The 50 of The Best Minecraft Mods in 2022


Minecraft has thousands of mods for you to choose from and it might be hard to spot the best out of the bunch. In this post, I will be showing you the 50 best Minecraft mods of 2022. The mods will have a range of categories ranging from power-based mods to magic and even just utility mods that make playing the game more entertaining. If you are having a hard time finding the right mods for you then check out the article below. The only mod that I will mention up here is optifine because it is just a mod that makes Minecraft’s fps run faster and gives it HD textures and it really doesn’t affect gameplay at all.

#50 Modular Powersuits

Modular Powersuits is a really strong upgradable powerful to Minecraft that will give you many abilities. This mod is very useful and fun to use due to the abilities that the power suit adds. The power suit is really strong and works well with other mods so you should definitely try this mod out on your Minecraft adventure.

Download Modular Powersuits Here

#49 PneumaticCraft: Repressurized

Pneumaticcraft is a mod that uses pressure to power its machines. This mechanic of pressure is completely unique to this mod and feels really great to use. The machines and tools the mod adds are all really great options to automate your base. If you are looking for a unique mod that functions all on its own.

Download PneumaticCraft: Repressurized Here

#48 Quark

Quark is a very unique mod due to the fact that everything that Quark adds could also is added to the default game without ruining the vanilla Minecraft experience. The mod is mostly used by streamers and YouTubers to make cool contraptions to their world. If you are looking for a more vanilla Minecraft experience then check out this mod.

Download Quark Here

#47 Simply Jetpacks 2

Simply Jetpacks 2 is a very nice utility mod that will add many different kinds of jetpacks into the game. These jetpacks are all very on the power and the usage but will make traveling easier and way more enjoyable. If you need a way to fly around your world in Minecraft then I suggest you check out the Simply Jetpacks 2 mod.

Download Simply Jetpacks 2 Here

#46 Industrial Craft

Industrial Craft 2 is one of those power mods that adds a whole bunch of machines to the game, allowing you to automate production. This mod uses its own energy system which knocks it down a peg for me but is a handy and creative mod for end-game content. If you use this mod with the Mekanism’s mod you will be able to use any power system to use this mods machines which makes this mod way better in a mod pack scenario but when it’s by itself it is just average.

Download Industrial Craft Here

#45 Random Things

Random Things is one of those really fun mods that adds a bunch of strange and very useful tools to the game. Everything this mod adds will help you in all aspects of the game. My favorite part of this mod is the personal dimension it adds to the game. I would use these personal dimensions mostly for storage when playing on a server. The mod is very unique and random but very useful and I suggest you check it out.

Download Random Things Here

#44 EvilCraft

Evilcraft is one of those mods that are annoying to get into. This mod allows you to mess around with dark magic and evil entities. The mod will allow you to buff your soul and allows you to make a broomstick that flies really fast. The mod also adds some really fun supernatural beings that you can play around with. If you are looking for a fun and powerful mod that is also very unique then check EvilCraft out.

Download EvilCraft Here

#43 BetterPortals

BetterPortals is one of the many realistic portals mods that renders the nether in real-time. The mod is great for realism but can cause lag spikes on bad computers. It will generate both the nether and the overworld at the same time making portals look and feel way more immersive. If you hate the nether portals like me then this is a great mod that will change the way they work completely.

Download BetterPortals Here

#42 RFTools

RFTools is one of those mods that every mod pack will have. This mod adds many unique machines that I suggest you check out yourself but the biggest thing this mod adds is a dimension teleporter. With this mod, you can make and power your own personal dimension. This mod’s storage option is also unique and helpful if your base is cluttered. I definitely suggest you check this mod out if you are looking for a nice and quiet place to build your base.

Download RFTools Here

#41 DimensionalDoors

DimensionalDoors is a really cool and creative mod that adds doors that lead to random dimensions. These dimensions will either kill you or reward you and be very careful not to fall into the void. If you fall into the void you will go to a spooky dimension where you need to mine down quickly or you will get killed by some supernatural being. I suggest you be very careful in these new dimensions because it is easy to get lost and lose all the items on you.

Download DimensionalDoors Here

#40 ComputerCraft

ComputerCraft is a programmer’s mod for programmers. You will be able to program literally anything in the world but the biggest part is the turtles that you can program to do that for you. The computers are the greatest for those who like to set up big machines that need displays and such. If you are a programmer then you should check out this mod because it was made for you.

Download ComputerCraft Here

#39 Decocraft

Decocraft is a mod that adds a bunch of decoration blocks like tables, lamps, chairs, and plushies. This mod is in almost every mod pack and is really great for more realistic builds that you might want to make. The recipes are all really easy to understand as well. If you are looking for some nice decorations to add to your Minecraft build then check out decocraft.

Download Decocraft Here

#38 SwingThroughGrass

The SwingThroughGrass mod is an extremely simple mod that is just great. Depending on the Minecraft version you play the combat is different. But what this mod does is it allows you to swing through tall grass instead of breaking it. This is something Minecraft needs especially when you are swarmed with mobs.

Download SwingThroughGrass Here

#37 Aquaculture 2

Aquaculture 2 is a mod that rewards those who like to fish. Vanilla Minecraft’s fishing is very boring so this mod scrapes that entirely and adds a loot box system that functions really great. It will give you all sorts of materials that will help you which will include iron, gold, and diamonds. The new fishing mechanics is very refreshing and I suggest you try them out. If you are a fisher at heart and want to make fishing way more exciting then check out this mod.

Download Aquaculture 2 Here

#36 Applied Energistics 2

Applied Energistics 2 is one of the best Minecraft mods that will make you become an explorer and make storage insanely easy. The mod allows you to store everything in one system, removing those huge chest rooms. This makes the mod really great because having everything in one place makes life so much easier in Minecraft. If you are looking for the greatest storage mod in ill of modded Minecraft then you need to try out this mod.

Download Applied Energistics 2 Here

#35 Inventory Tweaks

Inventory Tweaks is a quality of life mod that allows you to quickly sort items in your inventory or chest. This is extremely helpful when playing modded Minecraft due to the many items you will encounter while playing. The sorting options are all really great at decluttering all your chests so your base can be nice and organized.

Download Inventory Tweaks Here

#34 BiblioCraft

BiblioCraft is another decoration mod that will allow you to pimp out your room with a lot of different decorations. The mod is superior to DecoCraft and feels way more alive than it as well. The mod was designed to help fill in those empty spaces that might plague your builds. If you need some decorations then check out BiblioCraft.

Download BiblioCraft Here

#33 Baubles

Baubles is an extremely useful mod that will allow you to equip rings in the new baubles inventory section it adds. The mod is mostly used for Botania but any mod that adds rings will work with it. This allows you to become insanely strong if you use the right ring combinations. If you are playing a mod that adds rings or belts and other equipable then you definitely will need this mod.

Download Baubles Here

#32 Waystones

The Waystones mod is very simple and straightforward. this mod allows you to teleport between way stones that you will find scattered around your world. These way stones are an extremely useful way of getting from point A to point B very fast and are a great mod that gives teleportation. There will always be better teleportation mods but this one is a little more immersive and feels way more natural in minecraft.

Download Waystones Here

#31 Astral Sorcery

Astral Sorcery is a very fun and exciting magic mod that uses the stars as its basis. This mod gives you plenty of fun tools and a new magic system to explore that will allow you to become an Astral Sorcerer. The mod is very unique in the way it works and you definitely will have a good time playing with it. If you love the stars and want to gain power from them then check out this mod.

Download Astral Sorcery Here

#30 Reliquary Reincarnations

Reliquary Reincarnations is a mod that relies on you killing a lot of mobs. These mobs will drop a new magic resource that you can combine with other mob drops you will find to create a magic-powered weapon or another useful tool. If you like to kill mobs then check out this mod as it will give you something to grind for.

Download Reliquary Reincarnations Here

#29 The Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest mod is a mod that adds a whole new dimensions with plenty of new biomes that come with many quests that will have you explore new dungeons. This mod is a whole standalone experience and is a very popular Minecraft mod. If you love to explore and even fight bosses then check out this mod as there are plenty of bosses and dungeons to be explored.

Download The Twilight Forest Here

#28 MineColonies

MineColonies is a mod that changes the way villages are spawned into the world. The new villages have a lot more useful materials scattered around them and they all look way more lively than the vanilla village. The mod really makes villages in Minecraft more of a safe haven and makes them useful instead of just a place to trade emeralds. If you want a new and more lively village to explore then you need this mod.

Download MineColonies Here

#27 Chisel

The Chisel mod is another of the decoration mods that will change the way you build structures. The mod adds plenty of new blocks and new ways to build that vanilla Minecraft doesn’t add. The chisel is a really great tool that will change the way you and your friends build. If you are a builder then you definitely need to use this mod in your next build

Download Chisel Here

#26 Corail Tombstone

Corail Tombstone mod is one of the best gravestone mods for Minecraft. What this mod does is that when you die, you will drop all of your stuff into a gravestone that you can pick up. These gravestones will keep all of your items safe from despawning or even lava. If you die a lot then you definitely need to use this mod. If this gravestone mod isn’t up your alley, there are plenty of other mods that are similar and just as good.

Download Corail Tombstone Here

#25 Tinkers Construct

Tinkers Construct is a very interesting mod in the way it works. The mod allows you to build weapons from melting metals into a casting. These tools are able to be upgraded and are really strong. The mod is a lot of fun to use and it has plenty of things for you to make and build in it. If you like to make fun and cool weapons then you need to check out this super fun mod.

Download Tinkers Construct Here

#24 OpenBlocks

OpenBlocks is another mod that adds random things. The random things this mod adds are all really useful for builds and even traveling. If you are looking for very useful random tools I would check this mod out.

Download OpenBlocks Here

#23 Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2 is my favorite mod on this list and is really fun to use. In this mod, you will need to research each stage that will allow you to build new machines and or use weapons. This mod is really great in how it functions and is extremely fun. The mod also adds special villagers that you can command around to automate your world. If you want to play the best mod ever than download this mod.

Download Ancient Warfare 2 Here

#22 Hardcore Ender Expansion

Hardcore Ender Expansion is a great mod that updates the end and buffs the ender dragon. The mod itself is really great and adds plenty of end biomes for you to explore. There are plenty of new mobs, bosses, and places that this mod will allow you to explore in the end. If you find the end boring then check out this mod.

Download Hardcore Ender Expansion Here

#21 Buildcraft

BuildCraft is an extremely useful power mod that will allow you to make plenty of useful machinery that will automate your world. These machines are some of the strongest and will be necessary for certain designs of bases. I always find myself using BuildCraft so it is extremely useful. If you need a great mod that adds plenty of pipes and wires then check out this mod.

Download Buildcraft Here

#20 Extra Utilities

Extra Utilities is an amazing mod that will give you plenty of useful utilities that will help you with all mods. The biggest thing this mod adds are the angel rings which give the player creative mode flight while in survival mode. This is an extremely useful thing that makes Minecraft way more fun. If you want to fly then you need to download this mod.

Download Extra Utilities Here

#19 Ender IO

Ender io is another power mod that will give you plenty of machines that will help you automate your world. The best machine this mod adds is the alloy smelter which will smelt items extremely fast as well as being really easy to make. The biggest thing that makes this mod different from other machine mods is that it will have you hunting down creatures for their drops. I always find myself using this mod for smelting things and if I do then you might as well.

Download Ender IO Here

#18 Galacticraft

Galacticraft is an extremely fun exploration mod. This mod adds a few planets that you can visit by building a rocket and flying to them. these planets are filled with their own towns and resources to find. The planets it adds are all really fun and cool to explore and I suggest you check this mod out for yourself. Most of the machines this mod adds are pretty crappy and are only useful for space exploration so if you arent gonna go into space you don’t need any of the machines.

Download Galacticraft Here

#17 Minefactory Reloaded

Minecraftory Reloaded is another extremely useful power mod that adds a bunch of machines. these machines will range from farming to a laser that will spawn ores. The mod is really useful and it has some of the best machines for farming and even mining. If you are gonna play with all the other power mods I suggested then definitely use this one as well.

Download Minefactory Reloaded Here

#16 Railcraft

Railcraft is a mod that uses railroads and minecarts to automate your world. These Minecarts will be powered by fuel that the mod lets you make and they function really great for transporting things. The mod really shines when you need to take things from one place to another quickly.

Download Railcraft Here

#15 Pam’s HarvestCraft

Pam’s Harvestcraft mod is the best food item mod that you can download. This mod reworks the way food functions in Minecraft and forces you to make complex meals that will fill your hunger bar a lot. These new foods all look delicious and their recipes aren’t annoyingly hard to make. That isn’t the only thing this mod adds though. The mod also adds plenty of new crops for you to farm and eat. If you are looking for the best food and farm mod for Minecraft this is it.

Download Pam’s HarvestCraft Here

#14 Biomes O’ Plenty

Biomes O’ Plenty is the greatest and prettiest mod that adds plenty of new biomes for you to explore. The mod itself adds many new biomes that change the world generation of Minecraft. All these biomes fit with many new and beautiful plants that you can use to decorate your yard. The mod also adds plenty of new biomes to explore in the nether as well. If you want more things to look at in your world this is definitely a mod you should check out.

Download Biomes O’ Plenty Here

#13 Journey Map

JourneyMap is the best and most useful map mod for Minecraft. What this mod does is it will allow you to see the world through a map so you won’t ever get lost again. The map the mod gives you looks really great and functions in real-time. You can also add waypoints on the map to mark your home and other important locations in your world.

Download Journey Map Here

#12 Immersive Engineering

Immersive Engineering is one of the most immersive and entertaining power mods on this list. The mod will have you building huge machines and mechanisms to automate your world. All the machines look and feel amazing as well as function great. Although there are way better power mods out there, this mod is definitely one that you will want to try.

Download Immersive Engineering Here

#11 Not Enough Items

Not Enough Items is one of the most important mods for any mod pack. this mod will allow you to view and look at every item and recipe in the game. This is extremely useful when you don’t know everything about a mod you are trying out. There is no if or but about this mod, if you are a Minecraft player then you need it so download it. If you don’t want to try out Not Enough Items there are many different mods that are exactly the same as this, like the mod Just Enough Items.

Download Not Enough Items Here


Hwyla is another mod that you need to use when playing modded Minecraft. This mod will tell you what mod and the name of the block or item you are looking at. You can get by without this mod but it will make your exploration through the world of modded Minecraft way easier.

Download HWYLA Here

#9 Project E

Project E is an overpowered magic mod that will allow you to turn everything into energy. Once you turn it into energy you can turn that energy into another object. This mod functions by using the equivalent exchange method of turning one block into another. The mod also adds plenty of overpowered armor and weapons that you can use.

Download Project E Here

#8 Big Reactors

Big Reactors is the best power mod in all of minecraft. This is because big reactors allows you to make an extremely simple nuclear reactor that will generate an insane amount of power. The generator will consume alot of uranium that is very plentiful in your world. This will make you never need to worry about power ever again.

Download Big Reactors Here

#7 Mekanism

Mekanism is an amazing power mod that will help you on your journey. This mod adds an omnitool that will make Minecraft easy. The tool is extremely powerful and is very easy to make. The mod also allows you to convert any power into any other power. This makes the mod extremely good as you will be able to use the power cables with any mod of your choosing.

Download Mekanism Here

#6 Witchery

Witchery is my favorite magic mod that you can add to Minecraft. What this mod does is that it allows you to do rituals that will turn you into a witch. Once you start doing rituals to become a witch there will be random death matches with witch hunters that will try to kill you. The other thing you can do with this mod is you can become a vampire which is really fun.

Download Witchery Here

#5 Thaumcraft

Thaumcraft is the most complex mod that you can add to Minecraft. This magic mod will make it so you will need to do plenty of research and explore plenty of areas to advance in this mod. The mod is basically the strongest mod as you can do just about anything with it but it is extremely complicated and annoying to advance through the mod if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Download Thaumcraft Here

#4 Botania

Botania is a very fun magic mod that is very unique. This mod will allow you to harness the power of the earth to gain magical power. This magical power can be used to make plenty of fun and unique powerful relics to make you stronger. the mod also adds a few boss fights that will reward the player with super-strong magical relics. Botania is a really fun and enjoyable mod that you can play but is also quite challenging when trying to generate magic essence.

Download Botania Here

#3 Blood Magic

Blood Magic is another really unique magic mod. This magic mod allows you to use your blood to perform rituals that will make you stronger. These rituals will allow you to make relics and even armor that will make you really powerful. Blood Magic is a lot more balanced than Botania but this evens out due to the fact that blood magic is way easier to get to the end-game than Botania is.

Download Blood Magic Here

#2 Mystical Agriculture

Mystical Agriculture is one of the most overpowered mods you can add to Minecraft. this mod will add plenty of seeds and plants that you can use to create any and every material in the game. I can’t begin to tell you how great and amazing this is. If you are ever struggling to get resources in Minecraft then just get this mod and become a farmer.

Download Mystical Agriculture Here

#1 Draconic Evolution

Draconic Evolution is a very great and powerful mod that can really advance the way you play the game towards the end of your Minecraft world. This is an endgame mod that adds plenty of armor and weapons that will help you fight a super-powerful dragon. The mod also has some really great power generation options for an endgame that will definitely rival the power from Big Reactors. If you are looking for a mod that makes you insanely strong for the end game then this is the mod for you.

Download Draconic Evolution Here

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