Stunning Winter House Ideas for Minecraft Selected


Winter Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft Spruce Winter Cabin

Not every building in Minecraft can tell the story and by that, we mean most people build the house because they want it to look the way they need, right? And it's not the same for this spruce winter cabin! Even though it's small, this shelter is fantastic because of the details and story it brings. You can see how the snow lying on the roof, or the area around the lantern and chimney does not have any snow at all! Realistic, isn't it?

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Winter Mansion

Large, warm space, symmetrical design, and luxury are the things that this mansion brings to you in a cold winter. The floor is mainly made of stone, and oak plank, with a border that is a combination of many types such as cobblestone, and chiseled stone brick,...

The pillar is made from stripped dark oak log, supporting the porch of the hallway, above is a balcony whose railing is white stained glass panes. The roof is made of a stone brick stair with a dark oak stair outside. Above is a chimney made from brick, and a campfire covered by a spruce trapdoor.

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