20+ Minecraft Underground House Ideas & Tutorial


Are you looking for the best underground house designs and blueprints for Minecraft? Do you want to learn how to build an underground house (both interior and exterior) in Minecraft on your own? Don’t look further – We’ve got you covered with our selection of the best house ideas (from YouTube, Reddit & Pinterest) and our easy tutorial!

Minecraft has been around for a very long time and people always have new innovative ideas to build the perfect house in Minecraft. Remember back in the day, when the game is not having that many blocks, or when people are afraid of the dark, they tended to dig underground and build a base there.

Without too much knowledge, underground bases work perfectly for most people, especially for miners! And today, we will go through the list of the best 20+ Minecraft underground house ideas so you can take inspiration and build your own house. All of those houses can be built in survival mode, so let's go!

List of the Best Minecraft Underground House Ideas

Survival Underground House with Barn

This is one of the most beautiful starter houses in Minecraft! Not fully underground, but this particular build requires you to dig a little bit to create a depth for the house. The advantage is you can easily access your farm on the roof and can easily have a quick look at your base from high above. However, watch out for creepers or zombies walking toward your base!

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Shulkercraft’s Underground Bunker

If you're looking for a fully functional Minecraft underground house idea, take a look at Shulkercraft's build! This one has a working room, a room full of chests for better storage, a hidden room to store valuable treasure, and finally, an enchanting and smelting room with a bunch of furnaces. All compacted and can be built within a mountain.

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Underground Lush Cave Base

Immerse yourself in the wild natural lush cave is something most Minecrafter want to do, especially in the Minecraft 1.17 update! The lush cave alone is beautiful enough to settle a base, and with just a little bit of tweaks here and there, you can build a gorgeous underground house with innate farms.

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Disruptive Builds’ Two Floors Underground Base

In case you need an underground apartment idea for your base, take a look at this build! Although the build looks pretty plain at first with no texture, it still provides a professional and aesthetic look in each room. You can use soul lanterns instead of normal lanterns to create gloomy effects if you want!

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Underwater Secret Base

What is cooler than building a secret underground base right beneath the lake? You guess it! This cool base features a lovely wooden mansion with two floors for all of your interior needs. You can expand to the side or can even dig deep to create the third floor if you want.

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Disruptive Builds’ Underground Base

Basic and simple, Disruptive Builds' underground base creates a strong vanilla feeling when the whole base is being dug out underground with several small rooms. With the crop farm in the center to keep you alive, this is one of the most compact and convenient underground houses in Minecraft!

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Fairy Underground Base

If you love your underground house's fantasy and magical theme, try this design! With enhanced lighting, more flowers, and greenery inside the base, this underground base will catch your eye instantly! Don't forget to install custom resource packs for an extra fantastic look!

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Zaypixel’s Underground Base

This peaceful Minecraft underground base is the best when you have enough plain landscape and direct sun above. With the two L shapes for lightning and aesthetic purpose combined with the enchanted room in the middle, you will feel a lot cozy! To follow Zaypixel's build, you will mostly need spruce wood, glass, and sone stone bricks.

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Dwarven Lush Cave Amethyst Mine

Dive deep underground is the dwarven cave base made by andyisyoda. Take advantage of ingenious combinations from the new lush caves with the traditional underground mineshaft base style, this is by far one of the best epic Minecraft underground house ideas!

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Sloped Underwater House

Every build from ManDooMin is just beyond the best in its cleanness and how aesthetic they are. For this build to work, you need to find a cliff with one side facing into the lake or ocean. Start building in the slope shape with the white trim and fill it with glasses. Then decorate the base with interior blocks to match your desired style.

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Jintube’s Massive Underground Base

This Minecraft underground base will surprise you with how massive it is! With the huge space carved deep underground and the whole custom village down here, it's quite impressive! Don't forget about the giant spirit tree in the middle of the town. This alone makes the town a lot more vital!

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Cozy Underground Survival Base

Want a cave base in Minecraft? You wander around and find a good-looking cave with some space and decided to turn it into your home? Follow this tutorial to fully turn the cave into somewhere you can live! Since the cave is already there, it won't take you too much time to clear out the area. But instead, you must decorate and add details so the cave can look more alive!

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Modern Secret Underground Base

Mainly built using quartz and white concrete, this Minecraft modern house comes with the luxurious from the inside while being hidden underneath the surface. Not only the structure and exterior, but you can also have some futuristic and modern interiors such as a fancy computer desk, a luxury double bed, a giant tv, and a cozy kitchen.

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Underground Survival Bunker

Apocalypse in Minecraft is never more terrifying than before on hard difficulty, or with some Minecraft mods! With that being said, the bunker is the perfect Minecraft underground house idea if you love a place to hide, store food, and most importantly, feel at home with the detailed interiors from this build!

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ItsMarloe’s Ultimate Underground Base

Like a flower in the dawn, you can see how bright and beautiful this Minecraft underground base is! Segment into 5 different rooms with identical layouts, each room has its own purpose for your survival like an enchanting room with an enchanting table, a central room with chests, a bedroom, a farm room, and a smelting room.

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SheepGG’s Underground Base

Like other Minecraft underground house ideas, this particular build focus on building a wooden bunker locate underground with some wooden support beam and surrounded by a stone border. You can also feel the natural aspect of the build since this base also has a natural path as well as leaves and flowers.

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Folli’s Underground Base

Like a plus on the ground, Folli's base tends to bring the symmetrical aspect to the top when providing four entrances to the base. Just imagine surrounding your base within a village and trading with them daily. What is cooler than that?

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Secret House Under Well

If you don't want to make your underground base in Minecraft so obvious for every intruder, this design can help you! With a tiny well appearing on the ground, many people may likely ignore it without knowing your secret base located right under their nose!

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IrieGenie’s Underground Base

With the luxury of the combination of white smooth stone slabs and traditional wood, this Minecraft house design uses a symmetrical layout. Where pretty much every room is exposed to the sky for minimizing lightning and to avoid hostile mobs from spawning.

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Small Underground Base – Shelters Version

This is perfect if you're just spawned in the new world with limited resources in your hand! Simply grab some wood and stone and you will be able to tackle this underground base! If you have all the materials, this underground house will take around 10 minutes to construct. Remember to add a ladder so you can easily access the base.

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Retroactive’s Underground Palace

Most Minecraft's underground house ideas use wood, especially spruce wood. But how about a heavily build that mainly use stone, stone bricks, andesite, and deepslate? Following Retroactive's style, you can make your underground base look like a fantasy dwarf palace from the Lord of the Ring series!

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Minecraft Overgrown Library

Taking the concept from the Harry Potter franchise, this Minecraft underground base was built based on an old overgrown library deep underground, surrounded by a lot of planks and bookshelves to create an ancient mood. The lighting also plays a huge role since putting more lanterns may destroy the gloomy effect of the build.

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Goldrobin’s Underground Base

Looking for a medieval Minecraft underground house idea? This grubby build will make you feel cozy but also tight at the same time. Every corner is heavily detailed to make sure that there is actually someone living here. Without further it does, simply watch the tutorial video below!

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Underground Farm Base

Not all Minecraft underground house ideas are completely located underground. As you can see, a large portion of this build is exposed to the sky such as the pathways and the crop farm. While the main storage base is located underground in the center. Who doesn't want an aesthetic underground farm like this?

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More Details: Underground Farm Base

Grian’s Underground Base

It's surprising that with some basic blocks like cobblestone and stone bricks, you can create a fortified structure underground with just some basic techniques. Grian is one of many talented Minecraft builders who has his own video to guide you through basic steps to build a great underground house. So check the Youtube video below!

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Modern Underground Base

Simple and tiny is what you'd look for in your underground house! This design may require you to get some oak wood, nether quartz, and sea lantern to bring the modern mood into your base. However, you can use white concrete and other light sources if you like.

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How to Build a Minecraft Underground House

Ready for a Minecraft build tutorial with pictures? To get prepared, below is the list of materials you will need for this build.

For the exterior:

  • 172 Stripped Spruce Log
  • 72 Spruce Slab
  • 20 Stone Pressure Plate
  • 48 Cobblestone Stairs
  • 66 Oak Planks
  • 8 Spruce Fence

For the interior:

  • 16 Spruce Stairs
  • 16 Glowstone
  • 16 Oak Trapdoor
  • 4 Spruce Fence
  • 4 Leaves
  • 2 Beds
  • 2 Crafting Table
  • 4 Furnace
  • 1 Brewing Stand
  • 1 Anvil
  • 6 Cobblestone Slab
  • 6 Sign
  • 3 Flower Pot
  • 3 Pickle
  • 8 Item Frame
  • 64 Glass
  • 10 Barrel
  • 3 Random Flowers

Step 1: Build the Exterior

First, you need to choose a plain terrain so it's easier to build in. You will need an area of at least 17x17 blocks. The center rectangle is 10x10. Then, pick the center of each side and go outside 5 more blocks, and mark the sixth block with any block you like. We mark with coarse dirt for this tutorial.

Dig a 6-block deep hole in the center and leave the corner pillar. You will have a hole like this.

On each side of the hole, pick the center blocks and start digging in a stair shape. Dig in one block and make your way to the top. The final block should match with the other coarse dirt blocks you marked earlier.

Use Stripped Spruce Log to fill up all the walls of the hole. Make sure that you place the log facing top to make it look better and synergize.

Use some Stripped Spruce Logs and Spruce Slabs to follow the layout below. Place the log in the corner and connect it with 2 Spruce Slabs. Then repeat the pattern.

On each entrance above the stairs, use 2 more Stripped Spruce logs and Spruce Slab and build them like this.

Now it's time to connect the outer wall with the main rectangle. On each side, place 2 more Stripped Spruce log on top of the marked block, then connect them with the main wall using Spruce Slab like usual.

Finally, place stone pressure plates on top of each exposed spruce log. You should have something like this.

Step 2: Build the Interior

Starting off the interior with the actual stairs, this is how you enter the base! Remember to repeat on all 4 sides.

Above the ground, put some spruce fence gate to block the hostile mobs from entering your base.

Replace the floor with Oak Planks for extra coziness. You can also use other blocks for the floor depending on your interest.

On each stair entrance, break one block in the middle of the stair and place a glowstone block there. Then cover it with an oak trapdoor.

Coming down to the main building, in the middle column of each wall, break 3 blocks and dig one more block in for the middle block. Then place the glowstone deep inside and cover it with another oak trapdoor. Finally, place 2 spruce stairs like this. Repeat for all 4 sides.

Hanging some leaves with a spruce fence like this. Repeat for all sides as well.

Now the interior is completely up to you. But if you don't know what to do next, just follow us. The first corner will be a bedroom with a lovely flower on top of the barrel. There is also a crafting table right below the bed for easily crafting.

The second corner will be for enchanting and repairing stuff. You need to add 3 cobblestone slabs on the wall and place an anvil there. For some greenery, one more flower pot is needed!

The third corner will be likely the same as the first one. But you may want to adjust it based on your interest.

And finally, the final corner with a brewing stand in case you need some potions.

How does this become a base when you can't smelt the mineral you mine, right? Simply add some furnace in the middle of the room and put some more barrels for storage purposes. On top of that, you may want to easily filter your stuff by placing some item frames for better organization.

In the end, cover your base up with a stack of glass (any type of glass will work, especially stained glass for more color). And you're done with this Minecraft underground house!


And there is the list of some awesome Minecraft underground house ideas! First, try to rebuild them using your favorite blocks, and then slowly add more personality to your builds. You can even change the house's shape later to make it feel more personalized! And happy building underground!

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