Skyrim UNP Body Mod For PC And Xbox One


This article lists down all the best versions of Skyrim UNP body mod for PC and Xbox One as well as the top compatible mods for it!

List of the Top Skyrim UNP Body Mod

#6 DIMONIZED UNP Female Body

skyrim unp body mod - DIMONIZED UNP Female Body

Skyrim has some crazy fans who have largely contributed to some really wild fan-made mods. For example, the Skyrim Dimonized UNP Female body mod by Dimon99 is a complete upgrade to the females in Skyrim. This Skyrim UNP Female body mod replaces the naked females in Skyrim with a much more improved version.

Wanna know what it adds? Well, it massively enhances the feet meshes, adds seamless hands and feet textures with no wrinkles/dirt whatsoever, adds pubic hair options (heavy bushy, lite bushy, or shaved as well as SFW bikini textures, and meshes with options to choose more silky or cloth-like textures.

Moreover, this mod can be easily used with other clothing and armor mods in Skyrim. It is highly compatible so you can add other armors and clothes to this body.

This mod is available for PC and Xbox One. There is also a Skyrim Special Edition mod version. Find them out below!

Skyrim Dimonized UNP Female Body Mod Download For PC 

#5 Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer

If you love a curvy and fantasy body shape for your excellent mod collection, try this out! CBBE allows you to choose the type of body that you love the most, and you can toggle underwear on or off to have a full view of your character.

Download here

#4 UNP Body And Face Renewal (Bikini Underwear) For SSE Xbox One

This Skyrim UNP Body mod for Xbox One is just like the Dimonized UNP female body mod. This is one of the best body mods for Xbox One that replaces the female face and body in the game with much more enhanced versions. It adds 4k skin textures as well as eyebrows and bikini underwear for females in Skyrim. You will need to have xp32 for this mod to work. This is a UNP body mod for Special Edition on Xbox One.

Download here

#3 UNP Female Body Renewal – A Female Face And Body Replacer For SSE PC

This mod is an SSE UNP mod that you can use for Special Edition. This mod replaces the female body and face with much more improved body proportions and enhanced textures. This is an alternate mod for the Dimonized UNP Female body mod for Oldrim. It has a pretty easy-to-use installer and is the most popular UNP female body mod for SSE.

Download UNP Body Mod Skyrim Special Edition PC

#2 UNP Body Fit Armors and Clothing For SSE PC

This mod offers you improved armors and clothing to make the most of Skyrim UNP body textures from the original mod. The mod replaces all of the vanilla and DLC clothing and armors to give you new meshes that can fit well on the UNP main and skinny bodies. It includes amulets, hoods, footwear, gauntlets, gloves, and first-person meshes. You also have the option to get all outfits in TBBP or keep the clothes in TBBP and armors static.

Download UNP Body Fit Armors and Clothing For Skyrim Special Edition

#1 UNP Blessed Body – UNPB Redux Project For PC

This mod basically increases the size of breasts in the UNP female body mod to the maximum. The cup sizes, in the end, can be compared to CBBE while sticking to the details of UNP. The mod is completely compatible with all the UNP texture hands and feet meshes. It also comes with animations for BBP and fixes any gaps between the meshes. UNP Blessed Body also has a SE version.

Skyrim UNP Blessed Body Mod download for Oldrim

Skyrim UNP Blessed Body Mod download for SE


What is the UNP body mod?

You can see that this article is focused on Skyrim UNP mods and this phrase has been around for some time in the Skyrim community. Basically, Skyrim UNP body mods are those that add a new custom body to your character with additional armor and other stuff. And they only work with other armor mods if they support UNP. With that being said, if you’re naked or using incompatible armor mods, you won’t see any changes at all!

What is the best female body mod for Skyrim?

There are plenty of good mods for females in Skyrim. We have already listed some of them in this article such as UNP Female Body Renewal, and Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer. You can also find other good female body mods like Bijin Skin UNP and CBBE SE, Diamond Skin – CBBE and UNP Female Textures, BodySlide and Outfit Studio, and Tempered Skins for Males. If you want to improve the hair of female characters in Skyrim, try these best Skyrim female hair mods!

What is the difference between UNP and CBBE?

If you want your character to have a larger waist, hip, arm, leg, or butt, CBBE can satisfy your needs by enlarging them in an unimaginable way. On another hand, UNP mods tend to improve your character’s body in a proportionate physique way. If you’re considering choosing between the two, they both support bodyslide and other armor mods.


To conclude, the above-mentioned body mods are the best add-ons for Skyrim Dimonized mod. I have included mods for both PC and Xbox One users! There are no Skyrim UNP mods for PS4 unfortunately since Sony does not allow textures.

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