10+ Best Minecraft Nether Portal Ideas

Nether portals indeed add to the aesthetic of your builds! Who doesn't love the purple swirls coming out of the nether portal? It's also one of the essential structures you must build to complete the Minecraft exploration! Then why not add different aesthetics to it? Check out our compiled lists for the best Minecraft nether portal designs!

10+ Best Minecraft Nether Portal Ideas

Warden Statue Nether Portal

Are you searching for a mob statue tutorial, especially for the brand-new mob crowned Minecraft's most powerful mob? This warden statue has an exciting aesthetic since the warden mob has a glowing chest while this warden statue made us of the nether portal as the bright chest. Pretty cool, right? Check it out now! Watch Tutorial

Simple Futuristic Nether Portal

Do you want to make something that depicts a picture of the future while making it simple and elegant at the same time? Then this futuristic nether portal is for you! It will take you a step forward into the wastelands of the nether or might show you what the future looks like! Interested? Then why not give this build a chance to prove itself to you? Please test it out now. Watch Tutorial

Blackstone Nether Portal

Do you want to make your nether portal more ominous and darker? Why not consider this Blackstone nether portal that tells you you'll be transported into something dark? It has a straightforward design and is easy to construct too! This portal is designed to look more sinister, and I'm sure it will simultaneously give you a thrill of fear and excitement! Please test it out! Watch Tutorial

Simple Nether Portal Design

Do you want a straightforward and excellent nether portal design? Then this portal idea might do the trick for you! It's made with easy-to-find materials! While it's small and looks basic, it still gives additional textures and mystery to your nether portal. Try it out now! Watch Tutorial

Arcane Nether Portal

Do you want an aesthetically pleasing nether portal inscribed with runes and easy to build? Well, this new nether portal is easy to make and only uses four different kinds of blocks! Although the number of blocks will cost you a lot, the result of this build! Please test it out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Arcane Nether Portal

Staircase Nether Portal

Do you want to create a nether portal design that looks like a staircase of an underworld legionnaire? Then this nether portal is for you! It's a unique and beautiful nether portal designed with warped wood and basalt blocks! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Fantasy Nether Portal

Do you like fancy curves and vague outlines that give many details to builds? Why not make a nether portal that depicts everything that you want? This fantastic build will surely turn your survival world upside down! Make sure you have time and effort for this build because it's beautiful and time-consuming! Check it out now Watch Tutorial
More Details: Fantasy Nether Portal

Fiery Japanese Nether Portal

Are you trying to make a Japanese-themed build but don't exactly what to do? Then be inspired by this fiery nether portal! It's perfect for players that love Japanese culture and the fiery dangers of the overworld and the nether. It features a distinctive torii gate that's built with magma blocks! So many things await you with this build, so why not start it now? Watch Tutorial

Roman Nether Portal

Are you searching for a roman styled build to make your Minecraft world more mysterious and add some ancient scenery? Then this Roman nether portal might be for you! It is designed to look like a grand entrance to something great like the Colosseum, but instead, there lies the scary and fiery nether! So why not place this imposing nether portal in your survival world? Watch Tutorial
More Details: Roman Nether Portal

Futuristic Nether Portal

Are you inspired to make something out of this world? Then you might as well consider building this futuristic nether portal! It's designed to look more than modern, with glowing lights from the nether portal and a beacon giving it a powerful presence. Please test it out! Watch Tutorial

Ancient Nether Portal

Have you ever wondered how and what it would feel like when you're in an ancient city full of ruins? Then make it a reality with this old nether portal! It's designed to look like a relic from a long-lost civilization. Built with stones and elevated from the ground. Replace other blocks with mossed cobblestones creating a weathered and worn look. Try this now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Ancient Nether Portal

Fairycore Nether Portal

Have you ever fantasized about building fairy-styled forests and lands? Well, you might as well try this fairycore nether portal! Incorporating these design techniques from this guide will enhance the visual appeal of your world! Attempt to experiment with this immediately! Watch Tutorial

Wither Skeleton Nether Portal

Here's another monster-inspired nether portal, but it's the wither skeleton this time! It's black aesthetics and incredible glowing eyes will surely bring some story into your world. You could customize and add its sword pinned to the ground or anything that may suit your desire! Try this build-out now! Watch Tutorial

Skeleton Nether Portal

Do you find monsters cute and want to build them into your survival world? Then try this skeleton portal! It's cute, and the surroundings add so much detail to it! Of course, you may copy the main skeleton build but customize and terraform on yourself! Make this skeleton nether portal yours and enjoy the aesthetics it adds to your world. Watch Tutorial

Dark Nether Portal Room

Are you looking for a room design that will fit your nether portal room? Then you might like to check this build! But be warned. You'll need a lot of black stones for this build! It's the mainly used material for this room. With details like soul lanterns and lava, you will surely love the contrast of your dark room! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial

Sci-Fi Nether Portal

Are you searching for a large and jaw-dropping build to add to your Minecraft world? Then why not design your nether portal like this Sci-Fi build? It's vast and, most importantly, beautiful! With unique details and contrasting colors, it's the perfect big project to add to your survival universe! Check it out now! Watch Tutorial
More Details: Sci-Fi Nether Portal

Medieval Nether Portal

Are you getting tired of building the same old nether portal? Why not try to design it in a medieval-themed one? This nether portal build is designed to look like a mysterious and ancient gateway to the afterlife! You're good to go with a mixture of stone bricks and wood! Test this build now! Watch Tutorial

Dragon Skull Nether Portal

Do you want to make your nether portal epic? What about a Nether portal that has a dead dragon head on top? It's entirely made from nether quartz and dripstones. This portal is simple to build, but it will surely impress players and yourself! Check this build now! Watch Tutorial

Small Nether Portal Temple

Do you want to build a new nether portal with your stacked deepslate blocks? This nether portal features a small temple that perfectly houses a nether portal! The contrast of purple and dark grey stones makes it more appealing to the eye. You'll surely want to visit the nether with this beautiful portal! Just be sure that you're ready! Test this build now. Watch Tutorial

World Piercing Nether Sword Portal

Have you searched for a build for your nether portal where it will be symmetrical from your overworld and to the nether? Then this build will do that perfectly! This World Piercing Nether Sword Portal has two designs from the nether and overworld. It is intricate and superb, adding a story to your Minecraft world. Check it out now Watch Tutorial

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