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Frostpunk Mods, Storyline, Scenarios, Cheats, and More!

Frostpunk mods
Credits: Skye Storme

Released in 2018, Frostpunk is a first of its kind society survival game developed by 11 bit studios. Set in an alternate reality in 1886, there is a worldwide volcanic winter going on in the world due to the eruptions of Mount Tambora and Krakatoa, the dimming of the sun’s powers, and a number of unknown facts.

As a result, there is a worldwide failure of agriculture and millions of people have already died. This is partly similar to the actual 1883 eruption of the Krakatoa in Indonesia which hugely affected the real world climate and resulted in temperature drops for the following four years. 

As a player, you will be made the leader in the game where you will be responsible for building and running a city in this volcanic winter. You will also be responsible for making very hard choices, exploring the surrounding areas for resources and survivors, and managing your resources wisely. 

Frostpunk Scenarios

There are several scenarios in the game, each having its own challenges and stories. In all scenarios, you will be made the leader of the city around a “generator”, which is basically an installation built by the U.S. and the British Empire in the North that can be used as a city center in case there is a mass migration due to extreme temperatures from the South.  

No matter which scenario you are planning in, you will always be made the leader of the city and will be responsible for overlooking the matters to ensure everyone’s survival. The game comes with seven possible scenarios, each having its own storyline and background. 

Frostpunk Platforms

Frostpunk was originally released in 2018 for Microsoft Windows only. However, it was later released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2019. Due to its huge success and the fact that the game sold more than 3 million copies in just three years, the game developers also announced plans to release a mobile version of Frostpunk by partnering with NetEase Games.

Frostpunk Mods

Frostpunk is a very popular game with millions of fans who try to lead the city and its citizens as the temperatures decrease. However, despite the fact that it is one of the most interesting and tricky games, there is replayability in this game. 

Once you have finished the game, which could take you years considering how difficult it is, there is really nothing to go back to unless you want to play the same thing over and over again. That’s because for a game to be replayable, it has to have mods.

You heard me (or read me)! Frostpunk has absolutely no mod support. All these years ever since its release, players and tech geniuses have been trying to figure out the way to mod the game, but there is no way mods are possible for Frostpunk. That’s because 11 bit studios made it that way. Frostpunk’s engine is not designed to be modded. 

Although the game developers did give some hope to the players, saying that mod support would be added in the last expansion, we don’t see that happening. This was after they saw how players were hellbent on getting mod support for the game and making it replayable. If someone were to mod Frostpunk, they would have to break into the game and tear it apart completely, which would mean pirating the game, and pirating it is illegal. 

1. Frostpunk Endless Slave Driver Achievement Save File

If you go to Nexus, one of the biggest resources online for gaming mods, you would only come across one mod for Frostpunk. And technically, this is not even a mod. It’s basically just a save file for Frostpunk.

This mod is basically a save file for getting the achievement “Endless Slave Driver” in Frostpunk. To download and load this save file up in the game, you will need to copy and paste the SNSZKOLECI.save file into the following location on your PC:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\-your number-\323190\remote\saves

Once you have pasted the file, simply load the game. Next, answer the call you get from the prisoner’s camp and choose the first option. Now wait until it’s midnight and the Endless Slave Driver achievement will be enabled.

That’s it! That’s the closest thing to a Frostpunk mod that you can find online. Many Frostpunk players have requested developers to roll out mods to modify the soundtrack, storyline, cosmetics, and other experiences in the game but there is absolutely no way it can be done. But don’t worry, there are some cheats that would make the game a bit easier on your shoulders. 

Frostpunk Cheats

Frostpunk cheats
Credits: SergiuHellDragoonHQ

In order to win Frostpunk, the city that you are ruling over must survive. For this, you would need a great deal of resources, law and order, machines, technologies, and manpower to hold it together. But since the vanilla game has limited resources that makes Frostpunk immensely difficult, there are some cheats that you can use to make the game easier. 

1. Frostpunk Cheat 1

The first Frostpunk cheat that we have here is basically a trainer file that you can download from here. The total size of this trainer file is 4.7 MBs and you can use this to get several cheats such as Infinity Coal, No Generator Stress, and more. 

Below is a list of all the cheats you will get in this trainer file:

  • Fast Research
  • Infinite Coal
  • Infinite Wood
  • Infinite Steel
  • Infinite Steam Cores
  • Infinite Raw Food
  • No Generator Stress

2. Frostpunk Cheat 2

The second Frostpunk cheat that we have for you is also a trainer file that you can download from here. The size of this trainer file is only 597.2 KBs and it comes with nine cheats for you, including Instant Research, Instant Building, and more.

Below is a list of all the cheats you will get in this trainer file: 

  • Add Coal
  • Add Food Rat.
  • Add Iron and Steel
  • Add Raw Ing.
  • Add Steam Core
  • Add Wood
  • Instant Building
  • Instant Research
  • Infinite Storage Space

3. Frostpunk Cheat 3

The third cheat is also a trainer file and can be downloaded here. In this trainer file, you will find a total of 12 different cheats including Super Speed, Change Coal, and more. The trainer file is absolutely free of malware and adware. 

Below is a list of all the cheats you will get in this trainer file: 

  • Change Coal
  • Instant Build
  • Change Steam Cores
  • Low Discontent
  • Change Wood
  • Max Hope
  • No Lawbook Cooldown
  • Change Steel
  • Super Speed
  • Change Raw Food
  • Instant Research
  • Change Food Rations

4. WeMod Cheats

In addition to the above-mentioned trainer files, you can also use the WeMod platform to get your hands on 20 super convenient cheats for Frostpunk. WeMod is a safe way to personalize your gaming experience by getting your hands on mods and cheats. All of the mods and cheats on WeMod are always free.

Below is a list of all the cheats offered by WeMod for Frostpunk:

  • Unlimited Coal
  • Unlimited Wood
  • Unlimited Steel
  • Unlimited Raw Food
  • Unlimited Steam Cores
  • Unlimited Wooden Mater
  • Unlimited Steel Plates
  • Unlimited Steam Tools
  • No Generator Stress
  • Fast Research
  • Fast Construction
  • Instant Book of Laws Cooldown
  • Set Coal
  • Set Wood
  • Set Steel
  • Set Raw Food
  • Set Steam Cores
  • Wooden Mater
  • Steel Plates
  • Steam Tools

In order to use these Frostpunk cheats, you will need to download and install WeMod on your PC. Once you install WeMod, it will display all of the games on your PC. Simply open Frostpunk from the list of games and hit the “play” button. 

Once the game is loaded and you are in game, you will be able to enable different cheats. No matter what version of Frostpunk you have on your PC, WeMod will automatically identify your current game version and will inform you whether it is supported or not. 

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If you were looking for the best Frostpunk mods, we hope you found what you were looking for. Stay tuned for more info about Frostpunk mods and other mods if you are a hardcore gamer.