10+ Best Chimney Designs

A chimney adds a little depth and aesthetics to any house build you can think of. Not only will it improve your home in terms of looks and design, but it'll also make it a little cozier. Imagine having a large combustion from your wonderful fireplace, but you don't have a chimney to support it. That's why we compiled the best chimney designs for you! Check them out.

10+ Best Chimney Designs

Triple-Mouth Chimney

Are you searching for a functional and stylish chimney design that's perfect for your fireplace?! Then this triple-mouth chimney is for you! Not only does it feel unique because of its unusual style, but it also blows out smoke on different mouths. With a solid stone brick body, it can easily blend with any other house builds. Check it out now! Watch Tutorial
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Toggleable Fireplace

Are you a red stone enthusiast who wants to make everything in your house red stone powered? Then why not try this toggleable fireplace? It would be perfect for your great chimney while having the aesthetics and functionalities of a real-life fireplace! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
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5 Very Simple Chimney Designs

Are you searching for simple to make designs for your chimney? Then why not try these designs? All the designs in this list are easy to make, and some may have complexity. You can also use the block you want and copy the structure! With a bit of personalization, you could make your chimney out by mixing these structures! Try it out now and see for yourself! Watch Tutorial

Awesome Chimney Design

Are you looking for something that can add a little bit of charm to your Minecraft house? Then this build is for you! This awesome chimney is made out of a tower of smokers and a campfire covered with trapdoors. It makes a perfect steampunk effect because of the textures of the smokers. Check it out! Watch Video

Mason, Medieval, and Fantasy Chimney

Do you want to be versatile and like to explore different designs for a chimney simultaneously? Then these builds are for you! For the mason chimney, you'll need bricks and stones. Stones and cobblestones for the medieval chimney. And Quartz for the fantasy chimney. If you feel creative, you could mix them up, and your build might have better results! Check it out now! Watch Video

Three Short Chimney Ideas

Are you searching for inspiration for a design for your chimney? Then you're in the right place! These three chimney designs will surely improve your taste in building structure textures. With three different usages of blocks, the first chimney highlights the commonly used bricks for a chimney, the second showcases the great use of stones, and the third gives us how creative we can be with the help of granite. Check it out now! Watch Video

Triangle House with Chimney

Are you looking for a unique roof design with a beautiful chimney? Then this build might be for you! The roof of this build is styled like a perfect upside-down cone! The vent in this perfect triangular-shaped roof makes an excellent depth to the house! Make a few adjustments, and you'll be able to create smokes from this chimney design! Check it out. Watch Tutorial

Farm House Roof and Chimney Design

Are you having trouble building your roof, and how will you add a chimney? Then this specific build might save you from your problems! It features a wooden farmhouse roof with a very cozy chimney design! Although it looks basic, that's the fun part. You can customize this build once you're done copying the roofing and adding different textures and details! It would indeed turn out so much greater than before! Please test it out now! Watch Tutorial

Epic Fireplace Designs For Your Chimney

Are you searching for the best fireplace design to accompany your aesthetic chimney? Then these builds are for you! It'll be weird to build a chimney without a fireplace, and these designs look absolutely stunning you might as well get inspiration for remastering your chimney! They're cozy and will perfectly fit your spacious or small but tidy home! Check it out now! Watch Tutorial

Working Boxed Chimney

Are you the type of builder that is not worried about the style of a structure and you're only concerned with its functionality? Then this build is for you! This build features a boxed chimney complete with a fireplace that works. Bricks were used all over this build, and the advantage of this build is its simplicity. How easy it was to create something that may add depth to your build is fantastic. Check this out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Working Boxed Chimney

Fireplace and Chimney Design

So you suddenly want to be creative and search for an inspiring build that may boost your imagination? Then why not check out this impressive fireplace and chimney design? It's created with the usual bricks block but with a different twist. This chimney is not only functional, but the creator of this idea made this chimney design to make it less essential. Check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Simple Smoking Chimney

So you're done building that simple and basic starter house for your survival world. But you're worrying if you could make it look even better? Then check this smoking chimney for your survival base! It's simple and basic to create. You'll only need stone or brick blocks and a campfire! Just follow the guide, and you're base will surely be better! Check it now. Watch Tutorial

Working Chimney Pocket Edition

Are you ready to make a chimney but have problems because guides are lacking in the Pocket Edition of Minecraft? Then this chimney design will be perfect for you! This chimney design features realistic smoke coming out of your house. It'll surely make your survival world lively and your home cozy! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Working Chimney and Fireplace

Everyone wants to make their Minecraft world realistic as possible! Then why not try this build? It features a working chimney and fireplace! This build will be perfect for snowy biomes or any cold places! The base of this build can be constructed using different blocks, and it's open for personalization too! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Medieval House and Chimney

So you're starting to like medieval builds in Minecraft because why not? They're very lovely and look very intricate and sophisticated. Why not add this Medieval House and Chimney to your building? It will surely improve your medieval builds and add tremendous depth and details to your survival base! Check it out! Watch Tutorial

Deepslate Chimney Design

Are you stacked with deepslate cobblestone after that long and tiring strip mining you went through? Then adding this chimney design to your Minecraft house should be the perfect way to spend those blocks! This Deepslate Chimney Design not only makes your home more detailed and in-depth, but it's also functional! Check it out now! Watch Tutorial

10 Creative Chimney designs

Are you searching for a creative way to make your chimney designs? Then these ten creative chimney designs are perfect for you! Not only will it boost your creativity and inspire you. You can also make these chimneys in your world block by block! So why not give it a try? Watch Tutorial

Working Stone Chimney

Are you interested in an excellent working chimney you can build with basic materials? You'll only need cobblestone blocks, and you're good to go! Adding this to a wooden or stone small house will be perfect. A fireplace is also recommended because it's essential for this chimney to work. Check it out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Working Stone Chimney

Smoking Chimney

Adding a chimney to a house will surely add depth and make it look more sophisticated and cozy. This chimney build is not only great, but it also has a smoking effect! Built with very simple materials like campfire and trapdoors, it's cheap for the aesthetics! You can add elements to this chimney to make it more detailed. Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
More Details: Smoking Chimney

Five Mini Chimney Designs

Do you love small builds and designs to add to your wonderful home? Then check these mini chimney designs! They're all made with the use of bricks and trapdoors. The effect of a campfire makes the chimney realistic. It's incredible how many unique designs you can create using simple blocks! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial

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