Top 10 Must-Have SimCity Mods


Are you looking for a one-stop list of SimCity mods that you can use to add all the must-have mods to SimCity? If so, then you are at the right place!

SimCity is one of the best urban planning and city building mods that allows you to unleash your architectural side into the game. If you have been playing the game for quite some time now and would like to have some changes in the game, you can use SimCity mods. 

In this article, we have listed the most popular and must-have SimCity mods that every player should have. We tried not to add any overhaul mods so that the game stays in its true element. Most of the mods in this list bring add-ons to the game without actually changing the vanilla feel.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Top 10 Must-Have SimCity Mods of All Time

1. AKAR – A UI Enhancement Project

SimCity Mods
Credits: TheTrunkleton

AKAR is one of the best SimCity mods that brings UI changes and enhancements to the game by adding all new menus and submenus. The mod offers a user-friendly and organized interface while eliminating the unorganized and cluttered items. 

The AKAR mod only works in the Offline mod and is an all-inclusive mod that allows all the mods ever created for SimCity to be implemented into the game. You can download this super useful mod from below.

Download Here

2. UniDirectional Networks (UDoN)

SimCity Mods
Credits: EastCoast360

The UniDirectional Networks mod is exactly what it sounds like. This SimCity mod adds one way freeways and roads at both ground and elevated levels. So if you want to add one way roads to your city, get your hands on this mod!

Download Here

3. MagLev As Subway

MagLev As Subway
Credits: XeDoX

The Maglev as Subway mod brings an all0new set of MagLev stations and tracks to the game that just look like a Subway system, instead of an elevated rail system. You don’t need Academy or ControlNet to unlock and get the systems running. Moreover, these stations won’t futurize the surrounding areas.

To use this mod, you will need Cities of Tomorrow to view the stations and tracks in the MagLev palette. As you can guess, the stations will need to be placed on the roads first and then connected to the tracks between them. Download the mod and extract the .rar file into the SimCity data folder to install it.

Download Here

4. Elevated Rail Way

Credits: EastCoast360

The Elevated Rail Way mod uses the MagLev as Subway mod to add elevated railways like those New York and Chicago style stations and trains. You can place them over the roads. If you are wondering whether you can use the MagLev with this mod, you can! This mod is a completely new network so you can use MagLev with this mod. Get it now from below!

Download Here

5. No Agent Clumping

This mod changes the Community College, University, and Pro Stadium entrance paths by allowing the agents to be consumed immediately so that there is no clumping effect anymore. Clumping was a real problem in the vanilla game in a number of buildings. This mod fixes that issue so that the number of agents that a building can process are limited by road networks that lead to the building, and not the building itself. 

The mod comes with two files, one for people who use the Rollover mod and one for those who don’t. So use the one that suits your situation and place it in the SimCityData folder.

Download Here

6. Pedestrian Paths 

Pedestrian Paths
Credits: RadioCastGaming

As you can guess from its name, the mod adds a number of new Pedestrian Paths to the park’s palettes. These Pedestrian Paths can carry water, power, and sewage. The lamp posts on the park will now light up at night, as a result. You can even build tunnels and bridges using these paths. These paths will even futurize when you place CoT park along or near them. Download the mod now!

Download Here

7. Coastline and Waterways Tool 

Coastline and Waterways Tool mod
Credits: Skye Storme

This SimCity mod brings a set of Coastline and Waterways tools and paths that you can use to place ferry or trade port’s docks anywhere you want. This mod will prove to be the most practical when used with mods that change the water graphics, such as Sky Storm’s Regional Freeway mod.

The coastline paths should be drawn from left to right when you are looking towards the land. This is to make sure that the orientation to the docks is right.  

Download Here 

8. Trees Anywhere

Tree Anywhere
Credits: IdeoRex

The Trees Anywhere mod allows you to multiple tree variations and place them anywhere you want. The mod opens the core function back up to people who want to use and place trees anywhere they want. 

Download Here

9. Tree Lined Streets 

Tree Lined Streets 
Credits: IdeoRex

This mod adds trees to the grassy areas of low and medium density streets. You won’t have to worry about needing European road textures for the mod. This is a great way to line your streets with trees! Get it now from the link below.

Download Here

10. The Extended Worker Data Mod 

The Extended Worker Data Mod
Credits: Skye Storme

The Extended Worker Data mod for SimCity adds three bars to the commercial, civic, and industrial buildings rollovers to offer you all the info you need. As a result, you can make informed decisions regarding zoning for residential buildings.

Download Here

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So that’s all, folks! This list pretty much sums up the best SimCity mods that are a must-have! Get your hands on these SimCity mods to make the most of your experience without making massive changes to the game.