Our Favorite Fallout 4 New Vegas Quest Mods


Welcome to our post on the best Falllout 4 New Vegas Quest Mods! If you are a gamer like me who completed all the quests in New Vegas very quickly, then you might be pretty bored of the game now. But worry not! We scoured the internet to bring you some all new quests for New Vegas. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

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#14 New Vegas Quest Pack

This awesome Quest Pack for Fallout 4 has to be in here. Download the pack to adds some flavor to the mojave!

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#13 Play After Main Quest

Do you wish you could keep playing New Vegas even after the main quest ended? Well this mod does just that. It lets you keep playing Fallout: New Vegas after you have finished the main quest by teleporting you to the Lucky 38 casino. Cool, right?

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#12 Quest Item Hider


This is a simple yet very convenient Fallout 4 New Vegas mods item that hides all the miscellaneous quest items in your inventory to make it easier for you to read the inventory list. These items cannot be used and there’s no use of checking on which of these miscellaneous items you have left anyway. So the mod hides those items and declutters the inventory list for you. Don’t worry though, the items are still present in your inventory but are hidden from the list!

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#11 Droppable Quest Items new Vegas Quest Mod

Do you find all of the quest items from failed quests absolutely useless? Well then this is the perfect mod for you because it lets you drop, sell or store any quest items in the game. So say goodbye to carrying around useless items from failed or boring quests that you don’t wanna do. Declutter your inventory list now by getting your hands on this practical New Vegas Quest Mods item!

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#10 War Trash 2 Fallout 4 New Vegas Quest Mod


Love RPG games? Then this is a MUST HAVE mod for you because it adds a quest where you are going after a sex trafficker to destroy his underground network. After War Trash is over, Edmon, Brooklyn and Courier Six go after this sex trafficker to finish him once and for all. On your way, you will come across characters who have stories and secrets to spill about the NCR. 

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#9 Nevada Outlaws fully voiced quest mod


Nevada Outlaws is a completely voiced quest mod which will feel like an RPG game because you are out to hunt down the outlaws and fiends on the orders of a man called Timothy. The quest is 30 minute long with a sweet reward in the end. All of the characters (except 1), are voiced. 

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#8 A Quiet Start – Quest Mod Delayers


Do you find all quest mods that pop up when you wake up at the Doc’s house too annoying? Then you should definitely download this mod because it delays all of the mods that start automatically when the game loads. Now, you will need to reach a specific distance or level in order to access some popular quest mods. 


#7 Main Quest Save Pack



#6 Snow Globe Quest


This mod makes it easier for you to find all the Snow Globes by adding 2 special quests. You can activate the quests by going to the front of Doc’s house. Once the quests have been activated, they’ll help you find the regular Snow Globes and the DLC Snow Globes. 


#5 Chopper Cops


This is yet another quest that would make you feel like you are in an RPG. So you are a member of the Chopper Cops crew and you fight the bad guys. You act as the pilot for the Chopper Cops and do search and rescue operations. The quest lasts for up to 2 hours and you will also be assisting a raid team from the ground or air. So get your hands on this mod now to make things much more exciting in New Vegas! 

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#4 More Quests Mojave Edition


If you are someone who enjoys doing simple quests rather than those challenging ones, then this is the perfect mod for you because it adds simple side quests that you can enjoy, These include battle quests, collecting items, guarding people and similar easy stuff. There are more quests coming in the future to this mod.

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#3 Another Raul Quest Fix


This quest mod for Fallout 4 New Vegas is basically a bug fix for Raul’s quest. You know how Andy refuses to talk to you and Raul’s quest doesn’t start in New Vegas? This mod fixes that by batting two pills to Raul’s inventory. Click on Raul to open his inventory and take pill 1 to make him talk. If he still doesn’t talk about the quest after a few minutes, take the second pill and it will DEFINITELY make him talk. 

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#2 Fallout 4 New Vegas Cabot’s Quest mod


This quest is like an RPG that takes you to a pre-war era where you are on mission with a scientist John Cabot to explore a forerunner’s occupation site in the Wasteland. The quest will take you to many new and detailed settings that you’ll never forget. Cabot has arrived from the future in a time machine and requires your help to discover the site. Now that’s a pretty cool quest, right? Get your hands on this mod now to embark on an adventurous ride!

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#1 Untag all quest items New Vegas Quest Mod


This is a pretty basic quest mods item Fallout 4 New Vegas that lets you remove all the Quest tags from the quest items. No matter where the items are from (vanilla, DLCs or other mods), you will be able to remove the tags from the inventory. You can do it using the Untagger device that is available in the gift shop in Novac. Pretty convenient, right?

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