Fallout 4 Depravity Mod — Everything You Need to Know


Fallout 4 has one of the best modding communities in the world with the most talented mod developers. The Fallout 4 Depravity mod, in particular, is the epitome of their talent. With more than 300K downloads, it is one of the most popular and biggest quest mods for Fallout 4. Let’s take a look at its detailed review today.

Fallout 4 Depravity Mod
Image Credits: Thuggysmurf

The Fallout 4 Depravity Mod by Thuggysmurf is a huge quest mod for an alternate, early-game gameplay that gives you various role-playing options. Your gameplay starts between the time you get out of Vault 111and access the institute for the first time.

This huge mod adds evil roleplaying options with 40 quests, 13 companions, and about 20 hours of immersive content.

The Depravity mod can be started from a new or an existing saved game, no matter where you are in the game or which factions you are associated with. However, to make the most of the mod, you will need to make sure that Kellogg is still alive. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make him your companion.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Fallout 4 Depravity mod.

Everything You Need to Know About Fallout 4 Depravity Mod

Fallout 4 Depravity Mod Wiki: What’s Included in Fallout 4 Depravity Mod?

The Depravity Mod adds over 20 hours of content, 40 new quests, and 13 fully voiced custom and vanilla based companions.


Below are the details of all the Fallout 4 Depravity companions:

Vanilla-Based Companions

  1. Kellogg: If you get him to be your companion instead of taking his life.
  2. Slave Kasumi: When you become a mayor and allow slavery in the Diamond City.
  3. Tina de Luca: Comes with a personal quest, side quests, and more 400 new dialogues.
  4. Nat Wright: If you choose to blow up the Diamond City.
  5. Cito: If you allow him to spend his life in the Safari Adventure quest in the Nuka World add-on.
  6. Sheng Kawolski: If you choose to blow up the Diamond City.
  7. Isabel Cruz: If you let her live in Automatron.

Custom Companions

  1. Harley: A disturbed gang member who is obsessed with old comic books.
  2. Murphy: An enigmatic ghoul who trades slaves.
  3. Roxy: A former courser.
  4. Eden: A tough companion who fights with knives.
  5. Alerios: A ghoul who is obsessed with pre-war gory films and fashion masks and wields a machete.
  6. Stella: A kid who is your companion.

The main plot of the Depravity mod revolves around Murphy, who will be your forced companion for a quest. Every companion except for Murphy is optional and none of them use the vanilla companion slots. With 40 all-new quests, Harley, Stella, Tina, and Roxy come with their personal quests. Whereas Harley, Tina, Roxy, and Eden also have repeatable side quests.

If you lose track of a companion, you can always teleport them to wherever you are by using the “Teleport Depravity Companions to you” option that comes in your inventory from the first quest.

Wondering where you can find these amazing companions? Well, Stella, Alerios, Eden, Harley, and Murphy are at Concord Fallon’s. Whereas Roxy can be found at The New Rexford Hotel & Casino. But if you don’t want a sexually explicit companion, you should limit your interactions with Roxy and only stick to playing Roulette with her. She’s an optional companion and may trigger some players.

Player Bases

The Depravity mod also comes with three new player bases or interior settlements:

  1. Concord Fallon’s, which is available immediately.
  2. The New Rexford Hotel & Casino, which is available after you own Hotel Rexford.
  3. The Diamond City Strongroom, which is available after you are made the Diamond City mayor.

All of these bases are fully furnished and come with workbenches. You can even have your settlers and companions living in any of these bases. There is also a dungeon in Concord Fallon’s where you can keep your most annoying NPCs. The New Rexford Hotel & Casino even comes with a relaxing spa for your wives to unwind.

RPG Elements

In addition to some really immersive quests and interesting companions, the Depravity mod also adds some RPG elements that the vanilla game should have from the start of the main story. These include:

  • Working for a syndicate in Concord in addition to Preston when you leave Vault 111.
  • Letting Kellogg live and taking his help to access the Institute instead of having to kill him. Allow Kellogg to torture Virgil and get all the information you need.
  • Taking over the chemical trade of the Commonwealth by manufacturing your own product, eliminating the competitors, and keeping your dealers safe.
  • Helping the Goodneighbor eliminate their political competitors, build their defense, tidy up their streets, and improve their economy.
  • Killing Marowski, taking over Hotel Rexford, cleaning up the interiors, revamping the hotel by adding new vendors, club, and casino, hiring new staff, and making your living out of it.
  • Killing Preston, blowing up The Castle, and becoming the enemies of The Minutemen.
  • Blowing up the Gunners’ Plaza and having more good ways to deal with them.
  • Fighting off the invasion of Diamond City, becoming the new mayor, picking different fates for McDonough, and taking charge of the city for good or evil.

These are all the new RPG elements that are available for you to choose from. However, they are not required. You can still play the mod without having to choose any of these RPG plots. The mod basically offers more role-playing options for you to get out of the monotonous gameplays. You can even pair this mod up with Project Valkyrie or Diary of a Madman to take on a completely new path in the game from Vault 111.

Read on to learn more about the installation instructions, requirements, compatibility, and more.

How to Install Fallout 4 Depravity Mod?

Fallout 4 Depravity Mod
Image Credits: Thuggysmurf

When downloading the Depravity mod, don’t use the “Mod Manager Download” or “Download Vortex” buttons on the mod page. They do not work perfectly. Instead, go to the files tab on the mod page and then click on the “Manual Download” button.

Once you have downloaded the mod, import the downloaded file into the mod manager and then activate it. In order for the mod to work, you will need all the Fallout 4 Official DLCs, including Automatron, Nuka World, Far Harbor, Vault-Tec Workshop, Wasteland Workshop, and Contraptions Workshop. You will also need the Outcasts and Remnants mod in version 1.4 or higher.

The Depravity mod won’t work without these requirements. It is compatible with any other mod and should work fine with everything.

Starting the Game

When starting a game after installing the mod, you will need to talk to Stella at the entrance to Concord, which is just down the street from Red Rocket Truck Stop. Stella is a little girl who seeks your help to find her friend. Once you agree, the story will unfold from there.

The mod can be started at any point in a new or saved game, no matter how much progress you have or which of the major factions you have selected. However, if you want Kellogg as your companion, you will need to make sure he lives. To have Kasumi as your companion, you will need to allow slavery in the Diamond City as the mayor.

If you are looking for an ultimate gameplay, you can always pair this mod up with the following mods and make the most of it:

The Depravity mod is a part of a bigger project that includes the Project Valkyrie mod, Fusion City Rising mod, and Outcasts and Remnants mod. However, the mods are not interconnected. Their tales are all parallel. Therefore, you can play any of these mods first or even play them all simultaneously. You can even play only one of these and have a good time.

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So that’s all, folks! This guide sums up everything you need to know about the finest Fallout 4 Depravity mod. With all new quests, companions, player bases, role-playing elements, and some adult content, you are bound to have an incredibly fun time. You can either choose to follow the main quest or follow any of the new role-playing scenarios to embark on unique adventures. The mod adds 20 hours of harmless fun to your monotonous gameplays. So go ahead, download the mod now, and thanks me later.

Happy gaming!