Fallout: New Vegas More Enemies Mod — Top 8 Mods


Fallout: New Vegas has some of the deadliest enemies in the world. From the Glowing and the Overseer to Legate Lanius, there are all kinds of weird enemies you can fight. But if you have already defeated all of them and are looking for more enemies to kill, this post lists the best Fallout: New Vegas more enemies mods.

Image Credits: djmystro

Released in 2010 by Bethesda, Fallout: New Vegas is one of the best and most popular open-world games that still has so many fans from all over the world. It is quite an unnerving game with so much fighting and violence. However, for hardcore gamers who are looking for more action and fighting, it may not be enough. Even when you have completed all the missions and shot down all the bullets in your weapons, you may want some more adventure.

But don’t worry! The incredibly amazing modding community of Fallout has got your back. Thanks to Fallout: New Vegas more enemies mod, you can now have unlimited number of enemies spawning in various locations to fight with. With this mod, the Nevada skies will never be clear again!

In this article, we will share some of the best mods for Fallout: New Vegas that add more enemies, NPCs, monsters, ghouls, and robots for you to fight against. In addition to the More Enemies mod, we have also included 8 more mods that add enemies in New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas More Enemies Mod — Top 8 Mods that Add More Enemies [Ranked]

#8 More Enemies

Fallout: New Vegas More Enemies mod
Image Credits: TroutFaces

The More Enemies mod for Fallout: New Vegas is a huge mod that is almost the size of a DLC. It adds a number of modules to the game that bring more enemies to the Mojave Desert. It brings more enemies for people who are not swayed by the lightweight vanilla spawn points anymore.

So if you are looking for more enemies to kill, this is a perfect mod that fills a dangerous place like Mojave with enemies in the form of various modules. All of these modules come with their own difficulties. Some will add unlimited enemies to take down, some will offer a fun and tactical experience, and some will add the most difficult to kill enemies.

There are currently three modules:

  • The Primm Module: This is the first and most simple module that adds hundreds of enemies in the Exterior of Bison Steve and Vance and Vikki. This sheer number of Convicts will will be bearing mediocre weapons, armor, and health stats. However, don’t underestimate their power because they will be hundreds in number. So make sure to bring along a strike squad and take explosives and mines to take them out in numbers.
    This module has easy difficulty and a high number of enemy reinforcements. The threat level is 1.
  • The Goodsprings Passage: This is the second module that adds an area where rogue mercenaries have been hiding in the pass outside Goodsprings. These enemies have armor piercing rounds. So make sure that you go prepared.
    This module has medium difficulty and a low number of enemy reinforcements. The threat level is 1.5.
  • The Nipton Highway Stop: Increased drug activity has been reported by NCR patrols in the Primm/Nipton area after the NCRCF breakout. There are some high-level and dangerous enemies. However, there is also some really good items to loot for the lower levels.
    This module has easy to hard difficulty and a medium number of enemy reinforcements. The threat level is 0.5.

Download the More Enemies mod now for Fallout 4.

#7 More Enemies – Feral Ghouls

Fallout: New Vegas More Enemies mod
Image Credits: Falloutgaming2012

This More Enemies mod brings more feral ghouls to Fallout: New Vegas for you to fight with. Have you ever wished there were more enemies to fight with in Fallout? If so, this is the mod for you. It adds dozens of feral ghouls to various locations in the Wasteland. What’s more, the combat with these ghouls will never end because these ghouls will respawn after you kill them.

The mod comes in multiple file options for you to increase the number of ghouls added to the Wasteland.

Download More Enemies – Feral Ghouls mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#6 More Enemies – Fiends

Fallout: New Vegas More Enemies mod
Image Credits: Falloutgaming2012

This New Vegas mod adds new fiends in the game for you to fight with. If you are looking for some fighting action in New Vegas and wish there were random raiders or fiends to fight against and let your frustration out, this is the mod for you. It adds dozens of new raiders to various locations in the Wasteland between New Vegas and Camp Searchlight.

What’s more, the mod comes in multiple file options for you to increase the number of fiends added to the Wasteland. So get your best weapons out and start fighting endlessly as these fiends will respawn after being dead for a while.

Download More Enemies – Fiends mod now for Fallout New Vegas

#5 Endless Warfare

Endless Warfare
Image Credits: devilswish182

The Endless Warfare mod adds more than 3000 spawn points in Fallout: New Vegas. The spawn points are spread throughout the Mojave Wasteland and come with a user-friendly interface that lets players configure how many and which NPCs they want to spawn. You can choose from 35 different factions of NPCs, including all new factions.

The spawn points also include a majority of the interior cells. All the NPCs and objects are placed through scripts. There are no manual placements. You are allowed to have any combination of factions to create the most diverse battles. You can spawn unlimited NPCs to fight against and even configure them to respawn with a configurable timer to get into an endless battle.

Here is what else you can do with this mod:

  • Configure zombie’s attack damage, health points, and running speed.
  • Enable special settings for zombies, including a zombie apocalypse.
  • Spawn as many companions as you want using the Companion Controller. You can choose from 100 different companions.
  • Control every companion and their stats using the settings menu.

With so many configuration options available, this mod has a lot in store for you. Check out the mod page below for the installation instructions. With so many new NPCs to fight, get New Vegas redesigned. Do note that this mod does not alter anything in the game. It only adds new things to the vanilla game, which means it will be compatible with any other mod.

Download the Endless Warfare mod now for New Vegas

#4 IWS-Increased Wasteland Spawns

Fallout IWS-Increased Wasteland Spawns
Image Credits: TheCastle

Does the Wasteland look a little inactive to you? This mod allows you to control how active you want it to be. Do you want more enemies spawning in the Wasteland? Are you looking for big battles in the game? Do you want to increase the number of enemies you have in the game? This mod allows to do all of that and more.

This mod allows you to spawn more NPCs and creatures in the Wasteland. You can configure how active different locations are with enemies, NPCs, and creatures.

Download IWS-Increased Wasteland Spawns mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#3 Caesars New Regime – Legion Overhaul

Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul
Image Credits: dragbody

Caesar’s New Regime is a huge legion overhaul mod for Fallout that replaces all the in-game Legion armors, upgrades the Legion NPCs, creates new classes, brings an all new voiced Legion companion, and transforms the entire Legion into just the faction that it was originally supposed to be.

However, it’s not just a mod for a Legion player. Even if you are an NCR or any other player who aims to kill the Legion, this mod will give you some really great targets to kill. You will get a real sense of accomplishment after defeating this Legion. And if you are a Legion player, this mod will increase the respect you have for your faction.

If you are someone who thinks that the Legion is not as tough as it should be and is easily killable, then get your hands on this mod to turn them intro a stronger and tougher faction.

Here’s what this mod does:

  • Replaces Legion armors
  • Adds new classes
  • Edits a few weapon lists
  • Changes the appearance of some key Legion NPCs
  • Converts a few Legion NPCs into mini-bosses
  • Adds unique gear
  • Adds Achilles — a fully voiced companion in the Legion safehouse

You can find all the new armors in a dumpster which is right next to the Legion safehouse. There are also some juggernaut armors in the safehouse.

Download Caesars New Regime – Legion Overhaul mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

#2 Monster Mod

Monster Mod
Image Credits: dogtown1

The Monster mod for Fallout: New Vegas adds all-new creatures to the game that you have never seen or heard of before. The new creatures have been integrated using the spawn levelled lists. Instead of simply making tweaks to the existing monsters or changing their colors, this mod actually adds 130 unprecedented creatures with new textures, stats, and models. They are completely unique.

So you will always have a new creature spawning and respawning at every point in the game, except for the quest creatures who won’t respawn. The respawn time has been set to two days and the creatures will be spawning one-by-one, which means that there won’t be 10+ creatures spawning at the same time.

There’s also a probability of a ghoul you shot down standing back up and coming at you. However, this only applies to those who still have their legs and head. The mod also adds night spawns, unique creatures who only appear at night, like the werewolves. It also brings three new droids to the robots category with six all new weapons that can be played with and looted.

So are you ready to get the ultimate monster action? Get your hands on this best Fallout More Enemies mod today!

Download the Monster Mod now for New Vegas

#1 A World of Pain

Image Credits: djmystro

A World of Pain is a terrific mod that adds 170 all-new locations to the Wasteland that are packed with pain, misery, and lots of action! These locations are loaded with loot and enemies that you can fight. From small-scale locations such as Gas Stations to massive old factories and maze-like sewers, there are over 170 new locations to explore.

Thanks to A World of Pain, you can enjoy multiple days of new gameplay and have an adventurous gaming experience packed with action. There is a huge linked Underground complex that has new NPCs, quests, vendors, and the most difficult enemies you will ever encounter. There are also some really cool new Mark II weapons, items, and armor to help in your survival.

This mod has been made using the vanilla content, so it sticks to the lore and does not require any DLC to work.

Download A World of Pain mod now for Fallout: New Vegas

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So that’s all, folks! This list sums up some of the best enemy mods for Fallout: New Vegas that add more opponents for you to fight against. Go ahead and download them now to get more action in the Mojave Wasteland and leave behind hundreds of corpses all around.

Happy gaming!