The 5 Best Girl Life Mods of All Time


Check out these top Girl Life mods to add some spice to your gameplays.

Girl Life is a simulated game where you literally get to live the life of a girl. The game is inspired by the Russian game ЭТО developed by DeGros and played in Quest Soft Player (QSP). The original Russian game was discontinued in 2015 but the fans decided to take it upon themselves to continue and expand the game.

The English Community Version is now a huge game with its own new content. It contains elements of strategy, RPG, magical combat, and more. You can choose how your in-game player character will live their life based on your choices, style, conscience, and values.

You can also enhance your gameplay by installing some really exciting Girl Life mods. Below is a list of the top Girl Life mods available today. Check it out!

List of the Best Girl Life Mods

Before we get into the mods, you should know that you will need a tfgames account to access the following mods. If you are wondering how to install Girl Life mods, you will find an installation guide below at the end of the article.

#5 Whore Life

Whore Life is a Girl Life mod that adds prostitution to the game. The mod introduces a prostitution route to pavlocsk where your character is forced to engage in prostitution. It is designed for an in-game character who is not really a whore in the game.

The mod also introduces a lot of fetishes such as rimjobs, bestiality, drinking piss, and more. However, you can deactivate them if you are not much of a fan.

#4 Forest Life

The Forest Life mod in Girl Life brings new wild adventures for Sveta. There are many new adventures added for Sveta in the Gadukino forest. For instance, she can now find a gun to use in her daily life. The gun can be found either in the city sewers or in the forest house. There are also a lot of new sex adventures.

#3 Bestiality

Girl Life originally had bestiality in the game. However, due to a huge number of requests from fans and people and some legal reasons, bestiality content was removed from the game in several countries. But thanks to the Bestiality mod, all the content is now back in the game. So if you are into the stuff, you can bring back bestiality into the game

#2 Medical Experiment

girl life mods - medical experiment

The Medical Experiment mod for Girl Life mod brings back the medical experiment content into the game. The content was originally removed by the developer due to a huge number of requests. However, fans who still miss the content can bring it back into the game using this mod.

#1 Brother Mod & More – Overhaul

The Brother Mod & More – Overhaul is a mod that, although many may not like, some of you will love. This Girl Life mod adds exhibition, trap, shemale, TG, gay, sissy, dickgirl, lesbian, mind control, incest, and slowly forced transformation content to the game. However, these additions are only for the Cursed Schoolgirl start.

How to Install Girl Life Mods?

Girl Life has its own unique interface for installing mods. Using this interface, you can download and install the mods with the help of a .qsp file in each mod. For this installation guide, let’s assume that the file name is “mod.qsp”.

Follow these steps to install Girl Life mods:

  1. First, check if the Girl Life folder on your PC has a folder named “mod”.
  2. Next, install the desired “mod.qsp” file in the “mod” folder.
  3. Now launch the game and select the “Mod Management” option in the Menu Settings.
  4. Now click on “install new mod”.
  5. Enter the “mod” name in the bar. Make sure it is the same as that in the “.qsp” file without the “.qsp”

Play the game and the mod should work in-game.

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So that’s all, folks! Go ahead and check these Girl Life mods out if you are looking to add more spice to the game. You will definitely not regret it!