The 10 Best Minecraft Cannon Mods


So you really want to fire a cannon but can’t afford the life-size cannon replicas. Well, good news for you because Minecraft can be modded and I’m going to show you the best cannon mods in my list of the 10 Best Minecraft Cannon Mods.

#10 Shells Minecraft Mod

Shells mod is a more basic mod that adds cannon ball projectiles that you can launch using a basic TNT cannon. There are 4 types of shells all varying in color and crafting recipes, there is a normal shell, an explosive shell(red), a point impact shell(yellow), and a proximity shell(blue). If you ever want to blow things up the pirate way this is definitely the best way to do it.

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#9 Balkon’s Weapon Mod

Balkon’s is a well-known weapon mod because it adds all sorts of more primitive weapons including spears and swords but also it adds muskets, pistols and a cannon. It’s a basic cannon that you can right click to mount which will allow you to aim it around. The cannon requires two types of ammo it requires gunpowder and cannonball to be fired. If your looking for a basic cannon that you have to manually fire to terrorize your world Balkon’s Weapon Mod is the mod for you.

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#8 MyleZ’s Cannon Mod

Maybe you want more of a boat cannon mod where you can build a boat and blow up other boats. If that’s the case then MyleZ’s cannon Mod is the mod for you. This mod adds boats, two types of cannons, and pirate ships for you to blow up and sink. The two types of cannons are TNT cannons and mob cannons, the TNT cannons use cannonballs as ammo and the mob cannon requires gunpowder and will shoot a creeper.

This mod was really fun to use and explore all the kinds of pirate ships you can find but the only downside is that you can only play this mod offline.

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#7 Violeta Cannons

Violeta Cannons mod is almost a complete rehash of #9 Balkon’s Weapons Mod cannon but with some well-needed addons. First off this mod adds 3 types of cannon stone, gold, and diamond cannon. These cannons are loaded before you get onto it and fire and only require a cannonball. The other thing this mod added to the cannon is now it can be used with Redstone.

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#6 Prelaw’s Cannons

Maybe when you think of cannons you think of medieval times instead of pirates. If that’s the case then Prelaw’s Cannons is the mod for you. Like the other cannon mods this works by loading in cannonballs and firing them but this cannon is locked into a fixed direction. You can destroy your enemies before they reach your walls with this cannon. This cannon is more for people who want to build a pretty castle.

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#5 BoomShot

Boomshot is a mod that adds a hand cannon that allows you to launch yourself into the air like a rocket jump. The boomshot will allow players to get from point a to point b really fast and when you land it will make a shockwave. The only problem with this is that you will still take fall damage. If you ignore the fall damage you can do massive damage to mobs with the shockwave.

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#4 Fox’s Handheld Cannon

Fox’s Handheld Cannon is a direct upgrade to the Boomshot above. Just like the boomshot you can launch yourself into the air by shooting the ground with gunpowder in your inventory. The handheld cannon stays true to the cannon name by allowing you to fire TNT as a projectile using TNT and gunpowder as ammo. You can also enchant this to make yourself go farther into the air by using enchanted books on it in an anvil.

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#3 Shoulder Cannon mod

The Shoulder Cannon mod is one of the best passive mods I have ever found. The shoulder cannon will fire at any mob or player that hits you or you hit. It doesn’t require any ammo but does have a health bar. You can also upgrade the turret to give it more health and make it do more damage. The turret will make mining and even chopping trees at night a walk in the park because it basically turns you into a walking tank.

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#2 Matchlock Guns

Matchlock Guns mod is a mod that adds all sorts of guns as well as the most accurate cannon I’ve seen. This cannon you push around on its wheels to aim it and light it with flint and steel. It shoots insanely far as well. If you want to blow something up with a realistic-looking cannon this is the mod for you.

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#1 Penguin Cannon

This is my favorite mod from the list and it’s technically not a real cannon. This is the Penguin Cannon Mod and it adds a penguin mob and a cannon that shoots them. This mod combines adorableness and cannons in the best way. It doesn’t do any damage and will just launch cannons but who doesn’t need an infinite supply of penguins.

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