Fallout 4 Add Perk Points Mod


Learn How to Add Free Perk Points with These Mods!

There are a couple of Add Perk Points Mods for Fallout 4 that we’d like to show you. These are mods that let you freely add as many perk points as you want on the go. Otherwise, it can take a significant amount of time to unlock the perks you want, so having the ability to get them right away is invaluable!

So why would you want to use these Add Perk Points Mods in Fallout 4? Well, perks are extremely useful traits, especially for combat. Whether it’s more damage, more armor, or a new ability entirely, perks are what make our characters stronger. But not everyone can spare the time to unlock them all! And not to mention the boredom you’ll have to go through if you’re playing the content for a second time. So, the solution is to use mods!

But the Add Free Perk Points Mods for Fallout 4 have another interesting element to them. They allow us to experiment with the different perks and to combine them in ways that we haven’t before. Do you want to have the rank 5 Sneak perk for stealth? And the Toughness on 5 immediately as well? No problem! Enjoy being a ninja while having +50 damage resistance at all times! This is the real power of these mods and the reason why you should try them!

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Top 3 Add Perk Points Mods for Fallout 4

Add Perk Points Instantly – Fallout 4 Mod

The first mod that we have for you is called Add Perk Points Instantly. It has initially appeared on the NexusMods in 2017 and it’s been working perfectly ever seen. Its creator is LazloArcadia and you can download the mod on this page!

As the title suggests, the mod here lets you add perk points instantly. Although it is a simple tool, this mod can play a vital part in starting out a character that you’re planning to speed run. For example, imagine beginning a new game of Fallout 4 and using mods to level it up quickly to level 10. Instead of having the standard number of perks available, with this one you can have much more!

The perks here come in a given combination, but you can use different inputs (numbers) to give yourself different perks. Our advice is to play around with it first and see what happens when you use it.

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Extra Perk Points – No F4SE – Fallout 4 Mod

This is another extremely useful mod that focuses on the number of perk points you’re going to get with each level. It dates from 2016 and it’s created by Pokepunch. You can download it from here!

What is interesting about this mod is that it doesn’t exactly give you perks, but it allows you to choose how many you can get. For example, if you want to receive 3 perk points per level, then whenever you level up, you’ll choose 3 perks in total. This might not sound like much, but if you calculate it, at level 10 you end with 30 perks, which is nuts!

Also, the mod doesn’t require you to have Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) installed first.

Perk Points .Bat File – Fallout 4 Mod

And the last mod that we wanted to show you is the simplest of the three! It has originally been posted at the NexusMods by erny313. You can find it for download here!

All it does really is give you 5 free perk points. Nothing else! When you first install it and hop in your game, you’ll automatically receive 5 perk points that you can spend however you want. It won’t affect any other thing you’ve done, so it’s a nice way to boost your character if you feel stuck.

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The Add Perk Points Mods for Fallout 4 can be very helpful to both new and experienced players. They aren’t the heftiest mods and everyone can give them a try. Our advice is to use them when you think you need an extra lift to help your story forward. But, you’re free to do whatever you like!

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