Fallout 4 Pregnancy Mod


Learn How to Get Pregnant in Fallout 4!

If you’d like to have one of your Fallout 4 characters experience pregnancy, mods and other tools will be required. The pregnancy mod for Fallout 4 is one of the most interesting things to play around with, in the game. Not only can you be a part of the whole process, but you can also be in charge of every decision of the baby’s life.

Needless to say, pregnancy takes a lot of time if you plan to raise the child the right way. What we like about this mod the most is the freedom you have when it comes to everything before, during, and after the whole thing is done. Your character is the center of everything, after all, and we want nothing but an honest and lore-friendly pregnancy experience for them.

If you’ve never heard of the pregnancy mod for Fallout 4, its real name is Family Planning Enhanced or FPE. We highly recommend you to check out the author’s original download page. There you can get the mod for yourself and read the update notes as they’re posted. Now let’s see what happens when you install this mod!

What is the Pregnancy Mod for Fallout 4 All About?

Starting a Pregnancy

The first thing that you’ll want to do, of course, is to get pregnant. Now, this will be a pretty simple step but there are a couple of things to consider.

When you hop into the game, the mod will give you clear information about which characters in your settlements, for example, are able to get pregnant. This includes both males and females, so no matter which gender your character is, you can still find a suitable mate.

That said, men have a pretty easy job – choose a female and have intercourse with them! This mod provides options for you to lower or increase the chance for pregnancy, depending on what you want. After your female becomes pregnant, you can choose whether to stay around or take off. You can remain informed about anything concerning the baby through the notification system.

And as a girl character, you’ll have to find a suitable male as well. The process is very similar, with the exception that you’ll be carrying the child inside of you. And while you do that, you’ll have pretty big responsibilities to take care of.

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Caring for the Baby

When you do get pregnant, regular doctor checkups will have to be scheduled and attended. You’ll carry the baby for 9 months and each day you’ll have to assure its health. Whether that’s eating or hiding yourself so you don’t get hit by raiders or anyone else (so you won’t lose the baby). And things like inhaling bad chems and being exposed to radiation have to be avoided too.

However, if this is a hard feature for you, you have the option to turn it off. But if you manage to do everything successfully, your baby will be born as a healthy child and grow up to be a healthy adult as well.

Optional Pregnancy

For those people that want to ditch the ordinary and try something new, there are optional pregnancies as well in FPE and you might want to give them a go.

Female to female pregnancy is possible and achievable through alternative means. The same goes for male pregnancy and the self-pregnancy, which also happen through unrealistic ways that you can try out. Of course, these settings are turned off by default.

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And in the end, for those players that would only like to have intercourse and not pregnancy, there are some contraceptive measures that you’ll want to know. The two primary options you have are pills and condoms. Condoms can be crafted at the Chemistry Stations or bought from the doctor together with the pills. Both males and females can use the two items respectively, so they’re available for wide use.

Also, if you think that you’ve made a mistake, there is a possibility for abortion. However, that is only available up to the 6th month, it is performed by the doctor, and it costs 1000 caps.


As you can see, the Family Planning Enhanced pregnancy mod for Fallout 4 gives you an incredible experience. There are tons of other details left for you to discover and have fun with, that honestly make this game complete. Having such a realistic touch, this mod is one of the must-try extension for FO4!

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