Top 10+ Natural Minecraft Green house Ideas


Minecraft is a paradise for everyone who loves to build. Do you like to make a house? What is your dream house? Have you felt bored with a home that has regular roof tiles and concrete walls? The green house will be a good option for you because it is one of the most creative ideas for builders in Minecraft!

Minecraft Green House Ideas

Green house includes a frame made of basic materials such as concrete, leaves, and wood, and of course, the wall is made of glass block. It isn’t only beautiful when looking at but also an ideal place to grow and harvest crops. Let’s take a look at those awesome Minecraft green house ideas we collected on Youtube!

Top 10+ Minecraft Green House Designs

Victorian Mansion withGreenhouse

This is a great challenge for any creator in Minecraft - Green house resort. The party area is combined with a growing plant site with a magnificent arched structure. The roof is made of a dark prismarine block of special green color. The frame is made of stone blocks combined with sandstone to create contrast in color, and the walls are made of white glass.

In addition, you can also decorate the outside with iron chain blocks, and build a balcony to watch the sunrise, sunset, moon, stars, etc. The combination of quartz and glass block in an arched structure will make the growing plant site like a glowing ball. Moreover, with Minecraft shaders (and even a resources pack), you can bring this build to the next level!

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Glass and Oak Wood Minecraft Green House

This is a quite warm green house with main brown color. The build frames are made of dark oak wood blocks that are easy to make. In front of this house is decorated by a fake roof with a reversed V sharp. In addition, the wall is made of glass blocks, which can bring natural light to your beautiful greenhouse.

The top is made of a white glass block, a transparent block too, but less than glass blocks. You can place trees and flowers along the wall and on the roof to have a more beautiful house when looking at it.

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Large-Capacity Greenhouse House

Do you like watching your favorite plants grow up? You also don’t want to see your crops damaged by insects, are you? Green house for plants is a good idea! In Minecraft, you, a builder, will be a professional architect. You can use the dark oak wood block to make the build frames.

Besides, the wall is made of glass blocks, it’s really important because the plants need sunshine to survive and grow up. In addition, on the top of the build, you can use the dark oak wood lumber fence to surround the top roof as a railing. Your plants will be absolutely safe in this accommodation! If you want a bigger green house, you can read the next idea.

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Large Capacity Minecraft Green House With Growing Plants And Cattle

This is a big upgrade for your green house! You aren’t only an expert architect but also a talented farmer. So, you want to expand your farm capacity with more wheat, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, melons, and even sweet berries, don’t you? Let's improve it! You can hold the previous design for frames, the dark oak wood blocks are a really suitable choice for it. And the wall is made of glass blocks that can’t be changed.

You just duplicate all of them on the second floor. It’s so easy, right? It’s a mistake if you don’t have anything in front of the build. Instead, you can make something like a yard as well as stables for cattle. You should divide the stable space into three parts to provide solitary accommodation for pigs, cows, and horses. Using the dark oak wood lumber fence makes sense.

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Warped Copper Minecraft Green House

Living in a cool green house may be the best thing in the summer. This is a perfect idea that you can’t skip. The walls and roof are made of glass block, but you will have a spotlight that makes comfort when looking at it. That is a frame has a unique texture made of material in Minecraft named oxidized cut copper block.

Copper is oxidized for a long time, and it becomes a nice turquoise block. In addition, you can decorate the geometry pattern on the frame with a warped trapdoor block to make them more luxurious.

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Mossy Cobblestone English Greenhouse

If you love the quiet space, you can go to the countryside. If you like watching the quiet view, you can make a green house next to the lake. The walls and roof are made of iron trapdoor blocks that don’t only bring the sunshine inside the house but also give the beautiful dawn and sunset though you are in your bedroom.

Besides, you can enjoy watching the moon through the glass roof. The frames are made of quartz material and cobblestone stair blocks that make an attraction for the green house.

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Japanese Greenhouse

Japan is a country that is famous for movies. You also love Japan’s movies, don't you? Besides, Japan has a long-time culture. The meaning of constructions is placidity, transparency, and non-materials so people can be in harmony with nature. It's fortunate for Minecraft's residents who like Japan’s architecture because it has been brought into Minecraft.

You can use the dark oak wood block for frames, and the white glass block for the wall and the roof. In front of the house, quite like Japan’s sun gate, you can decorate the wall with the spruce fence gate, vines, and lantern.

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Fantasy Greenhouse

The church is a canonical representation of Europe's architecture. These constructions are built around the world, and you also want to take them - the green house with church style into Minecraft world, don't you? The general characteristic of the church is the seriousness and bell tower.

The roof is made of stone brick stair blocks, and you can also use the stripped spruce log block to combine with the spruce trapdoor block for house frames. Because the wall is made of glass blocks, the night outside will be lit. So, your green house will be warmer.

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Cute GreenSimple Greenhouse

You're an expert architect, you want new something to excite your creativity, the green house with a unique style is a really good idea for you. It is an accommodation with main green color, the office building is combined with the vegetal site.

The frame is made of green concrete block, and in front of the house is a glass wall that brings natural sunlight to the room. You can also watch the hill view to relax during break time. In addition, your plants will be protected to extremely safe growing up by glass walls.

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Simple Minecraft Large Greenhouse

If you are a person who likes the simple, this green house is a perfect choice. Although it's a basic build, it saves much time for you. The frame is made of dark oak wood block, and the wall and roof are made of glass block. You can decorate them with a spruce fence gate block. The house could be used to grow plants, and besides, it is luxurious enough for a party with dome architecture.

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Staircase Small Greenhouse

How's the experience like being a small person? You must have dreamed about that, right? Let Minecraft help you turn your dreams into reality. You will be staying in a glass house with stair style. Frame made of white concrete block. Inside, you can grow plants protected by glass walls. Above is a balcony, with a railing made of glass block. Though the house is familiar but no less unique.

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In Minecraft, your creativity is unlimited, feel free to build your own houses. We hope this list of 10+ green house ideas will become a priority for your project. And if you're looking for more inspiration, those overgrown Minecraft house ideas will help!

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