Top 16 Exciting Skyrim Thieves Guild Mods


Skyrim’s modding community has added many Thieves Guild mods through the years. Be it from a Guild overhaul to new Thieves Guild armors, here is a list of the most noteworthy Skyrim Thieves Guild mods published until now.

Skyrim Thieves Guild Mods to make your Thieves Guild playthrough much more interesting

#16 Opulent Thieves Guild

skyrim thieves guilde - Opulent Thieves Guild
Created by Sokkvabekk

A lavish overhaul of the Thieves Guild Head Quarters and the Ragged Flagon. It happens gradually as you complete certain quests.

This mod adds visual improvements to the Thieves Guild base in Riften’s Ratway. Changes happen naturally as you progress, thus they are not immersion-breaking. As a result, you can clearly see the guild grow and become wealthier and stronger.

Download here

#15 Thieves Guild For Good Guys – Taking Care of Business Redux

Created by Mordivier

Did you ever want to join the Thieves Guild without bullying people for money or sending people to jail? Maybe you always wanted to put Maven in her place but couldn’t? Or maybe you wanted Mjoll to like you, but you didn’t want to lie to her about your involvement with the Thieves Guild? Perhaps your dream was to be a Robin Hood type of thief? Or do you just want to do all the Thieves Guild quests concurrently? What about getting your soul back from Nocturnal?

Well, now you don’t have to choose between being a dirty thief or using a mod to destroy the Thieves Guild! This mod comes to give you alternative choices. Because of that, it should be suitable for all types of characters and role-play!

In Thieves Guild For Good Guys – Taking Care of Business Redux, you can refuse to join the Thieves Guild entirely or, alternatively, join the Thieves Guild without sending an innocent man to jail, for instance.

If you do join the Thieves Guild, you don’t have to intimidate people into paying money anymore! You can give money to the poor, courtesy of the Thieves Guild! You can go on a quest to restore the Thieves Guild’s honor by helping people as another Robin Hood! Even get rid of Maven at the end and make her work for you instead!

Another feature is the ability to do all 7 Thieves Guild jobs concurrently while choosing which hold you want your assignment to be in.

You can start rebuilding relationships with people that are upset with the Guild once you’re the Guildmaster. As a result, they will gradually stop talking badly about it!

Lastly, a unique feature, you can get your soul back from Nocturnal!

Thieves Guild For Good Guys – Taking Care of Business Redux features new dialogue, notes, lore books, and more!

Download here

#14 Following Mercer – A Thieves Guild Quest

Created by rubypele

In Following Mercer – A Thieves Guild Quest, you get to track all Mercer’s stuff through his various hideouts all over Skyrim.

Where’s all the stuff Mercer took from the vault? Read a note on Mercer’s desk in his hidden basement. Thus two new quests will start. As a result, you’ll delve through 9 new dungeons, containing what Mercer stole in those 25 years.

Download here

#13 Thief Guild Master Armor Replacer

Created by Davnat, Fraper, Psyke23, NoseGoblin, and BurnInHeaven

This mod replaces the Thieves Guild Master armor (for both male and female actors).

Download here

#12 Thieves Guild Requirements

Created by kryptopyr

With this mod, only thieves are considered for recruitment by the Thieves Guild. As a result, if you are not a thief, Brynjolf will never approach you. If you are and you do join the Guild, there are (optional) set requirements that must be met before progressing along with their thieves guild quest line. Thus, the Thieves Guild makes much more sense for the main quest line.

Brynjolf now won’t consider you a potential recruit for the Thieves Guild, if you haven’t actually done a bit of dirty work. The Thieves Guild questline will never start, if your character has never stolen anything, and so Brynjolf will no longer approach you immediately upon entering Riften.

Lastly, you can buy genuine Falmer Blood Elixir and experience all the wonders of this potent potion for yourself!

Download here

#11 Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors

Created by FrankFamily aka Borx25

Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors features high-resolution retextures of Thieves Guild’s armors (standard, Guild Master, Linwe’s/Blackguard, and Karliah’s armor).

The armors have been changed according to the original concept art. Extra care has been taken on the Guild Master variant. It really stands out more, as a result.

Download here

#10 Less Tedious Thieves Guild

Created by Boni Boy Blue

Have you honestly ever done the 125 jobs for the Thieves Guild without using a mod or some sort of cheat? If you have, then hats off to you! Because I have never done it; it was just too much to ask.

Less Tedious Thieves Guild takes care of this issue because it brings the job requirements from 125 down to 25. This means fewer Thieves Guild grinding, as a result.

Download here

#9 Rowdy’s Nightingale Armor Overhaul

Created by Rowdy Wolf

Rowdy’s Nightingale Armor Overhaul is not an armor retexture, but an enchantment overhaul of the Nightingale Armor. This guild master’s armor is a masterpiece at the first glance!

While being one of the most awesome-looking sets of armor in the game, the enchantments on the pieces were somewhat lackluster. Because of that, the armor was not really useful. In Rowdy’s Nightingale Armor Overhaul every enchantment on the armor has been changed, and new ones have been added. The mod also adds a bonus for wearing the full set. As a result, this amazing armor is much more attractive for usage by high-level characters.

Download here

#8 Thieves Guild Followers and Spouses

Created by PrinceShroob

With this mod, you can take as followers or even marry certain NPCs who are involved in the Thieves Guild quests!

If you’ve always wanted to take a thief as your wife or husband, you may now wed certain Thieves Guild members and associates after their related quests are done. If you are not interested in marriage but all you want is to have them as followers, you can do that instead.

To win the favor of fences, you’ll have to complete their related quest. For all the other NPCs, you have to become the Thieves Guild master. Because nobody can resist the master!

Download here

#7 Thieves Guild Overhaul with General Stores

Created by Dreamer Don and Mad Templar

Have you ever dreamed of boasting displays, mannequins, decorations, and a Guild Master’s Room that is truly designed to impress, thus making the Thieves’ Guild a place that truly feels like home? Dream no more, because it’s all in this overhaul!

This mod features an Alchemy area, an expanded training area, crafting stations, a lavish Guild Master’s Room, and secret passages from outside the city walls to the cistern and from the Riften square directly to the Ragged Flagon. As a result, the Thieves Guild is transformed into a place every thief should be proud of!

Download here

#6 Thieves Guild Alternate Routes – Taking Care of Business

Created by clarota

Another take on the Taking Care of Business quest, with this mod you can shut down the Thieves Guild questline from the get-go. If you do decide to join the Guild instead, you can take less malicious routes through the Thieves Guild questline, and reduce the tedium of the Thieves Guild radiant jobs.

If you are the Robin Hood type and hated having to burn bridges while questing for the Thieves Guild, this mod gives you an alternative now.

This mod allows you to:

  • Reject Brynjolf’s propositions to join the Thieves Guild during A Chance Arrangement, or take an alternate route to complete A Chance Arrangement.
  • Take an alternate route to complete Taking Care of Business.
  • Take an alternate route to complete Loud and Clear.
  • Take an alternate route to complete Dampened Spirits.
  • Focus the Thieves’ Guild radiant jobs in a single city.
  • Take all seven radiant jobs at once.
  • Adjust the radiant job requirements for the Thieves’ Guild trophies to appear.
  • Tell Mjoll about your plans to join the Thieves Guild without antagonizing her.
  • Introduce yourself to Tonilia without antagonizing her.

Download here

#5 Destroy the Thieves Guild

Created by Commander Shrekard

Did you find Skyrim’s Thieves Guild disappointing? Did you wish your righteous character could just free Riften from them? Did you feel forced into the questline, for fear of missing out on loot and other rewards? Well, now you’ll have the chance to destroy them once and for all, and still have ways to gain the guild’s related loot! Because that’s exactly what this mod is about.

Upon entering the vicinity of Riften, most citizens will mention Bersi, who will give you a quest to destroy the Thieves Guild. If you accept the quest and kill the guild members, go and report back to Bersi. As a result, you’ll get a reward.

Then Deloth, a new NPC, will appear in the Ragged Flagon. He acts as a fence and has a few quests of his own. He’ll serve as your alternative to completing Stones of Barenziah and various Dark Brotherhood quests should you choose to do so.

There are various ways to obtain the Thieves Guild’s quest-exclusive items after you destroy the guild.

Download here

#4 Thieves Guild Armor HD revival

Created by redtox

Thieves Guild Armor HD revival is a high-quality retexture for all Thieves Guild’s armor (male and female ordinary, guild master armor, etc.). Because of its high-quality textures, this is a mod we truly recommend.

Download here

#3 True HD Nightingale

Created by Skywarrior1

Without too much distraction, this mod provides an upscaled (2x) darker retexture of the Nightingale Armor.

Download here

#2 Another Black Thieves Guild Armor

Created by Shaft28

Upscaled retexture of Thieves Guild and Karliah Armor with the addition of realistic leather and belt buckles, and recoloring some elements to black. Lockpicking and avoiding the guards with this suit on is just far beyond the best!

Download here

#1 Frankly HD Nightingale Armor and Weapons

Created by FrankFamily aka Borx25

This is a high-resolution retexture of Nightingale weapons and armor with heavily enhanced normal maps. It also replaces the sword model with a higher quality model and better proportions and adds a custom unique scabbard. There are also full glove and capeless cuirass versions. You get a versatile mod catering to all tastes, as a result.

Based on the fact that this is a set of equipment that is passed through generations of Nightingales, there is heavy weathering on the black leather. And since this is the equipment of a Daedric cult, the use of ebony decorations is quite fitting.

This HD retexture of the Nightingale armor really stands out, thus it’s the one we truly recommend.

Download here


Is it worth joining the Thieves Guild in Skyrim?

If you’ve gone for the stealth build, joining a Thieves Guild is recommended. Since you will have a lot of benefits such as leveling up your pickpocket, lockpicking, sneak, and archery skills. There are also exclusive armors and weapons that only belong to the Thieves guide. Later on, when you become the Guide Master, you will have the Amulet of Articulation. By far, joining the Thieves Guild in Skyrim is good in the early game!

Does joining the Thieves Guild affect anything?

In short, no! You may gain more gold and stuff but the chance in the prison is higher too. Besides that, you can join any guide in Skyrim (Thieves for example), but you can only side with one faction.

Should I join the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood first?

If you love pickpocketing people, Thieves Guild is your choice. If you love stabbing people, Dark Brotherhood is the guild to go! The fact that each guild has its own advantage makes it quite hard to choose which one you will be going for first, so it heavily depends on your play style. However, if you can’t decide, you can just join and do quests for both guilds.


We hope through this list of Skyrim thieves guide mods, you can figure out which mod suit your steal gameplay the best. Let’s install them and expand your thieves guild in the Skyrim world, whether it’s in Windhelm or Whiterun!

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