10+ Most Popular and Stable Avorion Mods


Get Your Hands on these 13 Best Avorion Mods Now to Make Your Experience in Space Worthwhile!

Avorion is a co-op procedural sandbox game where players construct their own spaceships at the edge of the galaxy by using dynamically scalable blocks. Starting out at the end of the galaxy, players are meant to find their way to the galaxy’s core.

This involves flying in their spaceships, exploring the galaxy, mining, trading items, fighting wage wars, and building their own empires, all in order to save their galaxy from being destroyed by an unknown enemy.

Given how cool the game is, you can only expect its modding community to be truly spectacular. There are hundreds of super cool mods released by Avorion’s modders. In this article, we will share with you the best mods that are also compatible with the latest updates so you can enjoy all the new add-ons in Avorion.

List of Top 10 Best Avorion Mods So Far!

#13 Advanced Shipyard

Developed by LaserZwei, Advanced Shipyard extends the vanilla shipyard in Avorion so you can create your own designs. You can get into the extended shipyard by pressing the “Select Design” button. If you want to exit and use the vanilla functions, simply click on the “Unselect” button.

In addition to this, the mod also comes with a fix for the cheap Captain. There is also a unique button that lets you build the same ship 5 times and enqueue three or more ships. How cool, right? Get your hands on it now to build your own designs!

Download here

#12 All Production Chains

All Production Chains is yet another cool mod by LaserZwei developed for Avorion. The vanilla game does not have two very important supply factories that keep you from building completely independent production chains for diamonds and gems. This workshop item changes that by adding a different way of producing biogas, the Biogas Fermenter!

You can build the Biogas Fermenter using this recipe:

40 x Plant -> 4 x Biogas + 10 x Water + garbage: 1 x Toxic Waste.

There are two versions in the mod, a Version M for Diamond Mine and a Version S for the Diamond Factory (2 x energy cells + 2 x coal > 2 x Diamond). However, the gems are not provided and you can only install one of these Versions at a time.

Download here

#11 AutoDock

Avorion mods
Credits: Shrooblord

AutoDock by Shrooblord is a super convenient mod that makes docking less tedious. Do you ever wish that you could just automatically dock anywhere by pressing a button? Do you wish you could fly at 2000 m/s and still be able to dock without hitting those brakes? Well, then I have a perfect mod for you!

AutoDock mod brings an interaction “Auto-Dock to Station” that you can use at all stations. Using this interaction, you can easily dock at all stations by flying up to a Docking Beacon that is generated when you use the interaction. You will be pulled into the Station dock without maneuvering or slowing down your spaceship.

Moreover, even when you fly at incredibly high speeds at the Docking Beacon, it will accelerate the docking procedure for you. Sounds cool, right? Get your hands on this mod now!

Download here

#10 Carrier Command

Carrier Command is yet another mod by LaserZwei that automates all of your fighters in salvaging, mining, attacking your enemies, and repairing your ships. To start, click on the fighter icon on the top right of the screen and the UI will open up. Now start the command by clicking on any of the buttons. To stop all commands, click on Dock All and all the fighters and fleet will return to your Carrier.

Download here

#9 Change Max Cargo

Change Max Cargo by Hammelpilaw lets you change the maximum cargo size of your stations. Although your stations are still capped by your cargo bay’s size, you can change the absolute cap of 25,000 per good for every station. This only applies to the stations that you own, and not the AI stations. The server admin can also change the absolute cap to a different value. Both the players and the NPC stations are affected by this.

Download here

#8 Extended Turret Factory

The Extended Turret Factory mod by Hammelpilaw lets you modify the turret factory seeds. You can choose the used seed to build a turret so the stats of built turrets can be changed. The mod also brings bug fixes and quality of life changes.

Download here

#7 Military Missions

Do you ever find it annoying that all the missions in the military outpost in the game are hardcoded in the Merchant script? Well, this mod changes that! Developed by Hammelpilaw, the MilitaryMissions mod is one of the best Avorion mods that let you add all-new missions to military outposts in the form of plugins. For instance, the mod brings a supercool modded mission, called Pirate Warlord by Theoman01. You can also add the mod XsotanDreadnought as a plugin.

Download here

#6 MoveUI Plugin

Credits: DracoNB

MoveUI Plugin is basically a plugin for MoveUI that brings in more features for the Avorion fans. It filters out all the Civilian and/or friendly ships, shows all the ships that are in the sector, lets you choose faction relation levels to consider “Friendly”, and selects ships by right or left-clicking on a list. Since left-clicking would fire weapons, you should stick to right-clicking.

Download here

#5 Weapon Engineering (Turret Editor)

Weapon Engineering (Turret Editor) is a super useful mod that gets rid of the need to play the shopping list game or the research station lottery in order to fill a factory when you already have your desired turret. So you basically will be cannibalizing other turrets to upgrade an existing turret. To make it work, you have to select any turret that you want to upgrade and drop it in the big box. Next, you can select up to 5 more turrets to destroy and drop them into the smaller boxes.

The upgrades will be bigger as you select more and more turrets. The tech level of turrets also plays an important role in the upgrades, meaning that using the turrets that have better or the same tech level as the turret that you want to upgrade will give maximum results. The turret’s rarity also impacts these results. Moreover, you can also add auto-targeting and customize the colors of the beam and the projectiles for credits.

Download here

#4 Ship Script Loader

Ship Script Loader is one of the best Avorion mods that automatically loads scripts onto your ships, no matter whether you change your ship or not. You will always find scripts loaded on your ships. It is a pretty useful overview mod that you can get for PC for free!

Download here

#3 Simple Asteroid Respawner

Simple Asteroid Respawner is an Avorion mod developed by LaserZwei. It is a super simple mod that adds an asteroid respawn script into the game. It is based on the vanilla respawn file but can also be used actively in loaded sectors. This mod will transform your barren asteroid fields into super-rich mining places. Now it’s much cooler to be in the center of the galaxy, right?

Download here

#2 Useful Cargoshuttles

Useful Cargoshuttles is a much-needed mod that fixes several problems with cargo shuttles. It changes how one cargo shuttle could only transport one item at a time in the vanilla game. It also fixes how twenty cargo shuttles are associated with one station. Check out the mod link to learn how it works.

Download here

#1 Xsotan Dreadnought

Xsotan Dreadnought is a mod that adds a super cool boss into the game, called Xsotan Dreadnought. He is a boss who holds super-strong shields and can be charged up during fights to increase its damage output and repair the shields. Moreover, he will also call upon other Xsotan ships if he needs help. His special shields absorb ionized projectiles, collision damage, and shield-breaking weapons. Download the mod now to get your hands on this strong boss.

Download here


How do I add mods to Avorion?

For now, you can download Avorion mods on the Steam workshop. When you have the downloaded mods, simply click the Subscribe button and steam will automatically install the mod for you. Next, open the game and go to the Settings main menu. Then go to the Mods folder and all of your workshop mods are located here. From this menu, you can enable or disable any mods you want to play.

How do I manually install Avorion mods?

If you already downloaded Avorion mods on your computer, press Window + R to open the run application. Then enter %appdata% and press Enter to open a new window. Next, locate to Avorion=>mods folder and place your downloaded mods there. If you don’t see the mod in the game yet, try restarting Avorion and you should be able to see them.

How do I add mods to my Avorion server?

To install mods on your Avorion dedicated server, you need to make modifications to your modconfig.lua file. First, open that file with any text editor application such as notepad. Try looking for the mods command and add your mod there with a new line, using a mod workshop ID as a value to follow the best practices. For more detail, check this article out!


So that’s all, folks! We have listed above the top 10+ Avorion mods that have been released so far. Go ahead and check them out to see for yourself what we are talking about. These mods are super simple, super useful, and super fun!