10 Best Asian Style House Minecraft You Should Try

Are you a person who is looking for an idea to build Asian Style House Minecraft? In this article, we will introduce you Top 10 Asian Style House Minecraft which are simple to sophisticate for you to build in Minecraft. You are going to view some unique Japanese houses to some traditional Thailand and Vietnamese architecture. Now let’s check them out!
Asian Style House Minecraft Tea House
You will need a lot of different materials for those builds. So make sure you already have a good survival base and a decent amount of resources. The main point of Asian style house Minecraft is the color and the curvy of the roof. With that in mind, let's take a look at those Minecraft house design ideas and push your creativity further!

Top 10 Hot Asian Style House Minecraft To Try Out

Traditional Japanese Compound Pagoda

If you are a big fan of Japanese architecture, you certainly will not be unfamiliar with this type of housing. This Japanese home often has a huge size and complex structures with a classic design and meticulously arranged details, covered around with a lot of trees and plants, which bring us a sense of harmony between man and nature. The paper walls are the best feature of the Japanese house.

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Japanese Noodle House Restaurant

If you are foody, you may love what we will introduce to you – A Japanese noodle house restaurant in Minecraft. This is one of the special houses that everyone who loves Japanese food - especially Japanese noodles (Ramen) – should build once when you play this game.

To build this noodle shop, first, you need a square space, then you also need some Stripped Dark Oak Logs to make the basic structures from which you will finish your noodle shop. Because you are building a shop restaurant, you should remember to build a kitchen, furnishing, and one more important thing – a chimney.

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Japanese Sushi Bar

Not only can you build a Japanese noodle shop restaurant in Minecraft, but you can also build a Japanese sushi bar in this game. This is by far one of the most beautiful and detailed Japanese builds we've ever seen and everything blend so well with each other. From the spruce planks, slabs, the Blackstone roof, the decoration blocks, and more!

Just imagine building the surrounding landscapes with this style too and you can create a whole Japanese alley. This is gonna be amazing! Moreover, we believe that a Japanese sushi bar and noodle shop should be one of the best options for people who have a strong passion for Japanese cuisine.

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Himeji Castle

The Himeji castle is a castle complex that is built on the hilltop of Himeji city in Japan, which was registered as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1993. You will never believe that now we can build this wonderful Japanese castle in Minecraft!

This castle is unique with the white walls and large towers, so you ought to finish it carefully for all layers as a recognition of this building. The ceiling of this building is slightly curved which contributes to its specialty. You may spend more time on finishing this masterpiece, but we believe the results you receive will be worth it!

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More Details: Himeji Castle

Medieval Indian Palace

Now we turn to India! Have you ever watched the movie Aladdin? We are sure that you're gonna be overwhelmed by the magnificent beauty of the palace and the splendor of the lights. And this build uses a lot of red sandstones for the entire structure and those massive orange pillars.

If you want to build this place you have to prepare a vast space, and every detail that you set up should be meticulous and detailed. Contributing to the success of your palace is the way of putting light, so you have to be careful and calculate exactly which place you should put lights. After finishing, we suppose your medieval Indian palace is gonna be excellent!

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Chinese Traditional House

China has a long story of tradition, and Chinese architecture is well-known for some unique houses. Have you ever believed you could build one traditional Chinese tower with the multi-floor house by yourself? Now, you can do it in Minecraft!

When you build this house, you should remember to build stairs between floors and focus meticulously on the features of your house. One important thing contributing to the success of this type of building is the roof. You can see the roof of this house is curved slightly to the top, and it maybe makes the significance of traditional Chinese architecture.

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Thai Traditional House

If you love peace and want to build something more traditional, we will recommend you a traditional Thai house in Minecraft. This type of house is popular with its simple design, which is suitable for those who are just starting to design or love peace and relaxation when playing this game.

To build this type of house, first, you need to choose one space which is better next to a river because you're gonna build a house on stilts. After finishing the foundation of the house, you will continue to design and decorate the features inside the house with dark woods. Moreover, to make it more lively, we recommend you put more lights outside of this house.

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Malaysian Traditional House

Continuing with the Asian traditional house, we will introduce you to the traditional house in Malaysia. This style of house is nearly as same as other Asian traditional houses that you have seen. They also built their house on stilts and made their house from wood. The roof is designed in the shape of a triangle which is similar to its Thai, and Vietnamese traditional houses but may be different from Chinese or Japanese traditional houses. However, one thing making this house compared to others is under its roof, Malaysian residents can grow crops or even raise livestock in this area, and you can do it by yourself in Minecraft too. It’s totally wonderful! Watch Tutorial

Vietnamese Communal House

A Vietnamese communal house is one type of traditional house in Vietnam, which is usually built in the highlands of Vietnam by some Vietnamese ethnic minority groups. Amazing that now you can build this house in Minecraft!

Same as the Thai traditional house or Malaysian traditional house, this house is built on stilts, which protects the people from some dangerous animals living in the forest around there. One surprising thing we want to mention is that there are no rooms inside this house! Because this house is used for meeting occasions, people here just design a vast space for meeting or welcoming some special guests to their village.

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Asian Style House Minecraft: Dalat Vietnamese Coffee House

Dalat in Vietnam attracts many people with its picturesque scenery. When you come to this place, you can feel the combination between modern and traditional. Imagine you are sitting in one traditional coffee, enjoying the coffee, having some cookies, and feeling the atmosphere outside, which is such an unforgettable memory!

Now, luckily you can build this coffee house in Minecraft by yourself! In the beginning, you should prepare a square space to set up the basic structure with corals, clay, and stone base, then from which you will finish your coffee house shop. This type of coffee house is usually unique for its yellow color exterior and colorful decoration; therefore, when you build this house in Minecraft, you should remember this feature.

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How to Build An Asian Style House Minecraft

The Japanese tea house is a great example of Asian style house in Minecraft since it's quite easy to build, and the resources require are not so hard to get. Without further it does, let's take a look at the materials you will need!

  • 91 Stripped Dark Oak Log
  • 80 Spruce Slabs
  • 70 White Terracotta
  • 64 Spruce Planks
  • 62 Spruce Stairs
  • 61 Stone Bricks Slab
  • 48 Dark Oak Slab
  • 36 Oak Stairs
  • 32 Oak Leaves
  • 26 Stone Bricks Stairs
  • 25 Granite
  • 23 Jungle Trapdoors
  • 18 Spruce Trapdoors
  • 17 Bricks
  • 16 Loom
  • 14 Lanterns
  • 12 Spruce Signs
  • 12 Stone Bricks
  • 10 Smooth Stone Slab
  • 9 Dark Oak Stairs
  • 8 Barrel
  • 8 Brick Stairs
  • 8 Oak Fence Gate
  • 8 Red Banner
  • 7 Oak Slab
  • 7 Red Nether Bricks Slab
  • 4 Campfire
  • 4 Flower Pot
  • 4 Spruce Fence
  • 3 Light Gray Wool Carpet
  • 2 Dead Bush
  • 1 Furnace, Smoker, and Blast Furnace
  • 1 Cauldron
  • 1 Spruce Door
  • And other interior blocks

Step 1: Layout and Build the Wall

First, you need to create follow the image below. Lime concrete for placing oak leaves, pink concrete for placing granite, blue for placing stripped dark oak logs, yellow for spruce slabs, and red for bricks.

Then fill the rest follow the pattern and use spruce planks to build the floor like this. The floor will have the same height as the granite blocks. The wood beam is 6 blocks high.

Now use all of your Loom blocks to place them sideway at the bottom row of the house. Remember to leave two front sides empty like this.

You need to connect the wood beam using stripped dark oak logs again. Here's the final result.

Go to the back, use brick block, brick slabs, and brick stairs to create the chimney. The bottom structure contains 4 blocks high, the thin chimney in the middle is 5 blocks high, and the curvy on top is 2 blocks high.

When you are done building the chimney, place a campfire on top of the brick block and surround it with 4 spruce trapdoors. Then cover the top with a smooth stone slab.

Go back down to the front side, and use spruce and jungle trapdoors to create a thin wall. This is where the Asian effect of the build comes in.

Fill all 1x2 gaps on the wall with jungle trapdoors.

And build the backdoor using one spruce door and a jungle trapdoor on top like this.

Finally, use oak fence gates and place them at the bottom of the front beam. You're done with the base of the Asian tea house!

Step 2: Build the Asian Style Roof

Now let's build the roof - the soul of any Asian building! Let's mark the center of each wall and place an oak slab there. Then place oak stairs facing out, starting from the slab. Finally, put oak slabs on each corner.

Wrap the oak trim above with stone brick slabs, remember to raise the block in the corner up.

You will have 2 rectangles and 2 square shapes on the second floor. Use spruce slabs to fill them up. Note that the middle block of every shape is being raised up.

Now let's build the second floor's wall. Use white terracotta and jungle trapdoor and follow this shape on both sides.

Use stone brick slabs, stone brick blocks, and stairs to build the outer trim of the roof. The first row contains 1 stone brick slab and 2 stone bricks, then continue upwards with only stone brick stairs. In the middle, place another stair here but upside down. Repeat for the other side.

Connect two roof trim with a line of stone bricks slab, block, and stairs like this. Note the two stairs on both sides. That curvy line makes a difference!

Let's build the main roof! Take your spruce slabs and wrap them around like this. Then put some spruce stairs near the wall.

And make your way up to the top by building another 4 layers up. The first layer is spruce slabs and the other is spruce stairs. Repeat for another side.

Step 3: Decorate Asian Tea House with Interiors

Let's go to the left side, use two spruce signs, a spruce fence, and a lantern to decorate this wall.

Use the same technique for the backside. You will need 4 spruce signs for this wall.

And the right side of the Asian house too!

Back to the front side, use another lantern, fence, and two spruce signs for the wall to the right. Then place the barrel in the left corner and put a lantern on top. Finally, hang 4 lanterns on each roof corner.

Remember the higher blocks when you build the roof? Go inside the house and place 4 more lanterns on the ceiling.

Turn around, and use smooth stone slabs to connect two wood beams like this. The slabs are placed on the top part of the third stripped wood.

Then use spruce stairs and planks on the top and dark oak stairs on the floor to create a separate room. That's where you can produce the tea!

Now let's prepare the seats for our guests! Use red nether brick slabs and place them following the pattern below. Place another spruce trapdoor to the right for the hanging table.

Simply create a welcome mattress by placing 3 light gray wool carpets in the front.

Go through the back door and decorate your brewing area. The fireplace can be built by placing 3 campfires under the ground, then placing a furnace, smoker, and blast furnace on top. Then decorate the place with spruce trapdoors, lantern, cauldron, and barrels.

Last but not least, some greenery for the house is needed! Use flower pots, dead bushes, and some oak leaves for this. And voila, congratulation on your Asian tea house!


Overall, we have just viewed some Asian Style House Minecraft. We hope you have chosen some kinds of these wonderful houses to build by yourself! Last but not least, make sure to check these Minecraft spruce wood house ideas for more inspiration!

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