World community members who are all a part of the Rain World Discord server.

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So that’s all, folks! These are some of the most interesting Rain World mods that we have ever come across. Most of these mods have to do with area additions. However, with new regions, these mods bring new stories, characters, gameplay styles, abilities, and places for you to explore. So go ahead, download these mods, and enjoy a little more of the Rain World today!