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Hobbit Minecraft House Ideas

Hobbit Hole

Grandeur and scale aren't for everyone, so YouTuber Goldrobin's Hobbit Hole house is undoubtedly a nice option for those who like a small beginner home where everything is within easy reach and requires little to no movement. Of course, you'll need to go on adventures to locate a suitable hill in a forest for the Hobbit Hole to protrude from if you want the complete look.

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Hobbit House

It can be affirmed that Minecraft is the only game that allows players to build a house in the style of the Hobbit in the classic film Lord of the Rings. The small house, hidden on the green hill, brings a strange sense of peace and quiet.

Not only that, this is a model that is quite easy to build and the materials can be found in nature. With just stone, leaves, wood, and soil you can create a house according to Hobbit design.

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