Top 18 Dead by Daylight Mods of All Time


The Best Dead by Daylight Mods Handpicked by a Super Fan!

Dead by Daylight Mods
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Released in 2016, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer survival horror game that allows you to assume the role of a crazy Killer while the other four players are your Survivors trying to escape from you. In each encounter, the Survivors’ objective is to escape the Killing Ground without landing in your hands, which actually sounds easier than it actually is, considering how the environment is forever changing every time you play.

It is a popular game that offers a highly immersive experience. But you know what can make it even more fun and engaging? Mods! The modding community of the game is pretty active, rolling out super cool Dead by Daylight mods every other day. For this article, we have gathered the coolest of these mods and created a list for you to try out. So let’s take a look at it, shall we?

List of the Top X Dead by Daylight Mods

1. Dwight Clone Trooper Skin

The Dwight Clone Trooper Skin is a mod that adds 501st Legion’s Clone Trooper skin for your favorite guy Dwight, in Dead by Daylight. You can use Bold Dwight for the Head. Get your hands on this super cool skin from the most elite group in the world.

2. Claire Redfield – Revelations 2

The Claire Redfield – Revelations 2 is a Dead by Daylight mod that adds Claire’s outfit from Resident Evil Revelations 2. There are two versions of the outfit, one with Claire’s default hair and one with the hair from Revelations 2. 

3. Scoops Ahoy Demogorgon

Do you want to create an epic crossover of your favorite game and show? The Scoops Ahoy Demogorgon mod replaces the Demogorgon’s default appearance with Steve’s Scoops Ahoy! Uniform from Stranger Things. However, it is only a replacement for the body and does not have a model for the P1 arms yet. 

4. Simon Henriksson over Quentin

The Simon Henriksson over Quentin is a mod that replaces Quentin Smith in Dead by Daylight with Simon Henriksson from Cry of Fear, one of the most epic horror games out there. So if you are a Cry of Fear fan, you would definitely want to download this mod!

5. Another Springtrap over Michael

Another Springtrap over Michael is a Dead by Daylight mod that replaces the default Myers body with Springtrap, the infamous antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. Get your hands on this mod now to add one of the scariest characters into the game! 

6. Mozzie over Steve V2

The Mozzie over Steve V2 replaces the default outfit of R6 Siege’s Mozzie by Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. Various parts of the outfit have been changed to add your favorite character from Stranger Things. 

7. Vynil’s Kate Outfit Recolor

Vynil’s Kate outfit recolor is a mod that changes Kate’s outfit into an all-new funky pink outfit. There is a pink jacket, pink jeans, and a cute tee.

8. Default Cheryl Wears Leggings

If you play Dead by Daylight and you find Cheryl’s outfit a bit too intimidating, the Default Cheryl Wears Leggings mod changes that and makes her wear leggings! Find the installation instructions in the .txt file. 

9. Pikachu Feng with Gengar backpack [WIP]

Pikachu Feng with Gengar backpack [WIP] is a Pokemon themed mod that brings an all new outfit for Feng min. The mod replaces Feng’s default pink Bunny Ears hoodie head with Pikachu’s yellow ears. It adds a purple Gengar backpack and a yellow jacket to replace Feng’s pink Mad World community torso. The mod goes perfectly well with the yellow Lazer Victory Shorts that Feng has by default. It is a work-in-progress mod.

10. Nemesis Gon’ Give it to Ya

Nemesis Gon’ Give it to Ya is a mod that adds 31 seconds of “X Gon’ Give it to Ya” for the chase theme in the game. Get hyped up during the chase as you enjoy 31 seconds of this hip-hop/rap music.

11. Michael Myers – In Shape

Michael Myers – In Shape is a mod that brings a new Haddonfield Nights Collection into the game. The mod adds shirtless Michael Myers into the game in two variants, a hairy version and a smooth version. Wow! Who knew Michael Myers could be this hunky?

12. “Heather” Shirt Restoration

“Heather” Shirt Restoration is a mod that restores Cheryl’s Lucky Red Shirt appearance to make it appear more like the “Heather” shirt from Silent Hill 3. The changes include a recolored shirt to make it more pink instead of the orangey tone in the default shirt. The mod also changes the shading on Cheryl’s hair and face so that it looks more like in SH3. 

It brightens up the wristbands and makes modifications to their hues so that they resemble their SH3 counterparts. The mod also redraws the missing “Silent Hill” and the “SH” text on both sides of the shirt. There are also all new elements to blend well with the shirt’s texture, along with Cheryl’s watch. Install the mod now to get all of these changes.

13. Kate Denson Pink Bikini

Kate Denson pink bikini is a mod that adds a vibrant pink bikini costume for your favorite Kate Denson. Get your hands on this mod now to make Kate more attractive! 

14. Meg Thomas Bikini

Meg Thomas bikini is a mod that adds a vibrant red bikini costume for your favorite Meg Thomas. Get your hands on this mod now to make her more attractive! 

15. Nea Karlsson Bikini

Nea Karlsson bikini is a mod that adds a neon green bikini costume for your favorite Nea Karlsson. Get your hands on this mod now to completely transform her appearance.

16. Nea to Jett

Nea to Jett is a mod that transforms Nea Karlsson in Dead by Daylight into Jett from Valorant, one of the most popular tactical FPS games.

17. Graffiti Locker Skin Neon Edition

Graffiti Locker Skin Neon Edition is the Neon Edition of the Graffiti Locker mod that transforms all the boring lockers in Dead by Daylight into super cool New York-inspired graffiti lockers.

18. Haddonfield Cheerleader – Cheryl

Haddonfield Cheerleader – Cheryl is a Dead by Daylight mod that changes the default outfit for Cheryl into a more fun and cheery outfit. Her outfit inspiration is from Annie and Lynda from Rob Zombie’s Halloween, which is basically a cheerleader outfit. Get your hands on this mod now to transform Cheryl into a cheerleader instantly! 

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So that’s all, folks! This list pretty much sums up the most popular Dead by Daylight mods that have been released so far. Get your hands on them now and transform your characters into something new or add all new characters into the game. There are costumes, character replacements, crossovers, and much more!