Fallout 4 Alternate Start


Learn How to Have an Alternate Start in Fallout 4!

Given the chance to decide your destiny all over again, would you take it? Imagine you could have an alternate start in Fallout 4 and carve your path anew! Such a thing is possible in FO4 and that’s thanks to a mod, of course!

There are a couple of ways to have an alternate start in Fallout 4, but here we’ll focus primarily on two. Know that the mods we’ll be discussing are the most popular ones among the FO4 community and thus the most used ones. And as far as the reasons why players want to have an alternate start in Fallout 4, they are many!

Sometimes it can be very boring to play the same game and do the same things twice in a row, so having a chance to experience it anew is very good for all of us. Also, many many players choose to disband their current storylines and start from the beginning, due to messing up and doing things that they didn’t want to do. Being able to choose how you begin in Fallout 4 is honestly a god-sent feature that all players should try out!

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The Best Alternate Start Mods for Fallout 4

Another Life – Alternative Start Mod

Another Life is a fantastic mod that introduces quality changes to Fallout 4. It has originally been posted on the NexusMods in 2016, but the mod works still to this day. Its creator is Xylozi and you can download the mod here.

The mod’s primary focus is to give you an entirely different starting experience than the vanilla game. Instead of a human, here you’re essentially a synth that wakes up from a long dream. Your regular vanilla experience is actually the dream, so upon waking up you’re starting a completely new life.

Another life has a total of 36 unique occupations that you can take. With that, you have an immense level of replayability, because every new occupation gives you new things to do and unlock, like gear, weapons, factions, and perks. We recommend this mod if you’re tired of the vanilla game and are looking for something entirely new. So if you want to invest time in Fallout 4 all over again and have an alternate start in the story, this is the mod to get!

Start Me Up – Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul

Where the previous mod’s intention was to give you a new way to experience Fallout 4, this one does all sorts of things! Although published in the same year as Alternate Life, it has last been updated in 2018 has many modern features. Its creator is TinyManticore and you can download the mod from this page!

For starters, Start Me Up has three key options – Alternate Start, Quick Start, and Normal Start. The Alternate Start works very similarly to the previous mod. You wake yo from a dream in a different body, able to carve your new story and choose one of the 38 occupations. You have many things to unlock along the way and enjoy a new plot for your character.

Then, Quick Start lets you wake up in Vault 111 and follow the regular plotline. However, you skip all the prewar stuff so you don’t waste any time. Also, you get a bunch of traits at the terminal, which is great.

And Normal Start is basically a way to cancel this mod and continue with the regular FO4 gameplay.

Overall, this mod is very neatly done. The full version has over 800 dialogue edits, with new voices and lip-sync. This is done with the intention for the experience to be immersive and lore-friendly, and in our opinion, it has succeeded in being both!

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Both of these alternate start mods for Fallout 4 are amazing new experiences that every player should try out. Player agency is one of the key points in a successful video game and having the freedom to do whatever you want inside that game is very important. So, don’t hesitate and check these mods out!

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