Mod Configuration Menu Fallout 4


Learn How to Use the Mod Configuration Menu for Fallout 4!

If you have trouble managing your mods, then the Mod Configuration Menu for Fallout 4 is what you need! This simple tool is an excellent way to fix the mess that mods can create. The Mod Configuration Menu serves as our primary device to organize our Fallout 4 files and make sure that all our new mods work perfectly.

The Mod Configuration Menu is an in-game menu that you can access while playing Fallout 4. Through this menu, you can toggle your mods on and off right then and there, without having to reset your game or anything else. It is also a very helpful extension for modders, and can be downloaded from this NexusMods’ page!

In a game like Fallout 4, mods play a vital part in the gameplay. If you’re like us, then you’re constantly trying out new mods, whether that’s mods for your rifle or something else. And with time, our folders get very disorganized and chaotic, which makes it extremely hard to add new mods. So, the Mod Configuration Menu for Fallout 4 helps a lot in keeping things clean!

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Why Should I Try the Mod Configuration Menu Do for Fallout 4?

Here are some upsides to consider when deciding to try this mod out!

  • NO ESM/ESP – this mod doesn’t affect your load order in any way.
  • SAFETY – whether it’s the vanilla game or other mods, the Mod Configuration Menu will NOT override any file on the disk. Instead, it works as a standalone, and anything you’ve modified previously won’t be affected!
  • OPTIMIZATION – the mod is super optimized for PC usage, but not for the console. PS4 and Xbox One players might have to wait for additional development.
  • HOTKEYS – this mod allows you to freely set your hotkeys. The process is very quick and easy.
  • CLARITY – each file in this mod is clearly structured in a way that you can find what you need. The in-game look is also very helpful, giving you a clean frame to work with.

As you can see, this tool offers a variety of bonuses that every Fallout 4 player may need at some point. If you’re the type of person that likes to try out mods all the time, then you’ll avoid many headaches if you choose to give this extension a try. From our personal experience, it makes things a lot smoother and care-free!

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How to Install the Mod Configuration Menu Do for Fallout 4?

The installation of the Mod Configuration Menu for Fallout 4 is the easiest one you can come across. However, it does have one requirement. You have to make sure that your game already has the Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE), 0.4.2 or higher installed first. The Fallout 4 Script Extender is among the most popular downloads for our game and we highly recommend you get it as soon as possible!

  • Step 1: Download the MCM file 
  • Step 2: Extract the files with 7zip or any other similar program you have.
  • Step 3: Copy the extracted file to your game’s installation folder, specifically to the Fallout 4 Data folder. Note, you can use any mod manager to automatically do this and not manually, like Mod Organizer 2.
  • Step 4: Start your game and open up your pause menu.
  • Step 5: Begin using MCM and have fun!


As we said previously, the Mod Configuration Menu is an incredibly useful extension that every Fallout 4 player should try out. It’s an extremely easy-to-use tool and it saves tons of time otherwise lost. And if you pair it with things like Mod Organizer 2, then you’re going to solve 99% of your mods problems in Fallout 4.

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