The Best Phoenix Point Mods 2021


If you are a Phoenix Point player, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find all the Phoenix Point mods you’ve been looking for!

By Yamna

Developed by Snapshot Games, Phoenix Point is a strategy game that comes with a turn-based combat system. Released in 2019, it is still quite a new game but has gained worldwide popularity. 

The game brings several types of missions such as defending under-attack Havens, looking for vehicles and supplies, and embarking on some really interesting adventures. 

In order to improve your gameplay and to help you pass these missions easily, the modding community of Phoenix Point has developed some game-changing mods that will make your in-game experience 100x better.

So we decided to scour the internet and find you the best Phoenix Point PC mods available in 2021. Let’s dive right in!

Phoenix Point mods
Credits: Sheep y

Top Phoenix Point Mods 2021

1. Ovis Balance

The Ovis Balance mod for Phoenix Point brings assorted balance tweaks to the game. Most of the adjustments in this mod are technical and made on requests of Phoenix Point fans. To run this mod, you will either need Modnix or Phoenix Point Mod Loader. 

Ovis Balance makes several tweaks and adjustments to the game such as adjusting the cap deploy boost, full body augmentations, laser on fire, independent gear, rage burst cap, and more. You can also now configure enemies to force-drop armor and equipment. How cool, right? 

Get your hands on the Ovis Balance mod now to bring much needed adjustments to Phoenix Point.

2. Retrievable Items

The Retrievable Items mod is a great Phoenix Point weapon mod and armor mod that makes it possible for the enemy droppable items (that are not destroyed by you) to always drop on the ground. Normally, when you kill an enemy, you don’t always get all the items such as the anthron machine gun arms. They just seem to magically disappear in thin air. 

This mod changes that by making it possible for you to get all the items you see on the enemy, as long as they are not destroyed by yoru attack. You can loot those items as they drop. You will need the Phoenix Point mod loader for this mod to work.

3. UI Tweaks (Geoscape)

This UI Tweaks mod makes improvements to the Geoscape interface of the game. It is basically a collection of several mods that make adjustments to the Geoscape user interface.

For instance, you can keep the game paused when you make a vehicle move, show vteam exploration time and vehicle’s flight time, show trade rates, recruit class, and more in the mouseover popup of the haven, and do so much more. 

There are several assorted adjustments to the Geoscape interface and you can toggle them on or off by changing the config file of the mod.

4. Phoenix Point Def Modifier

Phoenix Point Def Modifier makes it easy for you to edit game values without having to get a separate mod for each. The mod works by putting the values that need to be changed in a configuration file and then by applying it when the game loads. This mod works in a very similar way as the INI mods in XCOM games. You will need to find the values that you want to change carefully.

Use the Modnix Mod Loader and Manager for Phoenix Point!

Modnix is a powerful mod loader and manager developed especially for Phoenix Point. It supports several mod formats and offers amazing features like the one-click setup, easy user interface, one-click to add mods, and more. Many Phoenix Point mods require Modnix to work so installing it would be a great idea!

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Now that you know about some super cool Phoenix Point mods, go ahead and try them out! I have included mod options for both gameplay and items so you can improve your gameplay while expanding your arsenal.