The Best Street Fighter Mod for Characters


Your Favorite Characters Now Come in a Street Fighter Mod!

By Yamna 

For most of us, Street Fighter was the game that started it all. The beginning of an epic gaming era that’s still ongoing and will never end in the hearts of hardcore gamers. This is one of the very first games that we played in our childhoods that made us fall in love with the world of video games.

Even after decades, the Street Fighter franchise is still going strong with its latest release SFV that came out in 2020. The game’s modding community is considered to be one of the best. These unsung heroes have created some amazing mods to make your games way more fun and immersive for you.

Since Street Fighter is a fighting game, most of the mods are typically about characters. These mods add modified characters to the game to spice things up a bit for you.

So we decided to create a list of the best Street Fighter V mods to make your gameplay more exciting. This list is a subjective selection by me based on the mods that I found the most interesting and fun.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

Ryo Hazuki

Street Fighter mod

Credits: PC Best Mods

Ryo Hazuki is the main protagonist in Shenmue, an incredibly popular action adventure game. The character has also appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog several times. So why not bring him into the Street Fighter world? 

This mod by Khaledantar666 brings Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue into SFV. From his epic brown jacket to over 15 color variations, you get to play Ryo in 15 colors. The character replaces Ryu in Street Fighter. Although the mod is not free to download, people supporting Khaledantar666 can get it. Or, you can wait until the mod is made available for all.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson in Street Fighter

Credits: PC Best Mods

In this Street Fighter mod, the King of Pop himself gets on the field. This surprisingly pleasant mod brings Michael Jackson to SFV. Who would have expected that, right? Michael Jackson replaces G in Street Fighter and to seamlessly fit the character like a glove.

And it’s not just the appearance. No! The developer has even added voiceovers of the king of pop himself.  

The Street Fighter mod brings Michael Jackson from his movie Moonwalker (1988), dressed in a white suit and a beautiful fedora. G’s Pangaea Burst is also replaced with Moonwalker’s famous song “Smooth Criminal”, putting a great end to the opponent’s plans. 

Although Ouji Chama’s mod was developed in early 2019, it still holds up against the latest release. So if you are a Michael Jackson fan, get your hands on this mod now!

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves in SFV

Credits: Gammods

Who better to call for help in a fighting ring than a world famous assassin? Yup, you guessed that right! This mod replaces Cody C3 with Keanu Reeves (aka John Wick). Keanu Reeve’s iconic look in John Wick has become a staple. Long black hair, black suit, and a black tie. Now imagine your favorite Keanu Reeves donning that look in SFV. Sounds pretty exciting, right?

This Street Fighter mod is also developed by the creator of the Michael Jackson mod, Ouji-chama. And we’d like to admit that Cody was undoubtedly the perfect choice for this replacement as his character suits Keanu’s. Get this mod now to see Keanu Reeves in action in SFV!

Tier Harribel

Street Fighter Character Mod

Credits: PC Best Mods

If you are into anime, you may have definitely watched Bleach. Bleach is one of the most popular anime in the world. And one can never forget the super-powerful 10 Espada from Aizen’s army. 

The third Espada, Tier Harribel, was especially one of the major antagonists of the show and quite an interesting character. Everything from her costume to her weapon to her storyline was quite peculiar. And you will be happy to learn that there is a Street Fighter mod that brings to SFV!

That’s right. This mod by Brutal Ace replaces Kolin with Tier Harribel from Bleach. It is a gorgeously executed mod and offers everything that you’d expect in Harribel. The design of her costume is simply DIVINE. Go ahead and check out the mod right now!

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Final Words

Now that you have your hands on some of the most epic Street Fighter mods, go ahead and try them out. Let us know which Street Fighter mod you found the best yet!