The Only Ravenfield Multiplayer Mod You’ll Ever Need!


Are you looking for a perfect Ravenfield multiplayer mod that has everything you’d want from a multiplayer mod? You’re at the right place!

By Yamna

Ravenfield is a first person shooter game that very much resembles Battlefield-style fps gaming. Developed by a Swedish programmer, Ravenfield is a singleplayer game where you fight with your AI teammates to gain control of about five locations on an island. 

In addition to classic weapons like a shotgun, an AK-47, and a sniper rifle, there is a whole collection of transportation like helicopters, boats, jeeps, and more for you to move around. You may not be a big fan of the blocky, same-colored characters but once you play one game of Ravenfield, you will be binge-gaming all day!

The game was released in 2017 for PC and has gained quite a popularity among fps gamers. You will find it easy but also very rewarding for all your skills that you develop as you play more. 

The modding community of Ravenfield is quite active with some of the best weapon, skin, and transport mods. But for players who wish they had their actual friends playing alongside instead of AI, there is also a super cool multiplayer mod that will make your playthroughs WAY more fun.

Ravenfield Multiplayer Mod

Ravenfield multiplayer mod
Credits: BaronVonGames

The Ravenfield Multiplayer Project (RFMP), created by the Ravenfield community, is a project that introduces multiplayer support in Ravenfield. So that means you will now be able to go on war against other players alongside your friends while communicating with them as a team. Consider it an online multiplayer version of your favorite game! Sounds pretty cool, right?

So you can join the multiplayer PvP chaos as either an Eagle or a Raven team and eliminate your opponents from the map.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the Ravenfield Multiplayer Project:

  • Support for infantry and vehicle
  • Large scale multiplayer battles
  • Fairly realistic ballistics
  • A huge arsenal of weapons and gear
  • Proximity VoIP
  • A gameplay that is easy to learn but comparatively harder to be a pro at.

Key Changes

Since Ravenfield needed some mechanical adjustments and changes to support the multiplayer mode, the creator has also made key changes to the game’s mechanics:

  • No support for workshop
  • Slower velocity for prone and strafe
  • Online PvP multiplayer mode
  • Balanced changes to weapons
  • Penetration of wind and bullet affecting projectiles

All of these changes are made to provide a smooth transition from singleplayer to multiplayer mode. You will find the mechanics more balanced now.

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So now that you have your hands on the best Ravenfield multiplayer mod, go ahead and download to see what we are talking about. Ravenfield is definitely going to be your new favorite multiplayer fps game from now on!