10+ Modern House Ideas for Minecraft


Modern Minecraft House Ideas

Modern Secret Underground Base

Mainly built using quartz and white concrete, this Minecraft modern house comes with the luxurious from the inside while being hidden underneath the surface. Not only the structure and exterior, but you can also have some futuristic and modern interiors such as a fancy computer desk, a luxury double bed, a giant tv, and a cozy kitchen.

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Modern Underground Base

Simple and tiny is what you'd look for in your underground house! This design may require you to get some oak wood, nether quartz, and sea lantern to bring the modern mood into your base. However, you can use white concrete and other light sources if you like.

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Modern Spruce Survival House

Taking inspiration from other Minecraft modern houses, this specific design uses the box shape and stacks them up together to create an interesting shape for your house building. The exterior is quite simple to follow with some stripped oak logs and stripped spruce logs on top, you can place some buttons on the box's corner to decorate it even further. And for the interior, watch the video tutorial below for a detailed guide!

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Modern House/Villa

This modern house build did a great job by combining many features of other modern builds. Let's look at the shape of the build, it's quite unusual. Indeed, this village contains a living room, stairs, bathroom, storage room, hangout place, guest bedroom, kitchen, and a master bedroom.

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Modern Mansion House

Clean and contemporary, this symmetrical Minecraft modern house is a great candidate if you're building a modern town, or just simply an expensive house in the middle of nowhere. With oak wood, quartz, and glass, you can start tackling this build quite quickly!

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Modern McDonalds House

Hey, do you love chickens and fried? Let's build a modern McDonald's in Minecraft real quick! With only a few colored concrete and some quartz, you can build this design in less than 30 minutes or so. Remember to build the parking place and the interior as well. Since you don't want to see your customer leaving. :P

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Minecraft Modern Church

This is a simple design for a church in your local modern town and you can pretty much fit this build in one Minecraft chunk! With some crosses on top of the stone bricks roof and a solid white concrete wall, this is definitely a holy build!

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Minecraft Modern Pink House

Three boxes stand next to each other to create a creative shape but with a little bit of illogicalness, you immediately know this is one of the modern house ideas that we've talked about earlier! Also, the color palette is quite straightforward and cute, making this house worthy for your girlfriends.

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Modern Apartment Building

If you want to build a modern hotel in real life, we also got you covered! Check out this apartment! Multiple floors and the water elevator to the left make it easier to travel up and down. The advantage of this design is you can expand the build whatever you want. For example, you can simply add more floors on top!

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Gracium Modern Minecraft House

It's rare to see people nowadays build modern houses in Minecraft. Maybe they do not look so good compared to other building styles. Or maybe there aren't enough blocks to decorate for the modern/futuristic theme. But how about this simple modern house design? With the great concept of the floating floor, black and white color, and a pool, this design looks like a billionaire's mansion on top of the hill, right?

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