10+ Best Minecraft Lighthouse Design Ideas

Have you ever wondered why boats and ships return to the docks when it's dark? Thanks to a lighthouse, it serves as a guiding light for ships! With these lighthouse designs, you can utilize and explore the wonder of the sea without even getting troubled by losing your way! Explore now and pick your best choice below.

10+ Best Minecraft Lighthouse Design Ideas

The Roman Lighthouse

Have you ever wondered if you could build a lighthouse in the style that Romans constructed buildings before? This grand Roman lighthouse is a massive lighthouse exquisitely detailed on the exterior! The interior of this tower has a spiral staircase up to the top! It's lighted by a large fire, enough to guide boats and ships to the harbor. It has statues of Roman soldiers and an eagle! Check out this majestic build now and be inspired by how wonderful it is! Watch Tutorial
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Cute and Compact Lighthouse

Here's a cute and compact Minecraft lighthouse build you will surely enjoy. It features a medieval-themed house with a tower that serves as a guiding light for your survival world. The building offers a home, especially for those near the sea. This lighthouse project might be for you. The construction uses stones and wood as the main materials, so you won't have to worry about farming rare materials for this build. Check it out now and grab some amazing ideas! Watch Tutorial

Rotating Lighthouse

What an excellent idea to add a rotating beacon in the lighthouse! This build has a straightforward design of a simple lighthouse that can be followed through the tutorial link below. It showcases a stone build tower on a small island of grass and rocks. Not only that, but this lighthouse also offers a bedroom, kitchen, storage, and an enchanting room! So what are you waiting for? Grab your pickaxe and start building now!
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Functioning Lighthouse

Have you ever wondered how you could make a fully functioning lighthouse in Minecraft that can automatically turn on during the nighttime? Calling out all red stone enthusiasts and lighthouse lovers. This is a lovely striped lighthouse that turns the lights automatically when the sun sets down. This building also has a cozy interior and a staircase to enjoy the view, whether day or night! Check out this build now. I know you'll be overjoyed by wonder! Watch Tutorial

The Medieval Lighthouse

This medieval build is focused on a single tower, guiding the nearby fisher boats and sea adventurers to their safety. It features very warm lighting and intricate design patterns. It's mostly made of wood and stones but with an interior! The insides of this tower are also lit up by lanterns and house multiple chests, not only can it serve as a guiding tower, but it can also function as a small base! Get some interesting ideas from this build now! Watch Tutorial

The Classic Lighthouse

The classic white and red lighthouse is finally here in Minecraft! Have you ever wondered why specific lighthouses are colored that way? So that the Marines can identify the towers during the day. That is a pretty fantastic fact. This build offers the same idea, and it turned out pretty neat! With enough space inside for you to customize. This lighthouse will serve its purpose! Try it out now. Watch Tutorial

Simple Brick Lighthouse

Have you ever wondered how cool bricks would be if they were used to build lighthouses? This build features the usage of the underrated brick blocks in Minecraft! It has a spacious space inside while also functioning as a lighthouse. Since this lighthouse gives you an exact shape, you can customize and texture it to add depth. I'm sure it will turn into an exciting craft! Try it out now. Watch Tutorial

Watch Tower Lighthouse in Minecraft

Can't decide between a lighthouse and a watch tower? We'll think no further! This build combines the functionalities of the two buildings and acts as a merged tower! It has a guiding light at night and a monitoring style in the daytime. You might want to add other features to make it more interesting. This tower is already aesthetically pleasing, with enough lights to mitigate the spawn of night mobs. It's the perfect tower for the early stages of the game. Add this to your survival and the creative world now! Watch Tutorial

Medieval Cobblestone Lighthouse

We are calling all sea adventurers! You would surely want a lighthouse to guide you at night whenever you're out fishing or boating, so why not try this one? This lighthouse features a cobblestone design and rests on an island. It can guide you further since it's nearer and the light is bright. You can further extend this build. Be creative and customize all you want! I'm sure it'll turn out great! Try it out now. Watch Video

Medieval Docks Lighthouse

Perhaps you're playing into a server, or you want to build an expansion in your survival world in the waters. This next build will be for you. It features a lighthouse and a fantastic medieval dock that can house boats. You'll never be lost in the night when you're at sea because of this beautiful lighthouse. So why not try it now? Watch Tutorial

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