Skyrim Victorian Clothing Mods: The Ultimate List for Oldrim and Skyrim SE


Dominated by hourglass shaped dress and tight corsets, the Victorian era is known as one of the most remarkable eras in the world of fashion. Today, we will review the best Skyrim Victorian clothing mods that bring the most opulent outfits to the medieval era of Skyrim.

Skyrim Victorian Clothing Mods
Image Credits: Littlemage

The Victorian fashion era is known as one of the most trendiest eras in the British culture that took the world by storm between 1830s to 1890s. From corsets, robes, and bonnets, to bustles, top hats, and full skirts, the period saw many fashion trends that are still raved about today.

Although Skyrim is set in the Medieval era, the outfits in the game look like downgraded versions of the Victorian era clothing. So we decided to change that and add a little oomph to the rustic clothing items in the game with the help of the best Skyrim Victorian clothing mods.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Skyrim clothing mods that add Victorian era clothing to the game.

4 Best Skyrim Victorian Clothing Mods for Victorian Fashion Enthusiasts

#4 Shiva’s Vanilla Clothing Replacer

Skyrim Victorian clothing mods
Image Credits: Shiva182

As you can tell from its name, Shiva’s Vanilla Clothing Replacer replaces all the vanilla clothes in Skyrim with those offered by Apachii’s Divine Elegance Store. It is one of the best clothing mods with ESPs that also offers CBBE meshes if you have CBBE installed for the Divine Elegance Store.

For this mod to work, you will need to install the Divine Store mod. The ESPs in this mod also support the Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade and Clothing and Clutter Fixes mods.

This clothing mod comes in three versions:

  1. Clothing version: This version adds 4 types of fine clothes, wedding clothes, party clothes, Radiant Raiment Fine Clothes, Emperor’s robes, Ulfric’s clothes, Yarl 1 with variants, and Yarl 3 with variants. Most of the fine clothes are made from silk and follow the Victorian style.
  2. Armor version: This version adds Leather Armour, Sabor’s Hide for females, Arch-Mage’s Robes, and Karliah’s Armor.
  3. Vampire version: This version adds Gloves, Vampire clothes, Vampire Royal Armor sets, boots, Valerica’s Version, hoods, and helmets.

So if you are looking for some really cool clothing mods without having to travel miles to certain merchants, get your hands on this mod today. It’s available for both Oldrim and Skyrim Special Edition.

Download Shiva’s Vanilla Clothing Replacer mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE

#3 Noblesse Oblige

Skyrim Victorian clothing mods
Image Credits: jacknifelee

The Noblesse Oblige mod brings 5 new and craftable embroidered dresses for the females in Skyrim. But don’t worry! That’s not it. The mod also adds male versions of the outfits as well as optional replacement options for Jarl Clothes or Fine Clothes.

You can craft all these outfits at the Tanning Rack. To do so, you will need moonstone, silver, gold, Leather Strips, Linen Wraps, malachite, some gems, and ebony and quicksilver ingots.

The female outfits are made using custom meshes and simple, yet high-quality textures derived from the amazing Noble Dress mod by Nimezis. On the other hand, the male outfits are made with meshes taken from Dovahkiin’s Jerkin. All the outfits are made in luxurious Victorian styles and come in Pearl, Blue, Gold, Brown, and Green colors.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and style your make and female characters in opulent outfits and ditch the old common clothes.

Download the Noblesse Oblige mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE

#2 Kozakowy’s 1546 Elizabeth Tudor Gown UNP CBBE

Kozakowy's 1546 Elizabeth Tudor Gown UNP CBBE
Image Credits: kozakowy

This mod adds a highly in-demand gown of a famous Elizabeth Tudor (Elizabeth I of England) portrait, which was originally created by William Scrots in 1546. Given the medieval theme of Skyrim, this gown fits perfectly well into the lore. It is a perfect red gown with a wide neck and beautiful embroidered sleeves. Check out the mod page for more images.

In order to get this gown, you will need to type ‘help “elizabeth” ‘ in the console and you will receive all the relevant IDs.

Download Kozakowy’s 1546 Elizabeth Tudor Gown UNP CBBE mod now for Skyrim and Skyrim SE

#1 Skyrim’s Wardrobe Overhaul Project

Skyrim's Wardrobe Overhaul Project
Image Credits: Littlemage

Skyrim’s Wardrobe Overhaul Project is a much-needed project to improve the style and fashion of the people in Skyrim. This mod not only adds much more variety in the clothing options, it also adds new summer and winter wardrobe, futuristic clothes, and lore-friendly clothes.

The mod aims to revitalize Skyrim’s style by adding more armors and clothes from other mods for NPCs. It allows everyone in the game to have more variety of clothes, not just the Dragonborn. So if you are looking for a way to give the NPCs more character and make them appear more realistic, get your hands on this massive clothing overhaul mod.

The mod author also plans on adding a few more options to the mod in the future, such as NPCs changing their outfits periodically, everyone having underwear (much-needed), NPCs having sleeping suits to sleep in, better armors, and more!

Download Skyrim’s Wardrobe Overhaul Project now

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So that’s all, folks. If you were looking for some clothings mods inspired by the great Victorian era, these Nexus mods are sure to leave you swayed. So go ahead and try them out. Get rid of the boring vanilla outfits and style your character and NPCs in the most stylish clothes, jewelry, gloves, robes, cloaks, and boots with the help of these Skyrim Victorian clothing mods.

Happy gaming!

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