Top 4 Must-Have Minecraft Classes Mods for a Super Diverse Gameplay


Wanna enjoy a more diverse experience in Minecraft by adding classes? Check out our top 4 picks for the best Minecraft classes mods!

Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games out there that gives you a lot of freedom as to how you want to go about in the world. However, for players who have been playing role-playing games all their lives, Minecraft does miss that RPG element.

One of the most common elements in RPG games is character classes. A character class gives your character a unique identity that makes them distinguishable among other characters. 

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Do you ever wish that you had character classes in Minecraft like RPG games? If so, you are in luck today because in this article, we have listed down the best 4 Minecraft classes mods that add classes to the sandbox game. Intrigued? Read on!

4 Best Minecraft Classes Mods

1. Class Options

Minecraft Class Options Mod
Credits: PopularMMOs

Class Options is a Minecraft classes mod that adds character classes to Minecraft which are quite similar to Dungeons and Dragons. There are a total of 7 classes, each of which have a Combat Ability that you can use 4 times a day as well as a Peaceful Ability that you can use 5 times a day. 

Only the Bard class does not have a Combat Ability as it is a non-combat role. Instead, it comes with a higher Peaceful Ability, which you can use 4 times in a day. You can activate the Combat Ability by pressing V and the Peaceful Ability by pressing B.

To install this mod, you will need Minecraft 1.16.5 and Forge.

The Class Options mod adds the following classes to Minecraft:

  1. Cleric
  2. Bard
  3. Necromancer
  4. Mage
  5. Artificer
  6. Barbarian
  7. Rogue

To set any of these classes, you will need a Study Table, which is used like a Crafting Table. You can craft a Study Table from two stone bricks and two logs. When you right-click on it, it will open up the Class Management GUI. You can set your class for the first time for free. However, the next time you change it, it will consume 2 XP levels. 

In addition to these classes, the Class Options mod also adds a bipedal mob called Thrall, a new food consumable, a new block, two new game rules, and many advancements for the players. Get your hands on this supercool mod now!

Download Here

2. Origins: Classes

Minecraft Classes mod Origins: Classes
Credits: Krzair

Origins: Classes is an add-on mod to the famous Origins mod developed for Fabric. This mod lets you choose a class now in Minecraft, in addition to choosing an origin. Although classes do not offer as many benefits as origins do, they have no drawbacks whatsoever. 

The Origins: Classes mod adds the following 14 classes to Minecraft:

  • Archer
  • Beastmaster
  • Blacksmith
  • Cleric
  • Cook
  • Explorer
  • Farmer
  • Lumberjack
  • Merchant
  • Miner 
  • Nitwit
  • Rancher
  • Rogue
  • Warrior

Each of these character classes have their own identities, abilities, and perks, except for the Nitwits, who are not specifically good at anything lol! 

To download the Origins: Classes mod, you will need version 0.4.1 or later of the Origins mod, as this is an add-on mod for Origins.  

Download Here

3. MineKraft: Ultra

MineKraft: Ultra mod
Credits: MKUltra

MineKraftL Ultra, also known as MKUltra, is a Minecraft classes mod that adds various RPG classes for characters to expand the combat options for players. This is a huge expansion mod that focuses on action-packed combat and accessibility. However, this does not mean that you will be grinding aimlessly or filling in challenge bars pointlessly. 

The class design and combat in this mod have been inspired by Everquest 1, Hero-system, and Hexen from Warcraft 3. In addition to adding 12 classes, the MKUltra mod also adds a lot of cool stuff, including:

  • 60 magical abilities.
  • 12 classes.
  • An armor restriction system based on classes.
  • 4 new armor sets.
  • Buffs, nukes, heals, crown control, bard songs, AOEs, HoTs, DoTs, PBAOEs, and more.
  • Magic Idol — a new offhand/primary item for casters.
  • A classic class design of tanks, heals, and DPS.
  • An expansion for the critical hit system for spells, melee weapons, and projectiles.
  • An MMO style party system with experience sharing.
  • A new API to introduce your abilities and classes.
  • New player attributes, including mana regen, magic armor, magic damage, mana, critical chance, and more.

You will need the TargetingAPI mod for MKUltra to work. That’s the only requirement for this mod.

Download Here

4. Angel of Vengeance

Minecraft Classes mod
Credits: Mischief of Mice

Angel of Vengeance is a magic mod that is designed to focus on being a healer. With this mod, you will have the ability to heal players and everyone else in the game. As a healer, you can even inflict damage to the undead in the game and cure status effects.

In addition to the healer class, this mos also adds other classes, including:

  • Favored Soul: The Favored Soul class comprises of the spell-casting mages who damage undead by using light-based spells.
  • Cleric: A cleric heals everyone.
  • Paladin: A Paladin acts as a tank and come with a dodge ability to avoid getting attacked. They also have a shield.
  • Astrologian: They use the power of the starts to cast buffs and act as side healers. They can cast super powerful buffs on everyone, including themselves.
  • Druid: They are attackers, healers, and casters who wield the nature. They can either choose one of these abilities to become a pro in them or use all three to become a less powerful druid. It’s up to them!

Download Here         

Final Thoughts

These 4 Minecraft classes mods are my absolute favorite. I hope you try them out and enjoy a diverse gameplay in an RPG-style Minecraft. Feel free to comment about what you think of these mods!

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