Skyrim Standing Stones Mod For Xbox One, PS4 And PC


There are a total of thirteen Standing Stones in Skyrim that grant you special powers to make your own destiny. These magical structures are spread throughout the province of Skyrim and have different Tamrielic constellations carved on each of them. The thirteen stones are for each month of the year, with the exception of The Serpent, a Standing Stone with no month related to it.

Interestingly, there are several Standing Stones mods created to add unique standing stones with special abilities. I have handpicked the most popular Standing Stones mods in Skyrim to let you replace the vanilla ones with much cooler and powerful ones. So let’s take a look at them, shall we? 

Andromeda – Unique Standing Stones Of Skyrim

The Andromeda mod in Skyrim exchanges the Standing Stone effects in vanilla with two new abilities for each Standing Stone. These abilities would let you build characters in a whole new way. Moreover, when you have found all of the thirteen Standing Stones, each of those stones will grant you a unique power (surprise surprise). 

As you may know, Andromeda is the best Standing Stones mod in Skyrim with high-level art, available for Xbox One and PC. Also, it is a newer version of the popular Skyrim Aurora Standing Stones mod which is now deleted from Nexus because it was no longer supported. This Unique Standing Stones mod also has a SE version. So download now for Oldrim or SSE from the download links below. 

Available on: PC, Xbox One

Mundus – A Standing Stone Overhaul

Mundus is a cross-platform Skyrim SE multiple standing stones overhaul mod for all the thirteen stones in the game. Every Stone now would fill a function as well as provide amazing bonuses to different playstyles. This mod exchanges the Greater Powers of Stones with passive abilities to support different builds.

Additionally, the more powerful stones will have a catch in the form of downsides. For example, players can choose to build with these downsides to get powerful buff or get average buffs by avoiding these downsides. 

Moreover, the Guardian Stones will not offer experience bonuses to players anymore to encourage them to switch Stones in the middle of the game. Even though Mundus is a Skyrim Special Edition Standing Stones mod, the creator has also created its LE port for Oldrim players. So find the download links below.

Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Skyland – A Landscape Texture Overhaul

Skyland is a landscape texture overhaul mod for both Oldrim and Special Edition that completely transforms everything about Skyrim’s landscape. All of the materials are handcrafted using programmatic textures.

So the mod changes the entire Rift, bundles all the Standing Stones, adds new mine wood textures for SMIM and makes other tweaks and adjustments to the landscape. So you can now experience a much more beautiful and realistic Skyrim!

Available on: PC, Xbox One

Better Standing Stones

The Skyrim Better Standing Stones is a very lore-friendly mod that transforms all the thirteen Stones in the game with better and upgraded powers and effects. It makes each of the Stones much more useful and desirable so that the players won’t ignore any of them now. because all of the effects and powers of each Stone are balanced out. Additionally, this mod is highly compatible with other mods. So get it now from the download link below!

Available on: PC

Wrapping Up . . .

So get these Standing Stone mods now for more powerful effects, abilities and better textures in Skyrim. I have included all the popular mods for both PC and console users. So enjoy!

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