Exotic Chinese House Ideas for Minecraft you must love


Exotic Chinese Minecraft House Ideas

Chinese Traditional House

China has a long story of tradition, and Chinese architecture is well-known for some unique houses. Have you ever believed you could build one traditional Chinese tower with the multi-floor house by yourself? Now, you can do it in Minecraft!

When you build this house, you should remember to build stairs between floors and focus meticulously on the features of your house. One important thing contributing to the success of this type of building is the roof. You can see the roof of this house is curved slightly to the top, and it maybe makes the significance of traditional Chinese architecture.

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Chinese River House

Another potential starter base, this build employs everything that those familiar with stereotypical Chinese architecture know: Walled compounds, raised pavilions, wooden columns, and panelling, glazed roof tiles.

Despite its diminutive size, the residence is striking because to its blend of nether brick roofs, stripped wood, and black fences. It is a wonderful addition to any Minecraft community.

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