The 10 Greatest Hitman 3 mods


Hitman 3 is an amazing game where you play as Agent 47 who is an assassin and the plot of the game is just assassinations. The modding community for this game is really small but they make some really fun and interesting mods that you can play with. Most of the mods are really simple things that some might think of as fun cheats and some are new missions to play. Below is the Top 10 greatest Hitman 3 mods.

#10 Selfie Mode

The Selfie Mod is a very interesting mod to add to the game. this is because of the simplicity of what the mod does. This mod allows you to take selfies in the game. This may not be something game-breaking or even anything that will make the hitman series more of an epic games but taking selfies of you with a recently assassinated guy will forever be one of my favorite things. You can take a selfie with random objects around the map as well so why not check this mod out.

Download Selfie Mode Here

#9 47 is PISSED

The 47 is Pissed mod adds a new bonus mission where agent 47 is armed with a baseball bat and you go around beating up and killing any NPC you find. This is the best mission that was ever added to the hitman franchise due to the fact that agent 47 is such a great killer that every player dreams of watching the man with a barcode on his head slaughter anyone in his path. The mission adds plenty of fun to the game and is well worth the download.

Download 47 is PISSED Here

#8 Gar0npeX Tailor Kit

The Gar0npeX Tailor Kit mod is a great custom outfit mod that adds plenty of new outfits for Agent 47. All of the outfits the mod adds are all really well designed and all look amazing during gameplay. The mod adds plenty of different kinds of suits to allow you to wear the right outfit for the right job. If you are looking for an outfit mod that has some beautiful suits for Agent 47 then check this one out.

Download Gar0npeX Tailor Kit Here

#7 John Wick Mod

The John Wick mod is a very simple mod that retextures Agent 47 to be John Wick from the movie John Wick. This mod makes it feel like you are playing as john wick and really adds a nice feel to the gameplay. If you haven’t seen the movie John Wick, this mod might not be the best on the list for you. You don’t need to have seen the movie to enjoy this mod though because the model is really nicely implemented and looks great. I think you should check the mod out anyways just to see how you feel about it.

Download John Wick Mod Here

#6 Readable UI

The Readable UI mod is a mod that makes the UI easier to read and understand. The only thing that this game has going against it is the UI and this mod completely fixes it. The UI is changed to make it way easier to read which is a huge help to those who have a hard time reading small words like myself. If you have a hard time reading small texts on the UI in this game then you should totally get this mod because it will make it so way easier to read.

Download Readable UI Here

#5 Unrestricted Loadouts

The Unrestricted Loadout mod is a straightforward and simple mod. What this mod does is it allows you to bring any gun into any mission. This is a great hitman mod due to it allowing you to become the loudest assassin with any loud weapon you dream of killing with. The mod wasn’t made for the silent assassins but still could provide fun for those types of assassins as well due to the fact that you can bring any silenced weapon as well into any mission.

Download Unrestricted Loadouts Here

#4 Lighting Ultimate

The Lighting Ultimate mod fixes the way lighting works and gives it a more realistic bloom effect. this is a really great graphics mod that allows you to get more immersed in the game. If you are looking for a lighting mod that makes the game way more beautiful and way more pleasant to look at this mod is for you.

Download Lighting Ultimate Here

#3 Simple Realistic

The Simple Realistic mod is a great mod that makes the game look way better and look more realistic. The mod does a really great job at retexturing the hitman missions and making the game way prettier to look at. The only downside of this mod is that it may not work on lower-end computers as I had trouble running it but I’m sure most other players won’t have this problem. If you got a good computer and want to make Hitman 3 look the absolute best it can possibly be I totally suggest you download the Simple Realistic mod.

Download Simple Realistic Here

#2 Infinite Ammo

The Infinite Ammo mod is a really fun mod to play around with. this mod might ruin the immersion for some but I’m a fan of getting into long-drawn-out gun fights in this game. I think the best thing this mod allows you to do is slaughter every NPC on the whole map without alerting the guards. This is definitely a fun mod to play around with and I definitely recommend it to you.

Download Infinite Ammo Here

#1 Zero Gravity

The zero gravity mod is a really fun mod for Hitman. this mod makes it to all NPCs ragdoll effect is changed to make them float into the air. This is a really fun mod, especially when playing indoors as all the bodies will float straight to the top. If you are looking for a fun mod that is light and brings you a lot of enjoyment then check out this one because you will not be disappointed.

Download Zero Gravity Here