The Ultimate Cammy Muscle Mod for Street Fighter V


The best Cammy muscle mod to insanely enhance her muscles and make her arms, thighs, chest and back much bigger.

By Yamna

Credits: GGP Gaming

Cammy in the Street Fighter world remains to be one of the most popular and liked characters. She started to be the most successful character and was even regarded as “one of the most risqué characters ever seen in a video game” by GamePro. She also often tops the list of the best Street Fighter characters rated by gaming magazines and blogs. 

When Capcom conducted their official poll asking fans which character they would like to see the most in Street Fighter V, Cammy won the poll and as a result, Capcom brought Cammy back in SFV.

Cammy is surely a pretty strong female character in Street Fighter V. But imagine if you could add more strength to her character, making her the absolute strongest among all. Sounds pretty cool, right? To make your dreams come true, we bring to you the ultimate Cammy muscle mod for Street Fighter V.

Let’s see what it is and how it works!

Cammy Muscle Mod

Cammy Muscle Mod by Ripped-Pixels basically makes Cammy more muscular and strong by adding muscles to everywhere you can possibly imagine (yes, even where you wanted them). As a result, Cammy now has insanely bigger arms, legs, chest, and back. The mod also works in Story Mode now and does not glitch even in the cutscenes. It has incredibly impressive graphics.

So if you love Cammy in Street Fighter V, this mod is an absolute must have for you!

How to Install Cammy Muscle Mod

You can install Cammy muscle mod by using Fluffy Manager. Fluffy is a mod manager that allows you to seamlessly install and uninstall mods for many Capcom titles. The manager also makes it possible to automatically backup and comes with a trainer functionality so you can change your Field of View (FOV) or turn off vignette. 

To install Cammy muscle mod for Street Fighter V using Fluffy Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Download Fluffy Manager on your PC and unpack the manager file to a folder and name it FMM.
  2. Place the Cammy Muscle Mod .PAK file in the FMM\PAK Mods\ folder. Your mod’s filename will be the mod’s folder so name the files carefully.
  3. Now run the FMM\extract-all.bat. When you run this batch file, it will look for all the PAK files in the PAK mods folder and unpack them into the relevant folders in FMM\Games\SF5\Mods\Modname\.

Note: If you have an uncompressed file of Cammy Muscle Mod, place it in the FMM\Games\SF5\Mods\ folder. Ensure that your SFV mod has its own folder name because that’s how Fluffy recognizes them.

You can go ahead and launch the FMM\Modmanager.exe and enable the Cammy muscle mod if you don’t have to convert PAK mods.

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Wrapping Up

So that’s all, folks! We hope you found what you were looking for. Now go ahead, download the mod and see for yourself why we rate it as the best Cammy muscle mod for Street Fighter V.