10+ Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

Statues are one of the best builds you can add to your Minecraft base since they may symbolize your empire! You can also make your landmarks cool by adding statues next to them, or better yet, replace them with different styles! Check out these beautiful statues below and pick the best fits your base!

10+ Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

Ender Dragon Statue

Do you want something to add to your collection? For instance, if you're going to showcase that you defeated the ender dragon. Of course, everyone should take the egg home. Then why not take the whole dragon back to base? This ender dragon statue will perhaps be perfect for your city or museum since it's designed to hang from a high place. Check this build now! Watch Tutorial
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Phoenix Statue

Are you fascinated by the mystical beast and ancient legendary birds like the phoenix? Well, this statue is all about them! This very simple and beautiful phoenix statue is not only easy to construct, but it's also very detailed to the point where you may wonder how it was easy to make such an intricate build. Imagine having these phoenixes in a castle gate. It would surely turn awesome! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
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Warden Statue Nether Portal

Are you searching for a mob statue tutorial, especially for the brand-new mob crowned Minecraft's most powerful mob? This warden statue has an exciting aesthetic since the warden mob has a glowing chest while this warden statue made us of the nether portal as the bright chest. Pretty cool, right? Check it out now! Watch Tutorial

Royal Lion Statue

Lions are magnificent and add a sense of royalty whenever used as symbols and emblems of kingdoms. Then why not add them to your city as statues stating that your base has high social status? I'm sure it'll turn out to be magnificent! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
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5 Easy Statue Ideas

Do you want to build multiple statues that are good for adding a vibe to any old cities and castle makes? These statues serve as a totem and have different purposes, like the first statue. It can serve as a source of light for your base. Please test it out now. Watch Tutorial
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Samurai and Viking Statues

Which history warrior and swordsmen do you prefer? Do you like the vicious and intense Vikings or the mighty and loyal Samurais? Then why not add them both to your world? It's hard to make a statue in Minecraft where so many textures are going on without losing the image of the figure you're trying to depict. But these two statues are well-built! Check it out now! Watch Tutorial

Scales of Justice Statue

Are you up for fairness and just? Then do you like having a large Scale of Justice in your Minecraft world to show everyone that justice will be served around your lovely base? This will surely blow your mind because this scale of justice statue is easy to build! Check it out now and see for yourself! Watch Tutorial

Buddha Statue

Do you want to capture a Buddha statue's peaceful and serene vibe? Then why not try this build-out? It's perfect for a forest biome or a jungle biome. Add a little more texture to it and customization for depth. It will surely turn out greater! Check this build now! Watch Tutorial
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Iron Golem Statue

Do you ever want to dedicate a building to the sole protector of your base and villagers? Or just by thanking and showing love for the unlimited iron supply? Then this statue will be perfect for that cause! This Iron Golem statue pictures a very sweet golem that offers you flowers! Check it out now! Watch Tutorial
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5 Villager Statue Designs

Do you want to show some love from your villagers because they're giving you cheap and good trade all the time? Here are five villager statue designs that might suit your building needs! It features a wooden villager, a sea villager, a nether villager, a Greek villager, and a king villager statues! Check it out now and choose what suits you the most.

Herobrine Statue

Do you know the mystery and horror of Herobrine? He's a mythical figure that has become a staple of Minecraft legends and stories! This next building is designed to look spooky with two glowing eyes while raising his sword above. Stepping on a creeper's head also adds something interesting to the story behind him. So why not give this statue a chance in your survival world? Watch Tutorial
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Howling Wolf Statue

You might have thought about wolves in Minecraft, but you can't decide what or how you would design your statue. This howling wolf statue will surely capture the spirit and energy of your imagination! Placing this statue near the forest or in the city center is recommended! Check it out now. Watch Tutorial
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Archer Statue

Do you have a strange feeling of wanting an archer statue? Why not try this simple and cute archer statue design? It's mainly made with stones, and the simple stance of this archer will give you a sense of power and protection! Test it out now! Watch Tutorial
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Small Stone Statue

Are you searching for the next small build? Then why not try this easy small stone statue to add aesthetics to your village or house? It features a kneeling figure of a human while holding onto a rod. It's made with stones that you can make in just five minutes! Try it out now! Watch Tutorial
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Dragon Fountain Statue

Now this next build features a dragon statue with other functionalities, such as a fountain. The details in texturing of this statue are exquisite, especially with its small size. Perfect for placing in the city center or on any cliff you want! Please test it out now Watch Tutorial

Dragon Statue

Do you want a dragon statue you can place anywhere in your world? This build contains 2018 blocks, a decent number for a very intricately designed dragon! It's beautiful, and with the added moss, it appears weathered and old. Check this build-out now and decide whether you want to customize it! Watch Tutorial
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Angel Statue

You would generally see angelic statues in medieval human cities in fantasy games and RPGs. Are you trying to add this lovely statue to your Minecraft world? Then this angel statue is perfect for you! It features a cherubim-styled angel that is open for so much customization! You can make it more colorful or let the cobblestone stand out as a stone statue-styled angel! Pick your choice and test it out now! Watch Tutorial
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Snake Statue

Are you looking for a detailed statue of a magnificent cobra? Then this vast and simple snake statue is for you! It can be made with any blocks that you want. Customization is also recommended since there are so much different types of snakeskin. You could also close the snake's mouth by removing the jaw and adding slabs. So why not try this snake statue now? Watch Tutorial
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Magierstatue Design

Do you love the idea of wizards and their arcane capabilities? Why not make a statue that symbolizes their greatness? This magierstatue is the perfect build alongside your wizard builds and villages. It features a wand that can light up an area, so you won't have to worry about mobs spawning around! Please test it out now. Watch Tutorial
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Reiter Statue

Are you looking for something small and fancy to add to your Minecraft world? Then this reiter statue is right for you! It features a reiter with a rearing horse! It's a fantastic build, especially for you're village builds. Test it now. Watch Tutorial
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Wither Skeleton Nether Portal

Here's another monster-inspired nether portal, but it's the wither skeleton this time! It's black aesthetics and incredible glowing eyes will surely bring some story into your world. You could customize and add its sword pinned to the ground or anything that may suit your desire! Try this build-out now! Watch Tutorial

Skeleton Nether Portal

Do you find monsters cute and want to build them into your survival world? Then try this skeleton portal! It's cute, and the surroundings add so much detail to it! Of course, you may copy the main skeleton build but customize and terraform on yourself! Make this skeleton nether portal yours and enjoy the aesthetics it adds to your world. Watch Tutorial

Dragon Skull Nether Portal

Do you want to make your nether portal epic? What about a Nether portal that has a dead dragon head on top? It's entirely made from nether quartz and dripstones. This portal is simple to build, but it will surely impress players and yourself! Check this build now! Watch Tutorial

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