The 10 Best Skyrim Mass Effect Mods

Ryan M

Skyrim’s modding scene is so extensive and in-depth that it’s possible to turn the game into an entirely new one if you wanted to. Luckily for fans of the Mass Effect series who are looking to add some non-lore friendly mods to their playthrough, you can combine two of your favorite series easily. Whether you’re looking for mods to add a hint of the Mass Effect universe to Skyrim, or you’re looking for ones that go big, this is the list for you.

#10 Miranda Lawson from mass effect 2

If you have ever wanted to play as Miranda Lawson, this mod allows you to do so. Once installed, you are able to select Miranda as a preset during character creation at the start of the game. Now you can roam the world of Skyrim as Miranda Lawson, just watch out for reapers! Pair this mod with some of the others on this list, such as the Miranda Lawson armor mod, for a more in-depth Mass Effect experience!

Download the mod here

#9 Miranda Lawson Armor

After covering a mod that allows you to play as Miranda Lawson, it’s only right that we add her armor to the game. Featuring a slick white design that will stand out among vanilla armor pieces in Skyrim, you will truly feel like Miranda as you journey with this armor equipped. The armor is added in as a smaller part of Ryu’s Conversions, which adds tons of different armor pieces to the game. Have fun trying out the rest of the armor as an added bonus!

Download the mod here

#8 Astrid – Jack Mass Effect 3 Reworked

This is a small mod that retextures Astrid to have a more Mass Effect appearance, it will not take up a lot of space in your downloads and won’t clog your load order. You may be wondering what impact such a small mod can have, but small mods such as this one can do a lot for the atmosphere of your game. If you’re trying to make Skyrim as close to Mass Effect as you can, mods that change the ambience, no matter how big or small, can make all of the difference.

Download the mod here

#7 Thane Krios Companion

This mod adds in Thane Krios to be your follower, which features a fully custom skin for the character! Thane borrows vanilla dialogue from followers in the base game, making him a full-functioning companion. Be ready to take some screenshots, you two will have loads of fun adventuring together! You can find Thane in the Hall of the Dead in Solitude.

Download the mod here

#6 Tali Zorah Companion

Not only does Tali look amazing in this mod, she sounds incredible too! The mod creator ported over her voice lines in this mod, so expect to hear some of classic lines from Mass Effect. It’s evident that the mod author spent a lot of time making this mod, and you’ll be able to tell when playing with it in-game.

Download the mod here

#5 Mass Effect third person view

The camera angle you use plays an important role in your overall enjoyment of a game, and new camera angles can make you a much more capable player. This mod restructures the camera to give you the 3rd person camera angle that you know and love from Mass Effect. Ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows benefit the most from this mod, however melee weapons such as swords and daggers are also supported. Get ready to be able to finally watch your character be the magnificent hero that you know they are!

Download the mod here

#4 Normandy Crash Site

If you’re looking to add a little Mass Effect lore into your Skyrim world, this a great mod to do so. As the name implies, this mods adds a crashed Normandy spacecraft that can be found just outside of Whiterun. While you can’t do much more than look at the site or take a few screenshots in-game, it may inspire some reaper flashbacks for players who happen to wander by.

Download the mod here

#3 Mass Effect 3 Followers

This mod adds two companions into Skyrim, Ashley Williams and Jack, otherwise known as ‘Patient Zero.’ Their character models are well-made, and they fit right in with the rest of the Mass Effect mods already covered. If you’re looking to add to your already growing collection of Mass Effect companions, these two are a must-have. You can find Ashley and Jack at the Bannered Mare.

Download the mod here

#2 Garrus Vakarian Companion

There have been several companion mods on this list, however this is the one that you should add to your game first. Garrus is extremely well-made, and all of his voice lines have been ported over from Mass Effect. Not only does he look amazing, but he sounds even better. Give this a try if you’re looking for some authentic Mass Effect nostalgia.

Download the mod here

#1 Mass Effect Biotic Spells

This mod is the biggest out of any other mod covered so far, with a plethora of new content being added to the game. There are so many different spells, attacks, and even combo moves added by this mod that it would be impossible to go over everything here. The only way you can begin to explore all of the awesome things that this mod does is to try it out for yourself, get ready to have a lot of fun!

Download the mod here

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