10+ Best Oak Minecraft House Ideas


In an open-world game like Minecraft, houses or fortresses are places for players to survive. Because of that, building an aesthetic, impressive house is mostly the go-to work of players. Oak Minecraft house is also one of the most popular types of house in Minecraft and here we are to show you the top 11 oak Minecraft house ideas.

Oak wood is the most basic wood type in Minecraft and with enough time, you can gather a bunch of them! Note that some tutorials use shaders to make the build look better. If you want to install Minecraft shaders, we'd recommend using Complementary or BSL shader. With everything done, let's see the list!

Top 11 Aesthetic Oak MINECRAFT House designs

Large Oak Survival Aquarium in Minecraft

Are you searching for a unique build in Minecraft that will fit like a steampunk-themed project? Then try this Large Oak Survival Aquarium in Minecraft. It features a dome-like aquarium that is spacious inside where various fish can roam! You can also improve the interior of the aquarium and vegetation! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Cozy Oakwood Cottagecore House

Are you interested in a beautiful, peaceful, and charming house to build in Minecraft? This Oakwood Cottagecore would be an excellent choice! Coupled with the suitable texture packs, this build would be the perfect tranquil living space. This house will give you a warm and inviting feel whenever you're returning home from a dangerous adventure. Experience it now and start building, miner! Watch Tutorial

Three Leveled Oakwood Survival House

In Minecraft, having a reliable house in survival mode is crucial. And a three leveled survival house can offer this said reliability and numerous other benefits. It provides ample space for storage, utilities, decoration, and farming areas. It also allows you to be creative and make your customization! The house's height offers a great vantage point for keeping an eye on the surrounding area and spotting potential threats. So take your survival game to the third level, like this house! Try it out! Watch Tutorial

Hobbit Hole with Oakwood

A hobbit hole is an excellent and charming house to build in Minecraft that offers a range of benefits. These cozy dwellings are not only practical but also enjoyable to construct and live in. One of the significant advantages of building a hobbit hole is the sense of privacy and seclusion it provides, making it a perfect getaway from the everyday adventure of Minecraft. Moreover, the hobbit hole's whimsical and enchanting feel is an excellent fit for anyone who loves fantasy builds. So why not give it a try and create your hobbit hole today to experience all the benefits that it offers? Watch Tutorial

The Oak Treehouse

For anyone who's ever dreamt of having a treehouse, now's the time to make it a reality! A treehouse offers numerous benefits. For instance, living inside a treehouse would give other adventure experiences. It's also an excellent vantage point to stargaze or enjoy a beautiful sunset. With spacious rooms and secure walls, you can rest easy knowing that pesky night monsters won't be able to disturb your peaceful slumber. So what are you waiting for? Try this build now and fulfill your childhood dreams! Watch Tutorial
More Details: The Oak Treehouse

The Wooden Tower House

Are you tired of constantly worrying about being attacked by mobs in Minecraft? Fear not, as we've got the perfect solution for you! This towering house is built high above the ground, providing the ultimate protection from those pesky creepers and other unwanted visitors. And the best part? You can even connect multiple towers with a bridge, creating a breathtaking skyline that will impress. With plenty of space to store all your valuable resources and tools and stunning views from the top, this build is the ultimate combination of safety and beauty. So why not take your Minecraft skills to new heights and try this fantastic build? Watch Tutorial

Large Oak Survival House

Do you want a large house that can be utilized as your command center? Well, this build is for you, but be wary. It requires a ton of materials! This particular build requires 1183 pieces of oak planks, 425 pieces of oak stairs, and 405 oak logs. That's not for the faint of heart, but once this project is finished. I can tell that you'll very much like it. The house has a feature where a tower made of cobblestones holds everything together—having symmetrical wings of two homes. It offers so much space for almost everything that you would need. So why not try this fantastic build? I'm sure it would be a fun experience. Watch Tutorial

Playful Modern House

We're currently on a roll with modern builds, but this is the most playful! Who does not love shapes, especially boxes? Even without the decorations, this house still stands out! Imagine you're finished with a very tiring adventure, and this house is what welcomed you back! With its luxurious design, I'm sure it'll bring a smile! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Playful Modern House

Survival Mansion Ft. Oakwood

Get ready for an extraordinary build that will leave you in awe! This impressive house is primarily constructed with oakwood, but don't be fooled by its seemingly simple materials. This build will surely put your oakwood supplies to the test with its numerous rooms, a farm, and even a library inside! The interior of this spacious home provides plenty of room for creativity and allows your imagination to run wild with endless decorating possibilities. And when the sun sets and the monsters come out, fear not! This house has a staggering 65 lanterns to light up the night and keep those pesky creatures at bay. So what are you waiting for? Try it out now! Watch Tutorial

Modern Oakwood House

Attention all modern architecture enthusiasts! This guide is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the finer things in Minecraft housing. Not only does the outstanding exterior of the house looks good, from the detailed designs to the bright flowers and grass fence. The house's interior is breathtaking, with warm and inviting lighting. Whether you're a Minecraft veteran or just a beginner, this modern masterpiece is sure to impress. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Modern Oakwood House

Clean Oakwood House

Are you just starting out on your Minecraft adventure and in need of a cozy place to call home? Then you've got to check out this simple yet practical starter house! Built with basic resources, it's an easy build that won't break the bank. And don't let the compact exterior fool you - the interior is surprisingly roomy and can be customized to fit all your essentials. Plus, it even comes with a wheat farm ready to be harvested for all your food needs. So why not give this charming little house a try and make it your new Minecraft home sweet home? Watch Tutorial
More Details: Clean Oakwood House

Ultimate Survival Oak Farm House

This idea of a house costs us hours to build, but your sacrifice will be worth it. Get yourself a layout with a huge main house, and a warehouse integrated beside it. Like any house, a foundation should be built with lots of oak logs. Then fill in the floor and complete each room with a rooftop and oak wall.

In order to connect each part of the house, you can build a mini bridge made of the oak trapdoor. Fences and gates are also essentials to make your house look more protective. To fulfill the spacious interior, simply install some bookshelves, chests, chairs, tables, and lamps…. After all, don’t forget to build a small garden to make your area look more green.

In the evening, let’s come outside and take a look around this shimmering, splendid oak farmhouse. It absolutely 100% satisfy your expectation.

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Small Survival Oak Farm House

This small but warm modern house has some outstanding features compared to the suggestions above. Start with the first floor, build the oak wood wall with some windows, and a gate. We then create the second floor followed by the first floor and finished by completing the roof with spruce slabs.

Now it’s time for decoration, first of all, its stepped entrance is accompanied by many flowerpots, which make the exterior more attractive and distinguished. Wanna make your house look more mysterious? Simply creating a nether portal gate attached to the first floor. As usual, the interior often comes with some plants, bookshelves, and chests… generally put it on your own.

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Survival Oak Mansion

This is an amplified upgrade of these above ideas. It retains all of its features but comes with a large amount of them. Some specific exterior and interior designs still remain the same, but it’s bigger, larger, and more wonderful. All create a super details build but with a straightforward structure. So this is the best house to build in your Minecraft world so far!

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More Details: Survival Oak Mansion

Underground Bunker House

Although spruce stairs and stone blocks are probably the primary materials for building this house, oak still existed as a fraction, or you can replace spruce with oak instead. This idea is absolutely a game-changer in case you are bored with these old-school bunkers designs above.

Because of its below-the-ground location, you will eliminate many steps to build walls or foundations. To us, it apparently looks more like a bomb shelter structure, but it’s still a great option to get accustomed to, right?

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Giant Survival Oak House

Want a house to occupy more players? Here we are to show you!

This Minecraft house design is not only pretty but also accommodating. Its infrastructure with lots of room is a key factor of this building, but don’t be afraid of it, because this oak Minecraft house can be done in a repetitive manner. Rooms covered by glass panes, roofs made of oak stairs and oak slabs, farms with grass blocks, cows, and horses, that’s all we need.

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Oak House on Water

Although the way to build this house probably looks similar to the designs above, what is the most special thing about this idea? Yes, it’s above the water's surface. Imagine how cool it is when having a house floated at a lake or sea, and you don't have to start landscaping the surrounding area as well! Also, a compound of houses connected by bridges can even make your design look like a luxury resort. What a creative idea, isn’t it?

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More Details: Oak House on Water

Nostalgia Survival Oak House

Here’s another amazing option in case you want to build a vintage, simple survival oak Minecraft house. First, let’s have a look at its layout, to simply illustrate, it is built in a half and the rest is reflective. Some fascinating features include basements for farming and harvesting, a small yard, a porch to cover the rain, staircases with vases of flowers, some chests for storage purposes, and oak leaf trellises… All of them make the house look simple but romantic!

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Two-player Survival Oak Mansion

As its name implies, building a large oak wooden house costs us lots of oak planks. Starting with a green garden as a foundation of the house may be a good idea, then creating 2 or 3 blocks of stairs, adding some flowers to make your entrance more attractive. Keep going and build your main house with 2 or 3 floors  (in my opinion) based on the oak logs you got.

The inside is where you show the world how creative you are. With lots of stuff like a cauldron, blast furnace, table, lanterns, lamp, bookshelf…. You can decorate it wherever you want.  It’ll take you a little bit of time to collect oak logs and build the whole house, but trust me the result is absolutely worth it.

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Large Oak Wood Survival Starter House

As its name implies, building a large oak wood survival house costs us lots of oak wood. Starting with a green garden as a foundation of the house may be a good idea, then creating 2 or 3 blocks of stairs, adding some flowers to make your entrance more attractive. Keep going and build your main house with 2 or 3 floors (in my opinion) based on the oak logs you got.

The inside is where you show the world how creative you are. With lots of stuff like a cauldron, blast furnace, table, lamp, bookshelf…. You can decorate it wherever you want.  It’ll take you a little bit of time to collect oak logs and build the whole house, but trust me the result is absolutely worth it.

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Easy Survival Oak Starter House

This is a cool idea for new players since it contains pretty much anything you want. Although it’s quite small,  it still looks cozy because of the stuff surrounding it: the lake at the entrance, a farm with fully grown crops, the windows on the rooftop that have an awesome view outside … All of it makes this wooden cabin really fantastic and amazing.

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Simple Survival Oak Starter House

Keep it simple! That's what house ideas are about. When it comes to building a survival oak Minecraft house for beginners, this is a fairly simple build! Firstly, take a look at exterior decoration, you better use lots of pillars made of oak logs, then fill the floor with spruce planks, and install 1 or 2 gates for the area below. And then don’t forget to add a staircase beside the whole house and decorate it with spruce trapdoors.

To make your starter building look more magnificent, simply add some oak leaves, build a balcony with a fence, a roof with cobblestone stairs trim, plus some simple stuff like chests, or a table for one… with all of these things, this house will definitely create a good feeling of being home after some long and dangerous adventures.

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Spruce wood or birch wood is almost great, but oak wood is one of the most common building materials in Minecraft. Also when it comes to building an oak starter house, there are still multiple ways, and it depends mostly on your creation and innovation.

We hope this list of cool Minecraft houses ideas will satisfy your ambition, no matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert. And if you're looking for more inspiration, check out this ultimate list of Minecraft house ideas!

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