80+ Best Minecraft House Ideas & Blueprints [2022 Update]


Minecraft is such a creative game where you can literally build anything in your mind. With enough resources and time, you can make your own kingdom and even more! Today, let's go through the list of 80+ best Minecraft house ideas and blueprints to see if any build inspires you!

Building in Minecraft is limitless! The first thing every beginner in this game build is the dirt hut, or simply a mountain house where you need to dig a hole in a mountain and survive your first night. Does it work? Yes! But does it look good? Depends!

Not all good starter bases in Minecraft require a lot of time, instead, with enough resources, you can build some of the builds below in just under an hour. And if you keep going, you can build an entire Earth in Minecraft!

Note that this is not the ranking list for the Minecraft house ideas, but rather a compilation of beautiful houses and bases in Minecraft. So you may find some house ideas are beautiful to you, and some are not. But hey, why not try something new? We also cover unique build ideas like dark academia and medieval theme builds!

List of 80+ Minecraft House Ideas & Designs

Among Us House

This build looks sus-tainable, not gonna lie! If you don't know what this Minecraft house idea is about, we don't know if you're a real gamer or not. But hey, if you're going to prank your friend with this, go ahead! He will be surprised! :D

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Fantasy Wizard House

What do you know about wizards? One thing we know is that the new amethyst cluster looks like some kind of magical crystal that can be used to empower the building.

With a bold medieval design where the bottom of the house is small and makes it way larger than the roof, this fantasy tall house also adds leaves, vines, lanterns, and a bunch of amethyst blocks to add a magical aspect to the house!

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Small Fortified House

A small and steady fort is what you want if you feel insecure in Minecraft. The entrance is made of 4 fence gates so unless you really want some mobs to visit your house, there is no way you can leave the door open. This house also features a small house with detailed decorations and a tower as a part of the wall.

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Minecraft Mushroom House

Mushroom in Minecraft suck! You only have two types of mushrooms and they almost look identical, just with different colors and heights. So how about this custom mushroom house where you can actually live inside? Let's gather some mushroom stems, red mushrooms, and some dark oak wood!

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Deluxe Minecraft Wooden Cabin

Mostly built from wood, this deluxe wooden cabin is a great place for you and your friends to chill out after a hard working day. With a symmetrical design, this cabin is really easy to recreate! Just imagine you find a cabin like this in the middle of the wood, with a warm campfire nearby!

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Medieval Mine with Mine Entrance

Have you ever thought about a real mine in Minecraft? We all know that we prefer to dig straight down, or do a staircase technique when mining, but hey, let's immersive ourselves into the medieval age and build a giant quarry with the mine entrance! Now each time you go mining with your friends, you will feel more epicness (and death) waiting for you under the caves.

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Modern House/Villa

This modern house build did a great job by combining many features of other modern builds. Let's look at the shape of the build, it's quite unusual. Indeed, this village contains a living room, stairs, bathroom, storage room, hangout place, guest bedroom, kitchen, and a master bedroom.

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Huge Stone Castle

Did you know that castle is one of the most popular Minecraft house ideas? Whether it's big, it's small, or it's weird, people love castles in block games, especially in Minecraft! Besides, there are way many blocks that fit well with the build, and the time required to get them is actually easy, compared to any wooden houses. In order to build this giant castle, you need to mine a lot of cobblestone and stone, that's it!

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Haunted Mansion

It's hard to things scary in Minecraft (except creepers), because the graphics and content of the game are not that creepy. But when it comes to haunted buildings and jump scare Redstone contraption, you can literally scare someone out if you want to! The first thing is to gather the materials needed for the haunted mansion including spruce wood, trapdoors, dark oak trapdoors, andesite, and deep states.

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Simple Dirt House Build

The first on the list of Minecraft house ideas is ... an advanced but simple dirt house! Most Minecraft newbie has built their dirt hut the first time they play. And we would call it "The Dirt Box". Now with the new design, you can improve your dirt house by placing some leaves and vines around the house and building a canopy using some trapdoors and campfires. Ultimately, putting grasses on top of the house and building some windows to make it fresh. And you will have the best starter house ever!

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So that's it! Above is the list of great Minecraft house ideas for this year. Can you choose which idea to tackle next in your world? Or does any idea make you interested to jump in Minecraft immediately? Happy building and creating! And watch for creepers!

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