Japanese House Ideas for Minecraft


Japanese Minecraft House Ideas

Survival Japanese Spruce House

While most other spruce houses use campfires and cobblestone for the roof, this particular design uses Blackstone and lanterns to create a Japanese feeling. However, it lacks a little curvy at the end of every roof corner. Overall, this build looks mysterious and natural with the oak leaves around!

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Japanese Noodle House Restaurant

If you are foody, you may love what we will introduce to you – A Japanese noodle house restaurant in Minecraft. This is one of the special houses that everyone who loves Japanese food - especially Japanese noodles (Ramen) – should build once when you play this game.

To build this noodle shop, first, you need a square space, then you also need some Stripped Dark Oak Logs to make the basic structures from which you will finish your noodle shop. Because you are building a shop restaurant, you should remember to build a kitchen, furnishing, and one more important thing – a chimney.

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Japanese Sushi Bar

Not only can you build a Japanese noodle shop restaurant in Minecraft, but you can also build a Japanese sushi bar in this game. This is by far one of the most beautiful and detailed Japanese builds we've ever seen and everything blend so well with each other. From the spruce planks, slabs, the Blackstone roof, the decoration blocks, and more!

Just imagine building the surrounding landscapes with this style too and you can create a whole Japanese alley. This is gonna be amazing! Moreover, we believe that a Japanese sushi bar and noodle shop should be one of the best options for people who have a strong passion for Japanese cuisine.

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Traditional Japanese Compound Pagoda

If you are a big fan of Japanese architecture, you certainly will not be unfamiliar with this type of housing. This Japanese home often has a huge size and complex structures with a classic design and meticulously arranged details, covered around with a lot of trees and plants, which bring us a sense of harmony between man and nature. The paper walls are the best feature of the Japanese house.

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Japanese Tea Shop

We come to Japanese buildings again! And this time is a tiny tea shop with the interior fully decorated. Just by looking at the outside, you can see every detail of the build such as the roof support, the curtain created from the trapdoor, or the roof trim made from stone bricks slabs and the chimney in the back.

We made a detailed guide on how to build this particular house below. Feel free to check that out if you love to build with pictures.

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Survival Japanese House

Considered as a small build, if you have access to deepslate and Blackstone in the early game, you can try this survival Japanese house! The build is compacted but you can fit in many functional blocks as you want such as the bed, crafting table, furnace, chests, and more!

If you don't have deepslate or Blackstone yet, you can swap them with literally any stone blocks. Cobblestone, stone bricks, or even sandstone could work really well!

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Japanese Underwater Castle

Japanese architecture is incredible! And it's a lot more fantastic in Minecraft if you build it the right way, at the right location. This Japanese underwater castle contains 2 parts. The upper part can be seen as a normal house with fancy lighting and a dark curvy roof. While the submerged part under the ocean is an entire castle (not including the middle tower).

It's really cool to see this build with shaders in Minecraft. Likely the castle is glowing underwater as it's luring visitors.

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Ultimate Japanese Pagoda House Idea

You can tell that the writer is really into Japanese buildings, aren't you? This pagoda contains 5 floors and each floor is literally the same as the other, making building this easier a little bit. On the base floor, you can see several farms as well as 2 big gorgeous cherry blossom trees. Let's drink a cup of tea and enjoy the scenery!

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Japanese Greenhouse

Japan is a country that is famous for movies. You also love Japan’s movies, don't you? Besides, Japan has a long-time culture. The meaning of constructions is placidity, transparency, and non-materials so people can be in harmony with nature. It's fortunate for Minecraft's residents who like Japan’s architecture because it has been brought into Minecraft.

You can use the dark oak wood block for frames, and the white glass block for the wall and the roof. In front of the house, quite like Japan’s sun gate, you can decorate the wall with the spruce fence gate, vines, and lantern.

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Japanese Panda House

Minecraft Asian-style houses always come with cool architectural styles. The curvy roof and aesthetic shape are the main points that make this panda house stand out! At first look, this looks like a mystery temple but when you come close enough, you can find pandas playing around inside.

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