The Best The Long Dark Multiplayer Mod of All Time


Sky Co-op is the best The Long Dark multiplayer mod to play with up to 32 of your friends on one server! 

By Yamna

The Long Dark multiplayer mod - Sky Co-op
Credits: Filigrani

The Long Dark is a singleplayer game that is solely built around the player’s lonely survival in the wilderness. You will assume the character of a pilot Will Mackenzie, who crash-landed in the cold Canadian wilderness right after a geomagnetic storm. 

Since this is solely a singleplayer game, you might feel a bit too lonely in the wilderness and long for human connection. That’s why many players want The Long Dark multiplayer mod to tag along a friend to make their survival a bit less lonely. 

Sky Co-op – The Long Dark Multiplayer Mod

So is there a multiplayer mod out there for The Long Dark? Turns out, yes there is! The Long Dark multiplayer mod known as “The Long Dark Sky Co-op” is a mod that lets you play with your friends online. You can play with 2-32 players on one server at a time. How cool, right?

Here’s how it works.

How to Install Sky Co-op Mod?

Follow these steps to install Sky co-op mod for The Long Dark:

  • Before you install the Sky co-op mod, you will need the MelonLoader to load the mod. Download MelonLoader.
  • After the download has been finished, go to the drive where you have Steam installed, and then click on the steam->steamapps->common->TheLongDark->tld.exe file. 
  • On the resulting window, click on “Install”. MelonLoader will be installed.  
  • Now download the latest version of the Sky Co-op mod from their Discord or GitHub.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and extract the files from Archives in the “Mods” folder to The Long Dark directory.
  • Launch the game and you are all set to play The Long Dark multiplayer mod.  

How to Play The Long Dark Multiplayer Mod Online?

Now that you have installed Sky Co-op mod for The Long Dark, here’s how you can play it online.

Note: If all the players use the Steam version of the game, you can just invite your friends using Steam. If that’s the case, start from Step 5. But if you play the Epic Games Store version or the GoG version, start from Step 1:

  • Install a LAN network emulator such as Hamachi
  • Create your account in Hamachi or login with your existing account.
  • Create a room and share the room name with other players so they can join.
  • Once you are in the room, copy your friend’s IPc4 address in Hamachi and launch The Long Dark. 
  • As a host player, select the desired game mode and create a new save file.
  • As a host player, press the Escape button and you will find a new “Host” button. Press the button and the server will be active.
  • Ask the other players to press the “Connect” button in the main menu, input the IP from Hamachi, and press “Connect”. 

And voila! That’s how you play The Long Dark multiplayer mod with your friends.

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The Long Dark multiplayer mod called Sky Co-op is one of the best mods for the game out there. It is a very interesting mod that makes your survival a bit better with a couple of friends by your side.