The Best and Most Effective Warframe Shotgun Mods


Read on to find some super cool Warframe shotgun mods and gain an advantage over your enemies.

By Yamna

Credits: GameNews

Warframe is a fast-paced online game that takes place in an evolving sci-fi world. It is a free-to-play game with an expanding universe where you have a lot to explore. It is a highly addictive game with a lot of melee action, character mobility, super exciting multiplayer battles, and highly impressive sci-fi visuals.

The game has been around for 8 years now and has an active modding community. Thanks to the amazing Warframe mods developed by modders, you can take your weapons to the next level and utilize them to their fullest potential. 

For this article, we decided to scour the internet and find you the best Warframe shotgun mods for you to enhance your battles. 

The Most Powerful Warframe Shotgun Mods

Warframe Shotgun mods
Credits: Ashisogi Tenno

1. Accelerated Blast

Accelerated Blast is a Warframe shotgun mod that increases the rate of Shotgun fires and the damage made by Puncture by 15% per rank. The maximum damage allowed is about 60% for both values at the third rank. This amazing mod is more cost effective than a max rank Flechette mod and a rank 3 Shotgun Spazz mod. 

2. Ammo Stock

The Ammo Stock mod rounds up the magazine size of the non-integer magazine values to the closest whole number. For instance, an Ammo Stock modden Strun will have a calculated magazine value of 10, instead of 9.6. A shotgun with 1 base magazine capacity will have a magazine capacity of 2 instead of 1.6. Both the values will be rounded to the nearest whole number.

3. Blaze

The Blaze mod is a shotgun mod that increases the damage and heat damage by a whopping 15% per rank. You can achieve a maximum of 60% damage at rank 3 with this mod. When used with Point Blank and Vicious Spread, you can get a total damage increase of an unbelievable 240%! USing it with Primed Point Blank will give an increased damage of 315%. How cool, right?

4. Blunderbuss

The Blunderbuss mod for Warframe is a shotgun mod that increases the critical chance of the gun for 15% to a maximum of 90% at rank 5. However, you cannot use this mod with Critical Deceleration. Get this to gain advantage over your enemies now!

5. Primed Ravage

The Primed Ravage mod is a shotgun mod that increases its critical multiplier. You can buy this mod from the Void Trader Baro Ki’Teer unranked. However the stock at Baro Ki’Teer’s place changes every time so you may not find it there every time. 

The mod has a rarity of Legendary and increases the critical damage output from 60% to a whopping 110%. This puts it at par with Vital Sense.

6. Amalgam Shotgun Spazz

The Amalgam Shotgun Spazz is the Amalgam version of Shotgun Spazz that increases the revival speed of your allies by compromising on a little amount of fire rate. You can get this mod after you have accumulated a minimum of 25 points during the Thermia Fractures event.  You cannot equip this mod on Sentinel weapons.

7. Fatal Acceleration

The Fatal Acceleration mod for shotgun increases the projectile speed of all non-hitscan shotguns. The mod also increases their effective range before the falloff happens. You can use this mod with Fomorian Accelerant to double the projectile speed of Drakgoon in addition to giving each projectile extra ricochets. 

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So that’s all, folks! Hope these Warframe shotgun mods will help you perform better in your battles. Go ahead, equip them, and complete all the missions more easily.