13 Epic Fallout: New Vegas Texture Mods for Crisp Visuals


Fallout: New Vegas was released in 2010, making it an old but still a highly played game all over the world. However, playing an old game does not mean you should put up with the outdated visuals and textures. Today, we will list the best 13 Fallout: New Vegas texture mods to give a boost to all the in-game textures.

Fallout: New Vegas Texture Mods
Image Credits: NMC

Graphics and visuals play the most important role in video games. However, when a game gets old, its visual experience also suffers massively and impacts our gaming experience. But thanks to modders, we don’t need to worry about that because they always keep the game relevant and fresh by rolling out new textures and visual improvements.

Fallout has one of the biggest communities of modders that keep the game from becoming outdated. For this article, we decided to find the best Fallout: New Vegas texture mods of all time so you can always keep them looking fresh and crisp.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Top 13 Fallout: New Vegas Texture Mods of all time [Ranked]

#13 WTH – Weapon Textures from Heaven

Fallout: New Vegas Texture Mods
Image Credits: Heaven3xx3

This weapons texture mod for Fallout is an HD 2K texture pack that replaces all the vanilla weapon textures in New Vegas with updated 2k HD textures. Named WTH, which is an abbreviation for Weapon Textures from Heaven, this mod adds a lore-friendly retexture pack for all the vanilla weapons, excluding the heave ones. This includes all the remaining weapons, such as shotguns.

All these textures are incredibly easy to use, preserve the original game’s feel, and are 100% compatible. The mod comes in two files:

  • A 2K pack with 1K normal textures and 2K diffuse to offer maximum balance between accuracy and performance.
  • A 1K pack with 512px normal textures and 1K diffuse for the textures of weapons when an NPC is carrying it or when you drop it.

There are also some optional files for .32 Rifle and TTW’s Hunting Rifle, as well as a patch for those using WRP, and a bug fix for a problem where AMR’s suppressor texture is glitchy.

So if you are looking for a great retexture mod, this is the perfect one for you.

Download the WTH – Weapon Textures from Heaven mod now for Fallout New Vegas

#12 Improved Cyberdogs Textures

Fallout: New Vegas Texture Mods
Image Credits: Tau34RUS

This texture mod for Cyberdogs replaces all the textures for the Cyberdogs, Rex, and all the Police and Military dogs in vanilla Fallout: New Vegas. It ads new 2K custom textures, including optional camouflage textures for Military Robodog, cybernetic parts for the Police Robodog, and the cybernetic and body parts for Rex.

So if you are looking for essential visual enhancements for Cyberdogs, get your hands on this one today!

Download the Improved Cyberdogs Textures mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#11 DK Female Face Texture PLUS Custom Hair

DK Female Face Texture PLUS Custom Hair
Image Credits: DragonAge7

This is a pretty simple retexture mod for vanilla hairs that adds custom hair styles for the DK Female Face Texture Mod (mentioned below in the list). It adds different hairstyles from various hair mods, including the Cazy Hair Styles, and Project Mikoto.

So if you are not a fan of the vanilla hairstyles in Fallout NV, get your hands on this mod and transform the boring hairdos into stylish ones.

In order for this mod to work, you will need the DK Female Face Texture Race File and the Cazy Hair mod.

Download the DK Female Face Texture PLUS Custom Hair mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#10 PM’s Med-Textures – HD Chems and Venoms

PM's Med-Textures - HD Chems and Venoms
Image Credits: pommymax

PM’s Med Textures is a retexture mod for all the venoms, antivenoms, and chemicals in New Vegas. It replaces all the vanilla textures for these with HD textures to change their hideous appearance. The mod covers all the venoms and anti-venoms, Ghost Sight, Cloud Kiss, Cateye, Blood Packs, Buffout, Fixer, Healing Powder, Mentats, Hydra, Psych0, and other chemicals and venoms.

Some of my personal favorite features of this mod include:

  • 27 all new 1K textures.
  • Lore-friendly designs.
  • Easily-readable labels with dosages, ingredients, instructions, side-effects, and all the other relevant info.
  • Complete DLC support.
  • And last but not the least, HD Normal map.

Download the PM’s Med-Textures – HD Chems and Venoms mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#9 EXE – Effect teXtures Enhanced

EXE - Effect teXtures Enhanced
Image Credits: weijiesen

This mod is an epic remake of every single visual effect texture in the FNV base game. It massively improves the in-game visuals with new HD textures, improving your overall gaming experience. Instead of overhauling the additional textures, this mod adds all-new textures made from scratch.

So what does it actually change? Well, check out everything this mod improves below:

  • VFX props
  • Muzzle flashes
  • Ambient smoke
  • Fire and ambient fires
  • Weapon impacts
  • Flame and fire on NPCs and weapons
  • Explosions
  • Ash piles
  • Goo piles
  • Critical kills
  • Ambient radiation
  • Ambient fog
  • Ambient wisps
  • Ambient dust
  • Ambient crumbles
  • Ambient water, water splashes, jets, drops, and spouts
  • Birds and fish
  • Sun

So if you are looking for a way to improve the in-game visual effects, get your hands on this all-inclusive mod now!

Download the EXE – Effect teXtures Enhanced mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#8 IHWT – Improved Heavy Weapons Textures

IHWT - Improved Heavy Weapons Textures
Image Credits: Tau34RUS

Earlier in this list, we covered a retexture mod for all the lighter options. To cover heavy weapons, we would like to introduce you to the IHWT mod. This mod is a massive retexture of all the heavy weapons in the vanilla game. It replaces all the textures with newer and improved ones to make all the heavy weapons appear more detailed.

As a result, all the heavy weapons will now look more realistic, rusty, dust-covered, and scratched, just like they normally are. The mod adds over 177, 1K and 2K textures for World-View and 1st-Person. It also remasters the Alpha/Glow and Normals. What’s more, it is compatible with all the non-texture mods.

The weapons retextured by this mod include:

  • Plasma Caster/The Smitty Special
  • Minigun/CZ57 Avenger
  • Gatling laser/Sprtel-Wood 9700
  • Flamer/Cleansing Flame
  • Missile Launcher/Annabelle
  • 25mm Grenade APW
  • Grenade Machinegun/Mercy
  • Arc Welder
  • Red Glare
  • Grenade Launcher
  • K9000 cyberdog gun/FIDO
  • Shoulder mounted machine gun
  • 4k Tesla Cannon and Tesla Prototype
  • K9000 cyberdog gun/FIDO

Download the IHWT – Improved Heavy Weapons Textures mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#7 Improved LOD Noise Texture

Improved LOD Noise Texture
Image Credits: Cyberlazy

Improved LOD Noise Texture is one of those texture mods that make minimal changes to bring about huge improvements. This mod immensely improves the LOD noise texture in New Vegas to improve all the distant land. It greatly enhances the texture quality so that all the far-away lands do not look that ugly.

So if you are someone who prefers a sniper, you can have the perfect sniping experience without the land looking ugly in the scope. It adds 2048×2048 high-quality noise.

So get your hands on this mod today to unlock a better quality landscape and enjoy high-quality textures.

Download the Improved LOD Noise Texture mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#6 zzjay’s Body and Face Textures Workshop – Type 3 – 4 and 6

zzjay's Body and Face Textures Workshop - Type 3 - 4 and 6
Image Credits: zzjay

This mod adds face and body texture options to the game. From multiple female face textures and hand textures to 4K textures for bodies and raider textures, it adds everything you will need to create your dream female character.

The different body variants added by this mod are divided into types. In total, there are 4 types, including hairy and shaved options that come in dirty and clean variants. By default, the clean and shaved body type is selected.

So when installing the mod, you will have to select your desired body and face options as default, and then pick your preferred face texture and body type. Go ahead and download it from the link below to create a perfect female character!

Download zzjay’s Body and Face Textures Workshop mod now for New Vegas

#5 NMCs Texture Pack For New Vegas

NMCs Texture Pack For New Vegas
Image Credits: NMC

NMCs texture pack for New Vegas is one of the best retexture mod for the landscape, trees, roads, buildings, vehicles, and interiors in Fallout. This mod adds incredibly high resolution photographic textures that will make everything more realistic and elevate your gameplay to a whole new level.

It is a texture replacer for Fallout: New Vegas only, meaning that it does not replaces the DLC changes. However, it makes massive changes to the New Vegas graphics.

In addition to the roads, buildings, landscapes, trees, and everything else mentioned above, this mod also retextures all the mid to large-sized objects, such as the furniture, toolboxes, cupboards, etc. So get your hands on this epic retexture mod by an amazing modder.

Download NMC’s Texture Pack For New Vegas now!

#4 Improved Robots Textures

Improved Robots Textures
Image Credits: Tau34RUS

As you can guess from its name, this mod replaces the vanilla robot textures in Fallout: New Vegas. All the new textures are pretty awesome and covers most of the bots in the game. It replaces the vanilla textures without adding new meshes.

The bots covered under this mod include:

  • Mr. Gutsy
  • Mr. Handy
  • Sentry Turret
  • Sentry Bot
  • Securitron
  • Protectron
  • RoboBrain
  • Robo Scorpion
  • Mr. Orderly/Blue
  • Construction Protextron
  • Brain Bot
  • Repair EyeBot
  • ED-E Clone
  • Medical EyeBot

Check out the mod page below to find out which versions of these bots are covered.

Download the Improved Robots Textures mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#3 DK Female Face Textures

DK Female Face Textures
Image Credits: deathknowz

The DK Female Face Textures mod adds an enhanced face retexture for the females in Fallout: New Vegas. It can both be used as a texture replacer or a new race mod. It basically adds a new noise effect and an eyeliner for females, giving them a more attractive detail.

The mod also has an optional .esp that adds an entirely new race based on these textures, instead of just replacing the textures. The face of this new race is very easy to work with, as compared to the vanilla races. However, do note that it does not have any textures for the body.

The modder also aims to add more presets, eye textures, and eyelash support. So you are in for a treat for your eyes!

Download the DK Female Face Textures mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#2 OJO BUENO Texture Pack

OJO BUENO Texture Pack
Image Credits: tapioks

Ojo Bueno’s Texture Shop is your one-stop solution for replacing the vanilla textures for several in-game items with beautiful hand-crafted new textures. Known as one of the best Fallout: New Vegas texture mods, this mod comes in the form of a single file for all the items covered in the Mojave wasteland.

The mod includes high and ultra versions of textures at up to 4096×4096 resolution. It also comes with new UHQ custom maps. It covers dozens of items, including vending machines, robots, radios, suitcase interiors, vaults, architecture, vehicles, wallpapers, buildings, casino, and more. So get your hands on this New Vegas mod to massively improve the the graphics.

Download the OJO BUENO Texture Pack now for Fallout: New Vegas

#1 Enhanced Blood Textures for NV

Enhanced Blood Textures for NV
Image Credits: dDefinder

Considering how New Vegas involves fighting, combats, and war-like situations, it is important that you have good blood texture to feel the real experience. This mod does exactly that by adding new textures for wounds, world, screen, gore, and static blood decals.

What’s more, the mod also allows more creatures to inflict injuries and wounds in spots where they couldn’t before. It also improves the resolution size to 1024 from 256 to make blood appear more realistic. And lastly, to make things more gory, it adds more giblets, adjusts the blood on screen, and ads new textures for wounds. Sounds pretty wild, right?

The mod uses esps to enhance the appearance of blood. However, the color of blood may appear different if you have any weather or lighting mods installed. Check out the mod page below for the installation guidelines and load order. It is one of the most popular mods that also comes for other games, like Skyrim.

Download the Enhanced Blood Textures for NV mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

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So that’s all, folks! This list sums up the most popular Fallout: New Vegas texture mods of all time. If you were looking for the best graphics mods for New Vegas, this list definitely includes texture improvements for everything you can possibly imagine. What’s more, these PC mods are all the rave these days. So be sure to download them and take a look for yourself.

Happy gaming!