50+ Best Minecraft House Ideas [2022 Update]

Binh Tran

Minecraft is such a creative game where you can literally build anything in your mind. With enough resources and time, you can make your own kingdom and even more! Today, let’s go through the list of 50+ best Minecraft house ideas to see if any build inspires you!

Building in Minecraft is limitless! The first thing every beginner in this game build is the dirt hut, or simply a mountain house where you need to dig a hole in a mountain and survive your first night. Does it work? Yes! But does it look good? Depends!

Not all good starter bases in Minecraft require a lot of time, instead, with enough resources, you can build some of the builds below in just under an hour. And if you keep going, you can build an entire Earth in Minecraft!

Note that this is not the ranking list for the Minecraft house ideas, but rather a compilation of beautiful houses and bases in Minecraft. So you may find some house ideas are beautiful to you, some are not. But hey, why not try something new? We also cover unique build ideas like dark academia and medieval theme builds!

List of 50+ Minecraft House Ideas & Designs

#55 Survival Base with Farm

An average base with crops farms, cattle cages, a smelting room, and a protective fence with a natural aspect from the leave blocks. What is more than this? Things look gorgeous because the block pallet fits so well together, and all the materials are also easy to get.

The only disadvantage of this love oak house is its area. Because you will need a large enough place to settle this base.

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#54 Aesthetic Cottage House

Everyone loves cottage houses, admit it! Imagine each morning standing on the balcony, taking a dip in drinks, eating some food, and being ready for the mining journey. You can easily archive that dream with this aesthetic house!

Without the required texture pack, you can still follow the tutorials below. Just pay close attention to the block’s name when you’re building specific parts.

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#53 Starter House with Mine Entrance

A medium suburban house with two floors and a deep entrance to the mine is what you may need! When you’ve located the rich location full of ores and minerals, settle in this house and you will have a fulfilling life between the surrounding nature, as well as everything you need for a mine like a rail track with a minecart.

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#52 Survival Japanese House

Considered as a small build, if you have access to deepslate and Blackstone in the early game, you can try this survival Japanese house! The build is compacted but you can fit in many functional blocks as you want such as the bed, crafting table, furnace, chests, and more!

If you don’t have deepslate or Blackstone yet, you can swap them with literally any stone blocks. Cobblestone, stone bricks, or even sandstone could work really well!

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#51 Survival Farm House

A basic L shape starter house, but with a twist! You don’t build it on the ground, instead, you create lovely and detailed staircases and put the house on them. There is also a small balcony to the right so you can chill out and watch people entering your door.

Even though the house design is not impressive, the extra scene plays a big role to create a natural atmosphere for the environment.

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#50 Equilibrium City 2.0

You may or may not be able to follow this tutorial to build your dream megabase, at least for now. Equilibrium City 2.0 is a giant project that takes a lot of time. With a concept of the main island surrounded by main mini islands with different biomes and structures on them to create a great habitat!

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#49 Large Fort Survival Base

If you want to feel more secure, this survival base in a fort style will satisfy you! At first glance, the build looks super complicated. But it actually simple! One dark oak base in the middle, surrounded by reinforced fences, 4 watch towers, 2 staircases for the entrance, and a lot of farms in between the fence make this build super efficient compared to the rest Minecraft house ideas.

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#48 The Dragon Palace

Conitinue on the list is another Minecraft timelapse video. The main purpose is to inspire you into building Minecraft. The Dragon Palace is somewhat inspired by the Himeji castle in Japan, but with a red tone instead. The scale of the building, the curvy of the roof, and even a whole town under the mountain are quite impressive!

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#47 Ultimate Survival House

Despite the fact this is called the ultimate survival house, you can still build the basic part of this building in the first few days in Minecraft. Look at the materials, you can see only oak wood-related blocks like the oak planks, fences, trapdoors, stairs, or the cobblestone for the base. With the large wheat farm on the ground, you will never be afraid of starvation again!

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#46 Japanese Underwater Castle

Japanese architecture is incredible! And it’s a lot more fantastic in Minecraft if you build it the right way, at the right location. This Japanese underwater castle contains 2 parts. The upper part can be seen as a normal house with fancy lighting and a dark curvy roof. While the submerged part under the ocean is an entire castle (not including the middle tower).

It’s really cool to see this build with shaders in Minecraft. Likely the castle is glowing underwater as it’s luring visitors.

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#45 Ultimate Japanese Pagoda

You can tell that the writer is really into Japanese buildings, aren’t you? This pagoda contains 5 floors and each floor is literally the same as the other, making building this easier a little bit. On the base floor, you can see several farms as well as 2 big gorgeous cherry blossom trees. Let’s drink a cup of tea and enjoy the scenery!

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#44 Cyberpunk Noodle Shop

When it comes to building in Minecraft, most builders tend to choose megabases without any details. But it’s a little bit different with a builder named Freedom. He’s a Japanese architect and that’s why every building of his, whether it’s big or small, always has a lot of details. This makes the house look alive and have depth. Just look at the neon lights! Or the chimney!

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#43 Mediterranean Style House

Here’s another build of Freedom. With a new style and as you know, many details, this double Mediterranean house looks unique in a special way. The way he combine the birch log with white concrete, and used acacia wood to create emphasis the white color. Everything just looks so good together!

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#42 Lovely Fox House

Why live in a normal house if you’re an animal lover? There are many creatures out there that you can make your house like them, but the fox is the cutest! Especially when it’s sleeping! With a simple design and blocks to build, this lovely fox house making its way to the list with little effort!

We also have a detailed guide about how to build this fox house below. It’s a picture-by-picture guide so you can follow it easily. 🙂

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#41 Fantasy Minecraft House

This is one of the first Minecraft house ideas that use embossed color for the roof but still makes the building stand out. To make this fantasy house, you will stone, cobblestone, and maybe some andesites for the base. Then spruce and birch wood for the wall while using dark oak wood for the roof trim. Finally, finish the roof with red sandstone to make it look lovely.

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#40 Gracium Modern Minecraft House

It’s rare to see people nowadays build modern houses in Minecraft. Maybe they do not look so good compared to other building styles. Or maybe there aren’t enough blocks to decorate for the modern/futuristic theme. But how about this simple modern house design? With the great concept of the floating floor, black and white color, and a pool, this design looks like a billionaire’s mansion on top of the hill, right?

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#39 Giant Cat House

We have a lovely fox house, now it’s time for the cutest creature in the game, a cat. By mimicking the shape of the cat while it’s lying on the ground, this design is not only good-looking but also convenient to enter and decorate the cat’s inside easily.

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#38 Minecraft Beautiful Cathedral/Church

A beautiful church that you can fit pretty well in most building themes. From medieval to rustic France architecture, this cathedral design is easy to build and follow. It may require you some time to gather enough resources, but the result is totally worth it!

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#37 Lighthouse

Inspiration from real life, a Lighthouse in Minecraft can be built easily with the correct technique and provide lights to ships at the night. You can also build this even high up to completely replace the beacon in Minecraft, or you can just build the beacon underground and let the beam illuminate the sky!

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#36 Fairytale Cottagecore Tower

Gorgeous and good-looking is what we describe when it comes to medieval or fantasy buildings. A small fairy hut on top of a tower, like some sort of a magical elf who lives on top of the world and observes the world every day. Azalea leaves, spruce wood, amethyst cluster, purpur blocks, and cut copper are what you need for this build.

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#35 Wild West General Store

Do we rarely cover the wild west area where cowboys are living, ey? To fit any wild west buildings into Minecraft, you must find the badlands biome. With red sands and terracotta, it makes the place suitable for this general wild west store.

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#34 Treehouse

Another great concept on the list but rarely done because trees in Minecraft are small, compared to other survival games like Creativerse, where trees can be as 100 or even 200 times as large as the player. A treehouse in Minecraft is hard to build because needs to build the tree first. When the tree looks good, you then have to build the houses and modify the tree if needed.

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#33 Minecraft Cafe Shop

Cute build is another strong building style in Minecraft, where you mostly use pink and clean texture blocks for building. With the help of pink terracotta, purpur, spruce wood, and some stone bricks-related blocks, you can build yourself a lovely coffee house. Note that those cute builds depend a lot on the interior. So the more you decorate the inside, the better.

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#32 Large Spruce Mansion

This spruce mansion is highly detailed and super comfortable to live in. Because you will have enough space for any activities you like in Minecraft. The house contains a bedroom, an enchanting room, a smelting room, a storage room, and more! Also, this design is symmetrical so building it will be a bit easier.

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#31 Underground Farm Base

Although there are many other underground house ideas out there, this one made it to the top because of its aesthetic and creativity. With only one entrance to the underground base, and surrounded by the farm, you can relax without worrying about hostile mobs.

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#30 Modern Mansion House

Clean and contemporary, this symmetrical Minecraft modern house is a great candidate if you’re building a modern town, or just simply an expensive house in the middle of nowhere. With oak wood, quartz, and glass, you can start tackling this build quite quickly!

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#29 Flowers Shop

This lovely shop proves that with a little bit of decoration and greenery, you can turn a boring build into something worth visiting. As you can see, the main shape of this design is a rectangle of oak planks with some white and pink wool for the roof. And that’s it! You can add the mattress, the welcome sign, and the flowers, and the building will come alive!

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#28 Giant Suburban Mansion

Imagine living in this suburban mansion, what would you do? With a build this big, we bet you can’t explore a whole mansion in just 1 or 2 days. From the clear lawn to the giant swimming pool, or the rooftop with its own connected towers. Surely this will take a lot of time to build this in survival mode!

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#27 Japanese Tea Shop

We come to Japanese buildings again! And this time is a tiny tea shop with the interior fully decorated. Just by looking at the outside, you can see every detail of the build such as the roof support, the curtain created from the trapdoor, or the roof trim made from stone bricks slabs and the chimney in the back.

We made a detailed guide on how to build this particular house below. Feel free to check that out if you love to build with pictures.

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#26 Medieval Small Spruce House


Back in the time a little bit, where we’re at medieval age. With a tiny and balanced design, this is one of the cool Minecraft houses we’ve made so far on this website. Simply check the link below for how to build this medieval cottage!

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#25 Dark Academia Minecraft Starter House

Dark Academia in Minecraft is underrated! Since there aren’t a lot of buildings and tutorials out there for this specific style. In general, you may want to install a custom Minecraft texture pack so the blocks will look elder for this theme. Then simply directly follow the detailed tutorial below.

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#24 Bee Dome House

If you’re a fan of honeycomb and honey in Minecraft, you may want a place to raise your bees. That’s where this bee dome house design comes in place! With spruce wood, white stained glass, and some flowers, you can build yourself a functional bee house!

We also have a detailed guide with pictures below for you!

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#23 Cross Underground Base

Every Minecraft player has experienced this before, where you dig underground on your first night because of the scary monsters out there. And that’s where this underground base design comes into place. Now not only you can hide from the dangerous monster at night, but you can also watch them clearly through the glass layer.

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#22 Nintendo Switch House

This Minecraft house design is creative and well-executed! Not only does it follow the Nintendo switch shape but it is also functional. You can actually live in the house with everything you will need like the furnaces, chest, bed, crafting table, and more! On another hand, the exterior is constructed easily with some cyan, red, and black concrete.

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#21 Modern McDonalds House

Hey, do you love chickens and fried? Let’s build a modern McDonald’s in Minecraft real quick! With only a few colored concrete and some quartz, you can build this design in less than 30 minutes or so. Remember to build the parking place and the interior as well. Since you don’t want to see your customer leaving. 😛

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#20 Minecraft Fantasy Mansion

Looking for a build for your earl or duke? We got you covered! With this giant fantasy mansion, surely you will have enough places to live as well as conduct many dark experiments on the villagers. Remember that the roof is made of copper and cut copper so make sure to wax them to keep them in the state you want.

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#19 Medieval Tavern/Inn

If you play a lot of RPG games like Skyrim or The Witch series, you may be familiar with this type of building! By connecting a standard tavern and a tower with a walkway bridge, it creates a cozy mood as well as a bustling environment with all of the merchants trading down the bridge.

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#18 Minecraft Modern Church

This is a simple design for a church in your local modern town and you can pretty much fit this build in one Minecraft chunk! With some crosses on top of the stone bricks roof and a solid white concrete wall, this is definitely a holy build!

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#17 Boat House

House on land is normal, but how about a house over the ocean? Even though this boat can’t actually travel through continents, it can be served as a lovely home where you can rest after a long day fishing and diving. With a house in the middle of the ocean like this, there will be no creepers, no skeletons, or even zombies. Cool, right? No! Drowned is a big thread if you’re planning to survive on the water.

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#16 Minecraft Aesthetic Fantasy Cottage

It’s been a long time since people use bricks in their builds, and when they do, it actually turns out super great! This little aesthetic shelter provides you with anything you will need! From the wheat farm outside to the thoroughly interior, this place is where we want to live in old ages!

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#15 Underwater Mountain House

Belong to ZayPixel, this underwater mountain house is one of the cool Minecraft house ideas you need to try! With the circular shape using quartz block and the elementary decorations, you can build this house really soon in your let’s game journey! And remember to look for mountain or windswept biomes since they will have this type of terrain for you.

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#14 Minecraft Modern Pink House

Three boxes stand next to each other to create a creative shape but with a little bit of illogicalness, you immediately know this is one of the modern house ideas that we’ve talked about earlier! Also, the color palette is quite straightforward and cute, making this house worthy for your girlfriends.

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#13 Minecraft Fantasy Castle

Inspired by GeminiTay and FalseSymmetry, this fantasy castle looks gorgeous but natural at the same time. You can clearly see the transition from light to dark color as you look from the bottom to the top. The white base and wall, wooden brown for the tower support, and the purple roof that come from the crimson planks bring this castle to a whole new level!

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#12 Modern Apartment Building

If you want to build a modern hotel in real life, we also got you covered! Check out this apartment! Multiple floors and the water elevator to the left make it easier to travel up and down. The advantage of this design is you can expand the build whatever you want. For example, you can simply add more floors on top!

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#11 Advanced Survival Base

A good base is not only the house itself but also the surrounding terrain. By looking at the wooden survival house above, you see that the build is not that impressive, to be honest. It is just a bunch of oak and spruce wood standing together to create an elevated house. But look at the environment! You can see the flowers, the tall grasses, the cobblestone slabs, and the gravel, all combine together to create a great atmosphere.

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#10 Among Us House

This build looks sus-tainable, not gonna lie! If you don’t know what this Minecraft house idea is about, we don’t know if you’re a real gamer or not. But hey, if you’re going to prank your friend with this, go ahead! He will be surprised! 😀

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#9 Fantasy Wizard House

What do you know about wizards? One thing we know is that the new amethyst cluster looks like some kind of magical crystal that can be used to empower the building. With a bold medieval design where the bottom of the house is small and makes it way larger to the roof, this fantasy house also adds leaves, vines, lanterns, and a bunch of amethyst blocks to add a magical aspect to the house!

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#8 Small Fortified House

A small and steady fort is what you want if you feel insecure in Minecraft. The entrance is made of 4 fence gates so unless you really want some mobs to visit your house, there is no way you can leave the door open. This house also features a small house with detailed decorations and a tower as a part of the wall.

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#7 Minecraft Mushroom House

Mushroom in Minecraft suck! You only have two types of mushrooms and they almost look identical, just with different colors and heights. So how about this custom mushroom house where you can actually live inside? Let’s gather some mushroom stems, red mushrooms, and some dark oak wood!

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#6 Deluxe Minecraft Wooden Cabin

Mostly built from wood, this deluxe wooden cabin is a great place for you and your friends to chill out after a hard working day. With a symmetrical design, this cabin is really easy to recreate! Just imagine you find a cabin like this in the middle of the wood, with a warm campfire nearby!

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#5 Medieval Mine with Mine Entrance

Have you ever thought about a real mine in Minecraft? We all know that we prefer to dig straight down, or do a staircase technique when mining, but hey, let’s immersive ourselves into the medieval age and build a giant quarry with the mine entrance! Now each time you go mining with your friends, you will feel more epicness (and death) waiting for you under the caves.

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#4 Modern House/Villa

This modern house build did a great job by combining many features of other modern builds. Let’s look at the shape of the build, it’s quite unusual. Indeed, this village contains a living room, stairs, bathroom, storage room, hangout place, guest bedroom, kitchen, and a master bedroom.

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#3 Huge Stone Castle

Did you know that castle is one of the most popular Minecraft house ideas? Whether it’s big, it’s small, or it’s weird, people love castles in block games, especially in Minecraft! Besides, there are way many blocks that fit well with the build, and the time required to get them is actually easy, compared to any wooden houses. In order to build this giant castle, you need to mine a lot of cobblestone and stone, that’s it!

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#2 Haunted Mansion

It’s hard to things scary in Minecraft (except creepers), because the graphics and content of the game are not that creepy. But when it comes to haunted buildings and jump scare Redstone contraption, you can literally scare someone out if you want to! The first thing is to gather the materials needed for the haunted mansion including spruce wood, trapdoors, dark oak trapdoors, andesite, and deep states.

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#1 Simple Dirt House Build

The first on the list of Minecraft house ideas is … an advanced but simple dirt house! Most Minecraft newbie has built their dirt hut the first time they play. And we would call it “The Dirt Box”. Now with the new design, you can improve your dirt house by placing some leaves and vines around the house and building a canopy using some trapdoors and campfires. Ultimately, putting grasses on top of the house and building some windows to make it fresh. And you will have the best starter house ever!

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So that’s it! Above is the list of great Minecraft house ideas for this year. Can you choose which idea to tackle next in your world? Or does any idea make you interested to jump in Minecraft immediately? Happy building and creating! And watch for creepers!

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