10+ Best Minecraft Storage Building Ideas

Whether you're a professional or just starting in Minecraft, it's a crucial aspect of the game where you must be able to organize your inventory space for the lesser hassle. We give you 10+ storage building designs that you can use in your own survival game!

Storage Building Ideas

Hardcore Ultimate Storage build

Surviving in Minecraft could be fun but also terrifying! Especially when you're playing hardcore. You'll need a storage room to fit all of your needs and secure them in a place where it's far and safe from mobs. And this build gives you a pretty good idea of how to do the job. It also features a large aquarium inside the storage room! Take a look and prepare to construct this ultimate storage system now! Watch Video

Mountain Storage Room

Have you ever thought of building inside a mountain to make your base much more secure? This next creative build will make your storage room more protected and hidden! Designed like a hobbit hole but decorated like an actual miner! You can view the small clip of this build, and if it captured your interest, you could visit the tutorial in the clip below! Watch Video
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Japanese Auto Sorting Storage Temple

Have you fantasized about having a technology that auto-sorts your inventory so you won't have to deal with the little things anymore? Well, this wonderful Japanese-themed temple is for you! It has an auto-sorting feature! This build requires hours of patience because of its demanding materials. You can get ideas and inspiration from the video link below. Check it out, and good luck! Watch Video

Crazy Redstone Storage Room

Are you a red stone enthusiast? Yet you're short on inventory spaces? Well, this build is absolutely for you! It looks like an ordinary hallway at first but will magically turn into a room full of chests. It might take you a while to build a magnificent tinkering like this. But with enough effort, this fantastic build will be yours!

Small Elegant Storage House

Let's relax in this cozy and warm elegant house. A beautiful survival home that fits all of your storing needs. It may be small, but it's packed with the functionalities it offers! Get this cute storage room now! Watch Tutorial

740x Storage Room

The ultimate storage house! Having 500 chests in a single room is already jaw-breaking. But having more than 500 is insane! This house is home to 740 chests, and you can still add more since the design of the house is simple and easy to renovate! Just don't forget to make this room secure in an open server! Watch Tutorial
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Underground Storage Room

This Minecraft storage guide will ensure you'll never run out of inventory space! It features a water elevator and an entrance hidden into the lake. A sneaky way to conceal your precious items! Not only that, it houses a total of 570 chests! So what are you waiting for? Check this build now and see the difference between having a big bank! Watch Tutorial

Storage House with Enchanting Area

Do you want a big storage house that also has other functionalities? This storage house can also be a library with an enchanting table! This house is capable of enhancing your weapons to enchantment level 30. Now you won't be jumping from room to room to get the needed materials for your enchantment because of the wide storage unit this build gives. Enjoy the magical, enchanting storage house! Watch Tutorial

Big Storage House

Do you want a big house that can store your valuables? This house is for you if you have so much going on with your inventory. Maybe it's time to tidy some space! This house offers 150+ chests to sort your list as much as you like. With a very countryside design, it even looks attractive! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tools, and let's start building! Watch Tutorial
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Small Storage House

This build is designed to be compact and small. Enough to store your precious items whenever you're out for a thrilling adventure or for just sorting out inventory space. This storage room homes 80+ chests, a pretty small house that gets the job done. Watch Tutorial
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